Compare 5 of the Best Snake Proof Hunting Boots For Women

Hunting in parts of the country that are infested with snakes, some of them venomous, is not confined to male hunters. If men need to be wearing snake proof hunting boots, then so do women. While manufacturers have recognized the fact that there is a good need for snake proof boots they cater mainly to men which leaves the selection for women a little to be desired.

What Are Snake Proof Boots Made Of?

Snake proof boots are made from the same materials as standard hunting boots, such as full-grain leather and hard nylon. The​ difference is that the boots extend higher up the calf to entirely protect the lower legs and the material is thicker to prevent fangs from penetrating should they get bitten.

The main aim with these boots is that they provide the necessary protection against the fangs of a snake, but they also have to fit the female form and this might either mean shorter boots or smaller boot sizes - or both.

We have included all of the hunting snake boots that have been specifically designated as being for women and have also included some boots that are available in smaller sizes which will also provide an option.

As with the snake proof boots for men, the key to these boots is their ability to withstand the strike of a snake so that there is no chance of the fangs or the venom getting through and into your body. Women's boot styles as well as foot sizes and dimensions are catered for by the boots that have been examined on this page.

Comparison of Women's Snake Proof Boots

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Description of Snake Proof Hunting Boots for Women

​​Now that we have had the benefit of viewing a selection of quality hunting boots designed to protect against snakes side by side against each other with the basic details displayed the basic features that are available can be easily seen along with the recommended price of each. Below is a more detailed description of each product with a short review of each that describes the features of each. Take a closer look at what hunting boots with snake proof for women are available below.

Chippewa Women's 15" Snake Boots

These snake proof boots have been designed for the female foot and leg and provides complete protection. The uppers are made from a special weave of Cordura Brown Leather and Espresso Vipercloth providing protection against snake fangs. The Goodyear leather welt acts as a seal that is an effective means of waterproofing.

The boots feature 5 Iron Texon insoles to give greater comfort and flexibility for the feet. They also allow freedom of movement when out on the trail. Stability is provided by a triple steel shank.

The length of the boots is 15” which is high enough to protect the lower legs completely. The boots are leather lined to help keep them comfortable. At the top of the boots you will notice adjustable straps that will help achieve the best possible fit on the legs.

The bottom of the boots feature a Vibram sole that provides both superior grip on uneven surfaces as well as in wet or dry conditions. This is a boot that can be taken anywhere.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Chippewa Boots website.​

​Rocky Waterproof Snake Boots

It should be made immediately clear, the Rocky ProLight Snake Proof Boots are actually designated as men’s hunting boots. However, the company has released them in smaller sizes that will be suitable for women’s feet. In fact, the sizes start as small as size 4 and are available in half sizes all the way up to size 13.

The boots are made from a combination of full-grain leather and nylon uppers with a polyurethane/rubber outsole. They offer 16 inches of protection from a snake bite.

To keep the feet and legs comfortable the boots are treated with the Rocky Waterproof construction to ensure no moisture can get in when entering the wettest environments. They also remain breathable to ensure sweat will get away to keep the feet dry.

This is a very good option for the female hunter expecting to be passing through terrain where snakes have been known to inhabit.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Rocky Boots website.

Justin 2113 Snake Boots

The Justin 2113 Tuff boots have been released as men’s boots, however the sizes start at only a size 6 which means that they could fit a woman’s foot. The style of the boots may also be considered suitable to a woman’s taste.

The boots feature brown Cordura uppers that have been paired with golden tan leather at the foot with a matching leather collar. The boots provide ample protection from snake bites thanks to these tough materials that prevent fang penetration at the calf and foot.

The bottoms of the boots are constructed as a Unit Heel which is a one piece molded heel and outsole. Added strength and durability has been built into the boots with a double-stitched seam that encircles the entire foot.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Justin Boots website.

​LaCrosse Venom Snake Boots

Just as with the Justin Boots, the Venom boots have originally been designed for men. But these, too, are available in smaller sizes (starting from size 5) and they will fit the female foot.

The boots feature full grain leather and nylon uppers and use a flexible snake protection fabric that sits between the liner and the exterior. This fabric provides substantial protection from a snake bite without adding significant weight to the boots.

The outsoles are low-lugged so that it is possible wear them for quiet movement when stalking. The boots are also easy to put on and take off thanks to the inclusion of a waterproof side zipper.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the LaCrosse Footwear website.

As has become very obvious from the choices that have been offered above, the selection is nowhere near as wide for women who are looking to protect themselves from possible snake bites when out in the field. Clearly, the shorter boots up to around 16 inches are more likely to offer greater comfort for a woman's legs.

The main object is to find protection for the legs, but the comfort of the person wearing the boots is clearly going to be a very important point too. As more snake boots are introduced for female hunters (as they surely must) we will be sure to include them on this page.​

We have seen a couple of boot manufacturers who have created snake proof boots that have been made offering protection for women's legs as well as others where it is necessary to buy a smaller men's boot. Fortunately there are some options available for everyone to stay protected in countryside known for the presence of snakes.