API ACL300-A The Marksman Climbing Treestand Review

The aim of The Marksman is usually to hit the target no matter what the quality of the shooting position may be. With the API ACL300-A The Marksman the aim is to provide the perfect shooting platform in as lightweight way as possible. The seat of this tree stand is a nylon netting construction and the armrests are minimal providing the essentials without adding terribly much weight

The API ACL300-A The Marksman Climbing Treestand is a sturdy lightweight climbing stand that is constructed of aluminum with a nylon netting seat. The size of the seat is expansive providing a width of 21 inches and a depth that is adjustable out to 16 inches.

The tree stand is versatile with removable padded armrests. The nature of the webbing that makes up the seat means that it allows you to stand on the foot platform without feeling as though you’re confined or impeded in any way. The foot rest is quite large measuring 20 inches wide by 27 inches deep.


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The stand can be folded flat and with a set of optional backpack straps can be easily carried in to place or stored without taking up too much room.

The tree stand meets current TMA standards with the necessary safety harnesses and climbing straps making it a safe place to sit and hunt from.

Specs At A Glance

Stand Weight: 16 lbs.
Construction: Aluminum Frame
Tree Size: n/a
Seat Height: n/a
Seat Size: 21" by 16"
Platform Area: 27" by 20"
Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

The Marksman provides the hunter with a fully complete system with climbing straps, fastening systems, tie-down straps and backpack straps. The seat is ultra-comfortable and the padded armrests ensure silence.

The treestand is manufactured and certified under TMA standards ensuring it is safe to use as long as the supplied equipment is properly maintained and used each time the treestand is in use.

The Marksman is part of an impressive range of treestands from API Outdoors which is one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry. To find more reviews from them you can also visit our API Outdoors Treestands page.