About Us

Thanks for visiting Keys To Hunting, a site that exists with the aim of taking a close look at hunting equipment of all types.

You want to use the best possible equipment when you go hunting right?

Keys To Hunting is a resource for all types of hunters that aims to provide as many different product options as possible to compare so that you have a better chance of working out which one will suit your needs best. We don’t recommend products, nor will we urge you to buy one product over another. All we are trying to do is to let you know what is available, no matter whether you are a shooter, archer or outdoorsman.

The process of finding and comparing the many different types of hunting equipment can be a difficult task, particularly if you are new to the sport and are not really sure what to look for. The aim of Keys To Hunting is to provide some insight into a variety of products that are associated with hunting.

Comparison Guides

Many of the pages on this site take the form of comparison guides. They will follow the same general format with a list of products in a table at the top of the page. This list will include a few features about the products as well as the Manufacturer’s Recommended Selling Price. This will give you the opportunity to quickly gauge what is available in your chosen category.

Further down the page we will provide a more detailed description of each of the products that were presented in the table. This description will cover the features that are distinctive about each product as well as the impressions and opinions that have been shared by customers.

By the time you reach the bottom of the comparison page you should have a far better idea about each of the products and will have progressed a step closer towards making a buying decision.


The reviews that have been included on the site have been written with a view to compiling as much practical information about each product as possible. Every attempt to give a balanced and impartial opinion has been made so that the reader gains the greatest value possible.

Research will continue and more reviews will be added to the site to help build it up to become a reliable authority about a wide variety of products. Although information is often key when trying to decide on what to buy, it may also ultimately come down to the price and hopefully, once you have gained a clear understanding about the various advantages and disadvantages for each product, moving forward to discover the price will be the next logical step.

New Products

In addition to the review pages is a listing of New Products that will put the newest hunting accessories and equipment under the microscope.

I find that it is most helpful to get the products and their features listed together on the same page so, where possible I have provided comparison tables to help you compare similar products.

Please take your time to browse through as many products as you please and I hope that there will be something discussed on the site that is of interest and help to you.