API Outdoors Treestands

API Outdoors has delivered outstanding quality treestands and accessories to become one of the most popular and successful companies in the industry. The range of climbing, hang-on and ladder treestands is extensive and the company continues to deliver new and updated models each year.

The company has been making products that ensure the hunting enthusiast is well equipped since 1986.

The stands that are made by the company are made from one of two core materials, either Alumi-Tech which is a lightweight and durable aluminum or Ultra-Steel for the more heavy duty stands.

API Outdoors Treestand Reviews

There are a number of popular API treestands that have been analyzed to determine the positives and negatives that may be attached to them. The stands that have been reviewed at Keys To Hunting have been listed below. Click on a model name to be taken to the review page.

Climbing Treestands

API ACL300-A The Marksman300-A The Marksman

This is a sturdy lightweight climbing stand that has been constructed of aluminum with a netting seat. The width of the seating area is quite expansive measuring 21 inches across and the depth is adjustable out to 16 inches.


API Grand Slam Extreme Climbing Treestand405-A Grand Slam Extreme

There are two important factors to consider with the Grand Slam Extreme, it is lightweight and stealthy. The profile of the stand is streamlined to give it a sleek appearance that has no added weight. The stealth features are led by the padded climbing bar.


API ACL605-A Climbing Quest Treestand605-A Quest

The Quest has been built with the primary aim of providing the most comfortable seat possible. It is oversized and includes a padded seating pad that has 4 inches of padding plus a cushioned backrest. Additional comfort is provided by the insulation that has been built in and the padding on the armrests.

API ACL303-A Crusader Climbing Treestand304-A Crusader

The API Crusader Climbing Treestand has been built using the sturdy aluminum frame provided by Alumi-Tech to give tremendous strength while keeping the weight to a minimum. This is a streamlined design that has been built to give the impression of plenty of space while making it easy to carry into position.

API Magnum Climbing Treestand505-A Magnum

The API Magnum Climbing Treestand has been built for the larger hunters with a greater seat and platform size than most other stands in the range. The stand is built from the company's Alumi-Tech aluminum frame for a combination of strength at a light weight. The design of the stand is very similar to the Grand Slam Extreme but it has slightly more room and the greater weight capacity of 350lbs.

Features Used by API Outdoors

Some of the features that have made the API treestands one of the most sought after include the SureGrip platform that has been used on a number of the models. The SureGrip platform provides additional traction to provide safer footing.

The Alumi-Tech solid aluminum used in the frames of the climbing stands provides strength while still ensuring that it is still quite light enough to carry comfortably.

The ladder stands that are produced by the company are made using Ultra-Steel for a sturdy and completely solid perch that will ensure you are comfortable as well as confident that there would be no movement.

The padding that is used on all API Outdoors treestands goes beyond what other companies might consider is enough. This means that the climbing and permanent stands are some of the most padded in both the seat and backrest areas available. Not only that the arm rests and bumpers are also well padded giving you the dual benefit of noise reduction along with increased comfort.