Compound Bows

The compound bow industry continues to be a competitive one with each of the major players intent on improving their products from one season to the next. Not only is it important to build the fastest bow but it is just as important to make it light and smooth to draw.

With the introduction of carbon fiber as a key material in the creation of many company's flagship compound bows, the balance of strength and weight reduction is delicate. Whereas it was a rare bow that achieved more than 300 fps only a few short years ago, these days the best of the high-performance bows are pushing well over 350 fps.

To help bow hunters keep up with all of the latest compound bows we have been introducing the line-ups of the key players in the industry. The manufacturer guides list all of the bows that were released each year and provides an accompanying specification listing as well as a brief review that highlights the features of the bows.

If you need to know all about the latest bow releases from your favorite manufacturer, simply make your selection from the links provided below. We have broken them down by year under each manufacturer and to help you a little, we have highlighted the significant releases from each year we have covered. Click the link to take you to the page that discusses the entire bow line-up.

Bear Archery

2018 Compound Bows - The Legend Series of bows continue to mark the Bear range. The Kuma and Kuma LD lead the way with the more compact Sole Intent and Approach HC both introduced. A new entry level bow by the name of Species has also been added to the line-up.

2017 Compound Bows - the new bows for the season include the Legend series, Moment and the Prowess. Favorites from previous seasons have been given a slight tweak with updated cams or weight reductions. 

2016 Compound Bows - The flagship bow for the season was the Escape which is also available in a short draw option. Also new is the BR33, a smooth powerhouse with a 7 inch brace height, plus the Threat, Marshal and Wild. A few of the previously released bows were given improvements to make them smoother and easier to shoot.

2015 Compound Bows - Two new flagship bows were the highlights of the 2014 season in the form of the Arena 30 and the Arena 34. Seen for the first time was the Traxx speed bow, the Bounty for the female hunters, the Crux, an entry-level bow and the Cruzer, the versatile all-rounder with considerable adjustability.

Bowtech Archery

2017 Compound Bows - The 2017 selection of compound bows from Bowtech is headlined by the 2 new flagship bows, the Reign 7 and the reign 6. These bows feature all the latest technologies that ensures the company will remain at the forefront of the industry. ​

2016 Compound Bows - The introduction of the BT-X compound bows marked the major impact of the 2016 season for Bowtech. The Fanatic bows were given an update to keep them ahead of the competition as new technology continues to be introduced.

2015 Compound Bows - The 2015 season was a notable one for BowTech with the introduction of the Powershift Technology that uses a Power Disc to alter the shooting style of the bow. New bows for the season include the flagship Fanatic, the long draw Boss and the versatile all-rounder Prodigy. In each of these bows the new technology has been featured as a significant drawcard.

Hoyt Archery

2016 Compound Bows - The 2016 line-up of Hoyt compound bows saw the introduction of the Carbon Defiant range of bows to continue the development of the high-performance lightweight hunting bows. To go with these was the straight Defiant, Powermax and Powermax LD. The much praised competition bows have been given a slight readjustment with the inclusion of Spiral Pro cam options for even more power.

2015 Compound Bows - ​New for the 20165 was the Zero Torque cable guard which was added to the Carbon Spyder bows. Also introduced is the Nitrum series with a model designed to suit all people from the shorter 30 to a longer framed 34 and up to the Long Draw. In both the Carbon Spyder and Nitrum the speed bow of the series is the Turbo.

Mathews Bows

2017 Compound Bows - The new bows for the 2017 season were headlined by the Halon 32, a longer version of the original Halon. Other hunting bows that have been introduced are the new women's bow, the Avail and a new youth bow, the Stoke. Three new competition bows have also been added: the Halon X Comp, the TRX 7 and the TRX 8.

2016 Compound Bows - Mathews kept things fairly consistent for the 2016 season with only two new bows finding their way out to the public for the year. The thing is, the two new bows are pretty impressive and sit right at the top-end of the high-performance spectrum. The Halon is the new flagship bow for Mathews and features extreme stability and a quiet draw cycle not to mention an IBO rating that exceed 350 fps. The other new bow is the No Cam HTX, a 30 inch axle to axle bow for hunters who require a short draw length.

PSE Archery

2018 Compound Bows - The 2018 PSE bows have been divided into the Evolve Series, Vapor Series, Adapt Series, Target Series and Madfish Bowfishing.

2017 Compound Bows - The PSE bows for the 2017 season have been headlined by the introduction of the Evolve Cam System (ECS). This has been built into the new Carbon Air bows as well as the Evolve and the Evolve 35. Other new bows include the Vendetta VX, a 3D bow in the form of the Xpression 3D. Bows such as the Bow Madness, Brute Force and the Phenom have all had significant improvements made to them that are worth checking out.

2016 Compound Bows - The Carbon Air is the big new release for 2016 providing a minimally weighted bow with an IBO rating of 340 fps. Other models seen for the first time is the value for money Inertia, a new version of the tournament bows in the form of the Dominator Max MD. The Decree HD ti and the Dream Season Decree ti have both been introduced as significantly powerful bows featuring titanium pocket hardware for weight reduction.

2015 Compound Bows - A new version of the Dream Season in the form of the Decree is introduced with a new cam system capable of 355 fps. The HD hybrid cam system was also used extensively on bows such as the Source, Premonition and Premonition Stiletto. The short draw shooters were given the Fever 1 Pro and 3D tournament shooters were well catered for by the Dominator 3D Max DC. The Bow Madness 30, 32 and 34 are also released furnished with the new Madness Hybrid Cam, the Stinger has also been improved and is now named the Stinger X with the Stiletto version added for the female hunters.

Bargain Hunt Through Previous Season Releases

​Every season we see changes to the compound bow industry with new technology added in a bid to create bows that are lightweight, powerful and silky smooth. Carbon fiber technology is taking over to an increasing extent and more companies than ever are developing their own versions.

With all of this improvement comes the inevitable creep in prices although if you are prepared to look around carefully, it is still possible to bag the occasional bargain. These bargains will inevitably be found in the bows from previous seasons.​

The new bow guides provided above makes it easy to work out which bows to look for regardless of what season it comes from.​