The Lightest Climbing Treestands for 2017

For many people the process of carrying a lot of equipment to and from the campsite can be a major drag. Every single ounce of extra weight is significant and saps the energy just thinking about lugging it out into the field. All hunting equipment has grown lighter over the years as competition and technology has pushed manufacturers to improve their products.

So it has become a very important factor in choosing a climbing treestand too. Climbing treestands are generally heavier than the svelte hang-on models, often with more substantial seats and platforms as well as the climbing equipment, but they are no longer the bulky, heavy units that they used to be. Indeed, some models are as light, if not lighter than hang-on treestands.

So what are the lightest climbing treestands available today. Remember that just because the treestand is light doesn’t necessarily make it the easiest to carry, nor does it make it the most comfortable or sturdy. The list of treestands provided below has been created based purely on the numbers. Seeing as how we are dealing with weights we have also included the maximum capacity weight of each treestand too.

For some people the best climbing treestand is automatically going to be the lightest climbing treestand. But there are other factors that are also important such as comfort, stealth qualities and size of seat or platform. The way to approach your decision making process is to analyze as many of each stand's features as possible and make your decision accordingly.

The way this table has been presented is to take the lightest climbing treestand from each of the major treestand manufacturers and put them up against each other. From there you can make up your own mind based on the other features of the stand.

Lightest Climbing Treestands

Treestand Make/Model Weight Max Capacity
X-Stand The X-1 Climbing Treestand X-Stand The X-1 11lbs 300lbs
X-Stand Sit N Climb Climbing Treestand X-Stand Sit 'n' Climb 12lbs 300lbs
Timbertall Baby Lite Treestand TimberTall Baby Lite 12.5lbs 250lbs Not available
  Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo Treestand Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo 14.7lbs 350lbs  
 Summit Treestands OpenShot SD Treestand Summit Treestands OpenShot SD 15lbs 300lbs  
API ACL300-A The Marksman API ACL300-A The Marksman 16lbs 300lbs
Summit Specialist SD Climbing Treestand Summit Specialist SD 16lbs 250lbs
  Summit Viper Elite SD Climbing Treestand Summit Viper Elite SD 16lbs 250lbs
Treewalker ProMag SL Treewalker ProMag SL 17lbs 350lbs Not available
Ol Man Multivision Pro Treestand Ol Man Multi-Vision Pro 19lbs 300lbs
Ameristep Brotherhood Climber Treestand Ameristep Brotherhood 21lbs 300lbs
 Gorilla Silverback Stealth HX Treestand Gorilla Silverback Stealth HX 21.1lbs 275lbs  


As we sort our way through some of the other treestand manufacturers, this list will be expanded to include more lightweight climbers. One thing is for certain, there are significant differences between the design of the various brands. In some cases the emphasis is clearly on the task of saving weight while in other cases there is a much clearer attempt to make the seat as comfortable as possible. Remember that safety should be uppermost in your mind when buying a treestand and you've got to feel comfortable and safe when climbing and sitting in it.

Looking For A Lightweight Hang-On Treestand?

For a treestand that is quick to set up and easy to use, many manufacturers have produced a line of hang-on treestands. We have also listed a selection of Lightweight Hang-On Treestands to browse through.

In the meantime please stop by the Treestand Buying Guide page to find a list of some of the most popular treestands currently available today.