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The main key to hunting successfully is to ensure that you are organized and have remembered to carry with you all of the equipment that you might need during the course of your hunting trip. Some people are more prepared than others but if you set yourself up with a complete list of items that you will need you should ensure that every hunting trip will be as successful as it is possible to be.

What's New?

2018 Bear Archery Compound Bow releases
 2018 PSE Archery Compound Bow releases

Decoys! Decoys! Decoys!

Dakota Xtreme Floater Mallard Decoys

We have put decoys under the microscope with an in depth analysis of the types of decoys you should consider for a successful hunt.

Attract Ducks With Motion Duck Decoys
Best Full Body Snow Goose Decoys
Best Snow Goose Floater Decoys
Popular Canada Goose Decoy Guide
Best Full Body Mallard Decoys
Greenhead Gear Oversize Duck Decoys
8 Of the Most Lifelike Fully Flocked Decoys
Pintail Duck Decoys
Irresistible Turkey Decoys

There are other items that should be given serious thought before going ahead and buying. If you are going to be successful more often than not you should start with the goal of getting yourself the best possible equipment.

The guides below will help make that decision process even easier.

Hunting Blinds

Ameristep Shifter Gorund Blind

We have listed what we think are 12 Of the Best Layout Blinds for 2015.

If you'd prefer to do your hunting from a higher vantage point take a look at the Tower Blinds for Deer Hunting.

And we have also gone LARGE with our Guide to the Largest Ground Blinds.

Those who want to know it all should look at our Ultimate Guide to Hunting From A Ground Blind.


Hunting Clothing Buying Guides

Another key to hunting success is outfitting yourself in the right clothing. You want to make sure you're warm enough in tough conditions and are going to stay warm.

Here are some handy clothing comparison guides to help you make your choice on what to buy.

Merino Wool Base Layer Shirts
Hunting Rain Jackets
Waterproof Hunting Jackets
Warmest Insulated Hunting Jackets
Softshell Hunting Jackets
Cold Weather Shooting Gloves


Bow Cases

We have commenced a close examination of the range of bow cases that are available in the market today. Lists of the best possible bow cases have been built and should be examined more closely if you want to protect your compound bow when transporting or storing it.

We started off by breaking the market down into two categories:

Top Hard Bow Cases

Top Soft Bow Cases

The bow case to use when travelling may be important, particularly by plane so we have provided a guide of

Bow Cases For Air Travel

And then we started digging into the different manufacturers and looking at the quality cases that each produces:

Top Quality SKB Bow Cases For Parallel Limb Compound Bows


Red Dot Sights

Shooting optics come in all types of guises and also cross many price points from the outrageously expensive to the very affordable.

Naturally, quality of product is usually attached to the price and it pays good dividends to compare the various options to come up with the sight that will be best suited to your hunting needs.

Red dot sights are perfect for short distance hunting with a rifle, shotgun, crossbow or compound bow. They are non-magnifying and work by placing a dot or similar image in the shooter’s field of view on the target.

The idea is that when the dot is on the target you will hit the target.

We have put together the following buying guides that give you the opportunity of doing a side-by-side comparison of a range of red dot sights.

An Introduction to Red Dot Sights
Red Dot Sights For Hunting
Reflex Red Dot Sights
Red Dot Sights for Shotguns

We compare the top selling trail cameras that have been sold over the last 12 months. There are plenty of options to choose from out there and it is particularly handy to be able to view a selection side by side.


Scope Mounts and Rings

Mounting a scope on your rifle requires more than simply attaching any old mount and slipping the scope through the rings. There are some important factors that should be considered first and that’s why there are so many different makes and models available. We have covered many of the different scenarios by producing a series of comparison guides for choosing a scope mount or scope rings. Big name brands such as LaRue, GG&G, Talley, BKS, Warne, Leupold and more are all lined up to get the best idea about which will give hunters the best value for money. Find out more about all of the different scope mount and rings comparison guides.


Part of this guide compares a few essential details of each trail camera, some basic statistics for comparison purposes and links that will take you to a more complete review of each product.

bear-momentCompound Bows

Looking for full descriptions and specifications of the latest compound bow releases? We have bow releases from Bear Archery, Bowtech Archery, Hoyt Archery, Mathews Bows and PSE Archery covered from the 2015 season right through to the current season. Visit our Compound Bows page to find what’s on offer.



Specialist Product Guides for Shooting, Fishing or Bowhunting

Regardless of whether you choose to shoot with a rifle, a compound bow or a crossbow there will be pieces of equipment that are essential, some that are highly desirable and some that may only be needed on an occasional basis.

Laser scopes, bow sights, binoculars, ammunition (bullets or arrows), decoys and calls will all make up an essential part of your equipment list. Many items of equipment should be considered as a backup to the primary pieces in case of breakages or other malfunctions that may occur. The most frustrating thing that could happen is to be let down by a piece of equipment that has had a small part snap or break and you don’t have another piece on hand to replace it.

Hunting Accessories

Listed at Keys to Hunting will be a growing selection of the latest and most popular items that should be taken with you on your next hunting trip. Just click on the accessory type that interests you to be taken to a specialist page that will provide you with a greater selection of products.

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Scent Elimination Spray Banner  Hunting Day Packs Logo
 Decoys Banner

Hunting Apparel

If you are going to stand any chance of having a successful hunt you are going to have to ensure you are comfortable from the start of the day to the end. This means that the clothes that you wear is going to have to suit the conditions no matter whether they are warm, bitterly cold or wet. Layering is often talked about as a necessary measure to take and this means a full set of clothes from the inside to the out is going to have to be brought with you.

Choose from the many different brands of hunting jackets, sweatshirts, vests, undershirts, pants, boots, gloves, caps, hats and socks to give yourself the most comfortable hunting experience possible. These days hunting apparel is also going to be an important part of your camouflage strategy. There is a growing selection of scent masking products available that work very reliably to enable the hunter to get even close to the quarry.

Get Info About Hunting Jackets

Best Insulated Hunting Jackets

Best Waterproof Hunting Jackets

Best Rain Jackets

Best Softshell Jackets

Maintenance and Upkeep

One of the important parts of hunting, no matter whether you shoot a gun, a compound bow or a crossbow is the need to keep everything in good working order.

Whether you are out in the field, preparing for the upcoming hunting season or are about to put everything away into storage, there are some important maintenance tasks that should be undertaken.

Take a look at our guide to gun maintenance which deals with factors such as gun cleaning solvents, cleaning mats, cleaning kits and the types of steps that should be taken to ensure all tasks are completed safely.

Around Camp

A successful hunting trip will not only rely on the moments when you are out on the hunt. Setting up a campsite that is well ordered and comfortable will also play a big part of the success or failure of the trip as a whole. Certainly the hunting trip is going to be a lot more enjoyable if you have brought as many of the essentials as possible to make the base camp an enjoyable place to stay.

This might mean providing yourself with a tent, camp cot, folding tables and chairs, lighting including lanterns and spare mantles, a foam ground pad, a pillow and a shovel. An ice chest, ropes, twine and tape will also prove to be very useful around camp, particularly if you are bringing game back. A first aid kit is a definite essential item and should always be packed and ready to go.

Look For the Latest Equipment

Just because you have been hunting for many years shouldn’t mean you have all the equipment you need. There is always a new and improved product being devised that is designed to improve your hunting experience. These products should be carefully considered so that you can decide whether you need to update your belongings.

One of the latest projects that is in the process of being completed is the addition of a Treestand Buying Guide. If you are in the process of trying to decide which Treestand to buy you should take a few minutes and visit the page or, alternativly, browse through the complete list of treestand reviews that have been added to the site.

Back down on the ground and shooters look for the greatest edge to help them with consistency and repeatability with their shots. This is where a bipod might prove to give you an edge towards success.

We have attempted to cover as many details about the types of bipods that are available to hunters and professional shooters alike and they can be found in one of the following articles:

Best Hunting Day Packs
Bipods: For Long Range Shooting
10 Contenders For Best Bipod Under $50
12 of the Best Bipods For AR-15 Rifles
12 of the Best Foldable Bipods
GG&G Bipods
Harris Engineering Bipods
Bow Hunting Stabilizers

There is a continuing flood of new products being made available to make the job of the hunter easier. Each will meet a different set of needs and they can be confusing. We will continue to try to examine as many of these products as possible and give you the chance to compare them before making a decision about whether or not to buy.