Best Full Body Snow Goose Decoys

The annual migration of the snow goose results in a solid hunting season for over eight months from the north to the south. They are a communal bird that likes to congregate in large groups and will be attracted to grain fields where it appears the feeding is plentiful.

The use of full body decoys in these field situations is a valuable tool that the goose hunter can employ throughout the entire season.

To set up a realistic looking flock of snow geese you will need a significant set of full body decoys set in a range of positions along with a smattering of other types such as windsocks and flyers for added movement. Some will be upright on alert while others are head down in a feeding position. The full body style of decoy gives you the option of setting up with a number of different positions such as feeding, resting and sleeping.

Head positions, standing height and ability to move slightly are all areas in which you will need some kind of diversity. As you build up your arsenal of snow goose decoys it is worthwhile buying them from a number of different manufacturers to help create that natural diversity you’re aiming to create.

These days the manufacturers of these decoys are making them extremely realistic in their detail and color. To answer the question about what is the best full body goose decoy we have listed some of the most popular and frequently used types of snow goose decoy brands in the full body type.

Full Body Snow Goose Decoys For Sale

Decoy Make/Model Motion System MSRP
 Dakota X-Treme Full Body Snow Goose Dakota Decoys X-Treme Wind-Walker motion
(6 pack)
 Greenhead Gear Pro Series Snow Geese GreenHead Gear Pro-Grade RealMotion II $149.99
(6 pack)
 Tanglefree Pro Series Full Body Snow Goose Tanglefree Pro Series No $159.99
(6 pack)
 Hard Core Full Body Sentry Snow Goose Hard Core Full Body Sentry  TruMotion $119.99
(4 pack)
 Hard Core Full Body Feeder Snow Goose Hard Core 3-D Full Body Feeder  TruMotion $119.99
(4 pack)
 Avian-X Full Body Snow Goose Avian-X Full Body Adult  Motion stakes $249.99
(10 pack)
 Final Approach HD Full Body Snow Goose Primos Final Approach HD  Motion ring $243.95
(6 pack)

The table of full body snow goose decoys that has been displayed above gives you a quick comparison of what is available to buy. The prices that have been quoted are merely the manufacturer's recommended sale price but the reality is that it may be possible to find them for considerably less than this. Where possible we have also provided the type of motion system that is employed for each decoy to give you an idea of how it provides the extra piece of realism.

Listed below is a more in depth description of these quality full body mallard decoys that are being offered for sale today. We have also tried to supply larger and images to give you a greater understanding of the level of detail and coloring of the decoys.

Dakota Decoys X-Treme Snow Goose

Dakota X-Treme Full Body Snow Goose Decoy

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This decoy is available either in the white or the blue plumage and it has a combination of toughness, practicality and realism, three very important qualities of convincing decoys. The X-Treme has been designed to endure the tough winter conditions and offer the geese a look that has not yet been seen. You can choose from either white or blue phase snow geese and the packs come in groups of 6. You can get them in a choice of two body styles: either relaxed upright or feeding. The Wind-Walker motion system is a one piece system that will remain upright in strong breezes and makes it easy to setup and take down. The dimensions are 20.75” x 17.75” x 7.5” for the upright and 13.75” x 22.75” x 7.5” for the feeder.

Find out more about the decoys made by Dakota Decoy Company by visiting their website.

GreenHead Gear Pro-Grade Snow Goose

Greenhead Gear Pro Series Snow Geese Decoys

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These decoys remain among the most popular with snow goose hunters. They are a solidly constructed one-piece design that ensures the entire decoy remains in one piece without the possibility that the head will come away from the body. They are anatomically correct and the paint job that has been used provides a realistic appearance on all birds. The bodies of these Pro Series deeks range in size from 19 to 22.25 inches in length. They come with the RealMotion II stakes making the process of setting out and picking up particularly easy.

Find out more about the decoys made by GreenHead Gear by visiting their website.

Tanglefree Pro Series Snow Goose

Tanglefree Pro Series Full Body Snow Goose Decoys

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The Pro Series snow goose is a full body decoy that has been designed to closely match the real thing. They are durable and will last for many seasons of use. The texture and coloring ensures that they will stand out from the rest and will also catch the eye of a passing bird. They are available in packs of 6 and feature two postures: 4 feeders and 2 uprights. They have a one piece design so they are less likely to break or for pieces to be lost. The dimensions of these particular full bodies are 25.25 inches x 16.5 inches x 19 inches.

Find out more about the decoys made by Tanglefree by visiting their website.

Hard Core Full Body Sentry Snow Goose

Hard Core Full Body Sentry Snow Goose Decoys

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The full body sentry snow goose pack from Hard Core provides you with another option for drawing more geese to your spread. They feature DuraMold bodies and have a tough and durable finish thanks to the A.C.P. painted finish that not only lasts but provides high visibility. The bases are TruMotion bases that provide realistic movement that mimic the actions that are made by a goose that is on sentry duty in the field. They come in packs of 4 and the dimensions of these decoys are 26 inches high x 15 inches long and they weigh 2.5 lbs each.

Find out more about the decoys made by Hard Core Decoys by visiting their website.

Hard Core 3-D Full Body Feeder Snow Goose

Hard Core Full Body Feeder Snow Goose Decoys

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This is a lightweight pack of feeder snow geese that are designed to be as lifelike as painted exterior decoys can possibly be. The paint system is the A.C.P. process that replicates the colors closely and provides high visibility. At the bottom are TruMotion bases which create just enough movement to look like the motion of a feeding goose. The feeders come in packs of 6 and comprise 2 feeders, 2 searching feeders and 2 walking feeders. The dimensions are 7.25 inches high x 9 inches wide by 24 inches long. Each decoy only weighs 1.5 lbs.

Find out more about the decoys made by Hard Core Decoys by visiting their website.

Avian-X Full Body Snow Goose

Avian-X Full Body Snow Goose Decoys

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This is an incredibly tough one piece full body snow goose design that has been given the company’s Bird Vision coating. They are high visibility with great durability and a 24 inch stake that can be hammered into the hardest frozen ground successfully. The stakes are part of the motion system that enables fast setup and tear down. They are available in packs of 10 and the breakdown of the body types is 7 feeders and 3 actives which many believe is the perfect ratio of body positions that should make up a field spread. They are available in both their white and blue forms.

Find out more about the decoys made by Avian-X Decoys by visiting their website.

Primos Final Approach HD Full Body Snow Goose

Final Approach HD Full Body Snow Goose Decoys

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These are high definition decoys that have been designed to provide extremely realistic looking full body snow goose decoys. They have been designed by a combination of sculptors, designers and hunters to ensure they look and perform as close to the real thing as possible. The paint scheme uses a high-visibility coloring and the texture and feather detail adds to the realistic nature of the entire decoy. They are available in packs of 6 and comprise 5 adult geese in slightly different head positions and a juvenile.

Find out more about the decoys made by Primos by visiting their website.

How To Set Up Goose Decoys In a Field

There is no field goose spread that will work all the time. A spread that is successful one day might be an abject failure the next. Some will be successful more often than others and these are the spreads that should be remembered and tried at various times during the season.

A good early season spread to use is a random combination that contains silhouettes, shells and full bodies throughout. The younger geese that have not been as experienced will fall for the higher visibility and movement that comes with these ploys.

Another early season ploy that has a high success rate is a smaller spread that is widely spaced and is comprised of small family groups. This is a short term prospect that is more likely to work in the early parts of the season only to drop off as we move into the mid and late season.

Giving the appearance of recently landed geese that are quickly making their way into an avid group of feeding geese is another spread that shows a high success rate. The set up involves creating lines of geese that look as though they are on the move towards the feeding throng.

The late season is the time of year when food is more difficult to come by and when the ground is cold and hard. Most of the geese in the field tend to lay down as soon as they hit the field. They attempt to melt the ground with their body heat. Consequently, this is the time of year when the sleeper shells prove to be more successful giving the impression that there are many birds on the ground resting.


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