A List of Some of the Best Red Dot Sights For Shotguns

The non-magnified and illuminated nature of the red dot sight is perfect for use with all types of weapons, not the least with shotguns. This is a point-and-shoot sight that woks in much the same way that iron sights work.

For the most part, these types of sights are not magnified so they give you an actual picture of the target you are aiming at. However, it is also possible to buy red dot magnifiers, the majority of which provide a small amount of around 3x magnification to extend the range of the sight.​

​So, what type of red dot sight is suitable for use with a shotgun? Fortunately, the answer is that you don’t necessarily need a feature-packed red dot sight although clearly one of the top-line models would work quite well.

​If you’re working under a budget and want to use a red dot sight with your shotgun there are many options open to you.

​Browse through the comparison list that has been provided below to get a selection of red dot sights that are considered among the best and most suitable for use with shotguns. The list provides the basic specifications of each product and we have also provided the MSRP or manufacturer’s recommended sale price of each. It should be noted that it is common to find much cheaper prices than the quoted MSRP.

Comparison List of the Best Red Dot Sights For Shotguns​






Ade Advanced Optics Avenger


4.0 oz



TruGlo Gobble-Stopper


8.1 oz



Barska Red Dot 42mm


5.3 oz



Burris Fastfire III


1.5 oz



Weaver Micro Dot


2.8 oz



Sightmark Wolverine CSR


10.3 oz



Bushnell Trophy TRS-25


3.7o z



Detailed Description of Red Dot Sights for Shotguns

Now that we have been able to take a brief look at some of the different red dot sights that are available suited to use on shotguns we will go into a little more depth. Below are more detailed descriptions of each of the sights mentioned above with the main features highlighted in each brief review.

​Ade Advanced Optics Avenger Red Dot Sight with Night Vision

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This is a sleek and compact red dot sight that displays a 3 MOA dot. Although its size is quite small it is definitely a heavy duty piece of equipment that can be regarded as mil-spec quality without the price.

​It is made from aero-space grade 6061 T6 aluminum and the lens is more than ½” thick made from impact resistant optical grade glass. This means it is extremely clear as well as very tough.

​There are 6 brightness levels including night vision capability making this a sight that can be used in all types of lighting conditions. The unit operates with a single 2032 battery.

​TruGlo Gobble-Stopper Red Dot Scope

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This red dot sight has been specifically designed for turkey hunting with a dual color reticle of red and green that promotes fast target acquisition. A clear field of view is guaranteed through multicoated lenses and the waterproof and fogproof construction.

​The sight is made from stainless steel and includes a flip up lens cap and features a detachable sunshade to reduce glare from the sun. It is adjustable for both windage and elevation by turning the easy to access knob.

The sight is available in either a matte black finish or APG camo finish. It is lightweight and will mount to any shotgun using the integrated Weaver style mounting system.​

​Barska Red Dot 42mm Riflescope

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This is a versatile red dot sight that will be perfectly suited to use on shotguns. It features a 42mm objective lens and a 5 MOA reticle that can be brightened by a finger adjustable rheostat to ensure the dot is visible in all kinds of light.

The lens is clear as possible with an anti-reflective coating and unlimited eye relief. The wide field of view makes it a sight that will be suited to all types of conditions.

It can be mounted on all types of shotguns and has an integrated Weaver style base. It is powred by a single CR2032 3V Lithium battery. As well as its suitability to the shotgun it may also be used with rifles, pistols and even crossbows.​

Burris Fastfire III Red Dot Sight

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The Burris Fastfire red dot sights are light and durable with a tough outer casing that protects the clear and bright optics within. It is compact and designed so that it won’t affect the balance of the weapon on which it is mounted.

​It is parallax free for greater accuracy and has windage and elevation adjustments to make fine tuning possible. The lens is high grade to offer tremendous clarity. Low light performance is achieved through the Hi-Lume multicoating. This treatment also eliminates glare.

​It is available with either a 3MOA or an 8 MOA reticle and the brightness can be adjusted to one of three settings. It is powered by a CR1632 battery and includes a Picatinny mount for moutning on shotguns as well as rifles and handguns.

Weaver Micro Dot

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This is a 4MOA red dot sight that has been designed for use on just about any weapon including the shotgun. It is a compact package that will mount to most firearms.

​It features unlimited eye relief and adjustable brightness controls that will adjust it for use in all types of lighting conditions. This adjustment comes in the form of a push button that will cycle through 5 brightness levels going from the brightest through to dimmest with each press of the button. It is powered by a single CR2032 3V lithium battery.

​The sight is available with a matte black finish. You can use it when you go out turkey hunting or on 3-gun courses.

​Sightmark Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight

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The Wolverine CSR reflex sight has been designed specifically for shotguns and short-barreled rifles. It has a 4 MOA red dot reticle with a 23 mm objective lens and the brightness can be controlled through the turn of an adjustable digital switch.

​The sight has been created with complete durability in mind, sporting a single piece 6061-T6 aluminum housing that has been encased in rubber armor. The anti-reflective menses are scratch resistant and the clarity has been enhanced by nitrogen purging and ensuring it is fog proof.

​The unit is powered by a single AA battery and this is enough to give it more than 50,000 hours of battery life.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

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This really is the all-rounder of red dot sights. It is extremely popular with shooters of all types and has proven to be a reliable and durable sight for the shotgun.

​It has a 3 MOA reticle and it can be adjusted in brightness depending on the ambient light that is available. The multi-coated lens has been given an amber tint to increase the definition of smaller objects.

​In terms of value for money the TRS-25 is outstanding. While there are far more precise and crisp optics available this sight does a superb job at a lower price point.

The use of a red dot sight on a shotgun takes the simplicity of the bead sight and provides added precision and ease of use. By placing a red dot on a target you are already improving the potential performance of the shotgun.

​The red dot sight provides a clear picture of the target field thanks to the improved optics that are now available. When you place a highly visible red dot to lay over the top of the target that acquisition is even easier.

Are Red Dot Sights For Shotguns Necessary?

​This is a common question that a lot of people ask because, after all, when the bead on the end of the shotgun barrel is lined up, surely the shot pattern will do the rest.

For those who put a premium on greater accuracy, the use of an electronic sight such as a red dot sight is important. While a bead can offer a certain level of accuracy, the point of the reflex red dot sight is to provide even greater accuracy.​

​The good red dot sights give you a clear point that sits right in front of the eye. The size of the dot may be adjusted, the illumination display may be brightened or darkened depending on the ambient light and in some cases you may be able to magnify the display.

​As with any other type of firearm, anyone who wants to maximize their precision will find that a good quality reflex red dot sight will result in improved performance.

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