12 of the Best Layout Blinds For 2017

A very effective way of concealing yourself while hunting ducks or geese is to use a waterfowl layout blind. These blinds are small enclosures in which the hunter reclines while awaiting the arrival of ducks or geese.

Layout Blind

The first question that should really be asked here is whether it is possible to determine whether there is a single best layout blind for waterfowl hunting. Because there are so many different scenarios that you might be hunting in and your needs are going to vary from hunt to hunt and location to location, a layout blind that is great in one instance is not going to meet all your needs in another.

2017 Layout Blinds

There have been quite a few layout blinds for duck and geese hunting that have been made available to the serious hunter in 2015.

So what we have done is run our eye over 12 of the leading layout blind models that have been widely available during the year.

They may be low profile so that they will sit well in a closely cropped field or they might have a stiff door to open more quickly when required.

They are made from heavy duty fabric that has a camouflage pattern that should blend in nicely with the surrounding environment. As well as the camo pattern you can also blend these blinds into their surroundings by using the loops on the sides that allow vegetation and foliage to be placed to soften the edges.

There is a variety of different features that are built into the leading layout blinds available on the market and it is for this reason that we need to examine them more closely.

The layout blinds that have been chosen have been highly regarded by customers and experts alike. With these layout blinds reviews we will discuss what it is that makes each blind special and distinctive.

Layout Blinds Reviews

And now here is a detailed overview of each of the 12 layout blinds that we have featured on this page. This overview should give you a clear understanding of the features that have been built into each blind. It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its usefulness.

Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind

Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind

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This is a versatile boat blind that can be used either in the shallows among the short vegetation where it can be well concealed or it can have a motor attached to give you the mobility to take it to your destination.

The blind has built-in wheels to help move it over land which would also make it suitable as a pit blind.

Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout Blind

Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout Blind

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This is a blind made from durable 600D polyester fabric and it can be set up in up to six different configurations so that it will suit the needs of many different hunters.

The blind has a heavy-duty aluminum frame with steel reinforced joints which makes it quite a durable blind that is going to provide service over a number of seasons.

The size of the blind is 85" long x 35" wide.

It features a padded seat with a comfortable backrest so that the long hours are as comfortable as possible. Look at the Ameristep website for additional details.

Primos Final Approach X-2 Blind

Final Approach X-2 Layout Blind

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This is both light and compact as layout blinds go but it provides a great deal of protection from the cold and wet thanks to the closed-cell foam.

The profile of the blind is very low to the ground which should guarantee you good concealment. Both the gun rest and the head rest have been given extra padding to increase the comfort level.

The dimensions of the blind are 84” long x 26” wide and only 14” high.

The fact that it is so compact and light means that it is easy to carry from one location to the next.

Guide Gear Deluxe Waterfowl Camo Hunting Blind

Guide Gear Deluxe Waterfowl Hunting Blind

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This is a laydown hunting blind specifically designed to be used when hunting waterfowl and the set-up can be achieved in an incredibly short amount of time.

The low profile gives you the chance to lay back in comfort and be completely concealed behind the mesh-covered dual doors. When the ducks or geese come by it is a simple task to rise through the doors.

The dimensions of the blind are 70” long x 27.5” wide and 13” high.

It has an aluminum-alloy frame and is covered by 600 D fabric with waterproof backing. Inside is a padded seat with back and headrest and a couple of interior gear pockets.

Primos Final Approach Eliminator Express Layout Blind

Final Approach Eliminator Express Layout Blind

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This is a lightweight blind that has a rust-free aluminum frame.

The interior is furnished with a comfortable padded headrest and an insulated backrest. The floor is sturdy and will repel the moisture to ensure that you stay comfortable and dry in adverse conditions. The top of the blind is designed with a split lid system to enable shooting access that will not impede your movements.

It is particularly compact when it is folded down weighing only 11.5lbs and this makes transporting from place to place very easy.

The dimensions of the blind are 78” long x 25” wide x 14” high.

Avery Outdoors Power Hunter Blind

Avery Outdoors Power Hunter Blind

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This blind gives you a low profile that can help you achieve complete concealment in dry ground conditions such as fields.

It should be made clear this blind will not keep you watertight.

What it does provide you with is a low profile and a flip top that is camo mesh to give you complete visibility outside.

It is a heavy duty aluminum framed blind that is sturdy and durable and there are plenty of camo strap rows (7 of them) so you can get the blind completely concealed in stubble.

The dimensions of the blind are 80” long x 28” wide x 22” high and it weighs only 11lbs.

There are many other blinds and blind accessories available from the Avery Outdoors website.

Hard Core Man Cave Layout Blind

Hardcore Deluxe Man Cave Layout Blind

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This is a very well thought out layout blind that has been designed to be set up quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

The blind is covered with DriBed waterproof fabric that will remain water resistant in up to 6” of water so you can get right into the birds habitat.

On the inside the blind has a comfortable and adjustable backrest. It has a shell pouch for holding your extra shells and there is an amazing amount of room and will keep you warm and dry.

The dimensions of the blind are 78” long x 35” wide x 15” high and it weighs 29lbs.

More details about the Hard Core products and ideals can be found at their website.

Beavertail Predator XCS Layout Blind

Beavertail Predator XCS Layout Blind

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This is an incredibly strong framed blind that is one of the most durable on the market and will serve you better than just about anything else currently being offered.

It has a flip-open lid with 2 openings to give you an unobstructed view.

The frame is made from aircraft –grade aluminum and the fabric is 600 Denier durable waterproof polyester. It can be concealed in a field through the use of the stubble straps and has easy access flagging holes.

When the blind is fully deployed the dimensions are 98” long x 48” wide x 8” high and it weighs 16lbs.

All types of blind options are available, along with a great deal of information, on the Explore Beavertail website.

Banded Cross Cut Layout Blind

Banded Cross Cut Layout Blind

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The most significant feature of this blind that makes it stand out from the others is the tapering skirt that disguises the profile more completely.

The blind itself is particularly tough and durable with the upper fabric made from 600 Denier fabric while the floor is made from 1200 Denier fabric. It is reinforced by a heavy duty square tube frame and has a padded head and back rest.

Other features include zippered flag doors, zippered boot bag and mesh viewing windows.

The dimensions of the blind are 78” long x 36” wide x 14” high and it weighs 36lbs.

Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind

Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind

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There is a certain amount of give-away in the name of this blind as to the specialty it deals with. Catering to the larger sized man, this is a blind that offers plenty of room so that hunting may be done in complete comfort.

The blind offers a low profile so that concealment shouldn’t be a problem and it is designed to be set-up quickly and easily.

The doors are spring loaded so they open completely when needed. Comfort has been built into the blind through the reclining seat with seat cushion, integrated head rest and open end leg room.

The dimensions of the blind are 72” long x 32” wide x 22” high and it weighs 22 lbs.

There are many related products that will be useful to the waterfowl hunter who is looking for Wildfowler details and this can be found on their website.

Primos Final Approach Pro-Guide XL Blind

Primos Final Approach Pro-Guide XL Blind

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The Pro-Guide XL layout Blind has been designed for the larger hunter and will accommodate hunters with extra clothing such as waders to fit inside. The added space inside the blind means that there is extra room for accessories.

The frame of the blind has been made from lightweight aluminum and the fabric is 600 Denier poly fabric with a waterproof coating.

It has a padded head rest and gun rest and there is the option to include stubble straps to help with the blind’s concealment.

The dimensions of the blind are 90” long x 42” wide x 20” high and it weighs 20 lbs.

Visit the Primos website and visit their Waterfowl Blinds page for additional information.

Rig'Em Right Waterfowl Low Rider II Layout Blind

Rig Em Right Waterfowl Low Rider II Layout Blind

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The company has stated that this is the fastest and easiest to set up layout blind available anywhere. This is a low profile layout blind so that it will be easy to hide and won’t create shadows.

It has a multi-layered padded seat, backrest and head rest. It also has a large foot-bag that is removable to make it easier to clean.

The frame is aluminum and it has a tough durable bottom to give it a tremendously long life. There is a storage compartment located behind the headrest along with easy access flagging holes.

The dimensions of the blind are 96” long x 36” wide x 17” high and the blind weighs 20 lbs.

More information can be found on the Rig'Em Right website.

Anyone who is specifically looking for a low profile layout blind and would like to look at another blind to make a comparison should also check out the Rogers Goosebusters Low Profile Layout Blind.

Layout Blind Tips

Sure, you can take your new layout blind out into the field, lie in it and bag yourself a duck or goose. But there are some tips that might be useful to follow for better results.

Dirty Your Blind

The first tip you should follow begins as soon as you have bought your new layout blind.

Take it and get it dirty.

Cover it with mud and some type of stubble such as corn stubble to get it looking as close to the surrounding area as possible.

A bright shiny new blind is going to stand out like a beacon to the ducks or geese flying in from overhead.

Camouflage Is Your Friend

Use a blind that blends in with the surroundings.

This is going to require the ability either to match the fabric camo of your blind very well with the area you are hunting or a thorough job of concealing the blind and this means brushing the blind properly to break up its shape.

Consider A Coffin

If you’re going to be hunting from a fixed spot you should consider a coffin blind.

These are blinds that conceal the hunter on the edges of wetlands in extremely shallow water. The coffin blind rests on the bottom below the water level which gives it an extremely low profile, even lower than layout boats.

Not only will you be right at the habitat of the ducks or geese you are hunting but you can easily move the blind to another location if they move their preferred grounds.

Practice Your Shooting Position

Shooting from a layout blind can be difficult because you will be shooting from a sitting position, having moved quickly from a reclined position.

The obvious way to overcome the difficulties surrounding shooting from this seated position is to practice.

Not many people would practice shooting from this type of position but the more often you go through the routine, the easier it will become.

Dig In

If you have trouble getting quickly from the reclined position to the upright seated position it would be a good idea to dig your blind into the ground first.

This will allow you to start from a more upright position without raising the blind’s profile.

Be Patient!

The final basic tip to follow when hunting from a layout blind is to stay patient. Let the birds get as close as possible before taking the shot.

For those who are looking to get themselves off the ground you should also take a look at our Tower Blinds for Deer Hunting Guide.

We have also put together a comprehensive guide to hunting blinds that aims to provide as many tips on how to use your ground blind to get the most out of it and to be as successful as possible. The guide covers blinds used for deer hunting as well as the many different duck blinds that are available too. You can read this guide by visiting our page on The Ultimate Guide to Hunting From A Ground Blind.