Best Snow Goose Floater Decoys

The snow goose is a loud honking goose that prefers to congregate in huge flocks. They can cover the ground in great numbers as they work their way through fallow cornfields or wetlands.

They can also be seen as a dark form variant that is known as the Blue Goose. These geese have grown in numbers and are now among the most abundant waterfowl in Northern America.

Floater decoys are designed as life-like swimming geese that closely replicate the look of a snow goose that is gliding peacefully on the water. Although they will give you the peaceful looking birds floating on the water, they will also be very effective as part of a more extensive array of decoys.

We have listed a selection of the best available snow goose floater decoys on the market today. They have been displayed with some basic information details to help you make a quick comparison. If you wish to find out more about any of the floater decoys listed below, simply scroll further down the page where you will find a more in depth description about each decoy.

Floater Snow Goose Decoys For Sale

Decoy Make/Model Size MSRP
Dakota X-Treme Blue Floater Dakota X-Treme Blue 21" $154.99
(6 pack)
Final Approach Last Pass HD Snow Goose Floater Final Approach Last Pass HD Active $170.95
(4 pack)
Flambeau Storm Front HD Snow Goose Floater Decoy Flambeau Stormfront 23"  23" $59.99
(4 pack)
Tanglefree Pro Series Snow Goose Tanglefree Pro Series 20"  20" $98.99
(4 pack)
GHG Pro Grade Snow Goose Floater Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade $99.99
(6 pack)
Higdon Full Size Foam Filled Snow Goose Floater Higdon Full Size 21" $89.99
(4 pack)

The table of snow goose floater decoys that has been displayed above gives you a quick comparison of what is available to buy. The prices that have been quoted are merely the manufacturer's recommended sale price but the reality is that it may be possible to find them for considerably less than this.

Here is our in-depth description of each of the top snow goose floater decoys that are being commonly available on the market today. We have also tried to supply larger and images to give you a greater understanding of the level of detail and coloring of the decoys as well as any other special features that are worth noting.

Dakota X-Treme Blue Snow Goose Floater

Dakota X-Treme Blue Floater Decoys

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These are particularly durable snow goose floaters that are made from soft, tough EVA plastic. They are designed to hold up well to cold weather and will take all sorts of knocks without becoming damaged. The decoy has been designed with weighted keels so they will provide true-to-life motion when sitting on the water. They are upright decoys with non-adjustable heads.

Find out more about the decoys made by Dakota Decoys by visiting their website.

Flambeau 23" Snow Goose Floater

Flambeau Storm Front HD Snow Goose Floater Decoy

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These are large floating decoys that are made molded in Flambeau’s propriety polymer blend. They are designed to stand out brightly using UVision Paint Technology and they will last for an extremely long time. They come in packs of four and the heads have been set to simulate different activities: a semi-active, active, resting and semi-feeding.

Find out more about the decoys made by Flambeau Outdoors by visiting their website.

Final Approach Last Pass HD Snow Goose Floater

Final Approach Last Pass HD Snow Goose Floater Decoys

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These are extremely lifelike snow goose decoys that have been given great realism thanks to the work of sculptor Doug Eck. A great deal of detail can be seen in the neck, head and tail coming from a process known as Sculpture Flock. They also use an industry first injection-molded Dura-Connect head attachment system which gives you removable swivels to create different positions.

Find out more about the decoys made by Primos Hunting by visiting their website.

Tanglefree Pro Series 20 Inch Snow Goose Floater

Tanglefree Pro Series Snow Goose Floater Decoy

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The Tanglefree Pro Series snow goose decoys are only mid-sized but they take visibility to a new level and can be seen over long distances. They are a one piece design and have lifelike feather detail for a higher level of realism. They have been designed by master carver Don Mintz  and measure 20 inches from bill to tail.

Find out more about the decoys made by Tanglefree by visiting their website.

Final Approach Active Snow Goose Floater

Final Approach Active Snow Goose Floater Decoys

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The decoy has been made as a one piece design to give them greater durability and toughness. They have been designed with extremely close attention to detail to make them appear as lifelike as possible. Visibility is great and these snow goose decoys are going to be able to be seen from a great distance.

Find out more about the decoys made by Primos Hunting by visiting their website.

Greenhead Gear Pro Grade Snow Goose Floater

GHG Pro Grade Snow Goose Floater Decoys

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The GHG decoys are made from one piece to give them greater durability and a long lasting nature. The visibility is going to be particularly good. They are a good size and they closely resemble the geese that they are trying to convince it is safe to land near.

Find out more about the decoys made by Greenhead Gear by visiting their website.

Higdon Full Size Snow Goose Floater

Higdon Full Size Foam Filled Snow Goose Floater Decoys

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This is a great light weight decoy that is lifelike but very portable. It is also a winner on the count of durability and the decoy is going to last for many seasons. It features a weighted keel that will right the decoy every time it is upset. The decoy comes with a range of had positions that represent sentry, rester and preener. This is a foam filled set of decoys that are available in packs of 4.

Find out more about the decoys made by Higdon Outdoors by visiting their website.


Snow Goose Floater Decoy Spread Ideas

How these decoys are used will depend very much on factors such as the size of the water body that you will be hunting on as well as the time of season that it is. A large open lake will mean that you will need a lot more floater decoys than you would for a small river or stream.

Although the common strategy for spring snow goose hunting is to set a large decoy spread, it is not as simple as just scattering a bunch of decoys around. There is some work and planning that must go into the process.

The thing is that snow geese are quite cunning and can be difficult to hunt, but this just makes it a more satisfying experience when the hunt turns out to be successful. Here are a few tips to help reach that successful outcome.

Scouting the Snow Geese

The first important step is to do your scouting. A successful hunt hinges largely on a thorough scouting job. It is important to find the largest concentration of birds on a lake or other body of water. It will be common to find a number of different roosting locations in a given area. Finding their feeding area will prepare you for the next day’s hunt and will potentially save a lot of time and frustration.

Finding sheet water in fields is a big step towards finding the birds. In spring the snow geese tend to look for corn stubble fields that have sheet water in them. This should be your primary goal when looking for a field to decoy.

Get the Floaters In the Field

When using decoys for snow geese, it is not necessarily the number of decoys that is the most important factor. Their quality is also going to play a big part in your success. The majority of decoy types that you may try to use is full body geese, and they will work well no matter whether the field is dry or has sheet water over it.

But you should mix things up wherever you can. The floaters in your arsenal are going to come in particularly useful for the sheet water in a field.

Don’t Crowd

One of the mistakes that hunters can make with their decoys is in placing them too closely together. If they are sitting too closely to one another there will be no place for the geese to land and they will simply fly over and then move on elsewhere. Spacing the decoys a minimum of six feet apart will give a far greater opportunity for geese to land within the spread.

The layout of the spread should communicate a few things to the passing geese. Things such as the location of the food, where food is scarce and the places where there is the greatest safety.

If you can convey these thoughts accurately to the geese you should find that they will land exactly where you want them to.

Sillosock Snow GooseDecoy Movement

A field or waterway filled with completely motionless snow geese or other birds is not going to look convincing at all. There has to be some type of movement involved. Mixing up the spread with a range of different decoy types will be crucial. As well as the standard floaters you should also have set up a few kites and Sillosock flyers sprinkled through the spread. Even white rags and plastic bags spread around will fill it with movement and enhance the apparent size of the flock. Anything that will give the appearance of natural movement and of geese jostling around as they feed is going to help.

The floater decoys will provide you with an opportunity to add motion to your set because they will naturally bob and move on the water, particularly if the current is flowing or there is a reasonable breeze.

Use Snow Geese Decoys In Your Duck Spread

One of the very successful uses for snow goose decoys are when you are duck hunting. Setting up a field or waterway with snow geese will see the mallards pouring in too. The reason for this is that the ducks know that feeding geese will be eating the same food they love.

A very important factor that should also prompt you to add them to the spread is their visibility. The snow goose is a larger bird and its white plumage means that it is going to stand out like a beacon, whether you’re in a field or on the water.

Some hunters swear by using an entirely exclusive goose spread for hunting ducks and get great results with it. Not only will they bag geese with it but they will also find the duck count is through the roof.

Naturally, there is still plenty of reason to continue to use your mallard duck decoys because there are going to be times when using geese is not going to work. As with all cases, nothing is 100% foolproof and there will be certain parts of the season where ducks are only going to respond to duck decoys.

If you have already bought a heap of duck decoys and have been having some success with them, it may be difficult to justify the expense of shelling out more money for geese. It could be particularly difficult if you aren’t yet sure the geese will work. It’s a leap of faith that you will have to decide on yourself, possibly made easier if your ducks aren’t showing up with your current setup.

One of the necessities that you’re going to need if you’re hunting geese over water is a boat. Not only will it be needed for setting out the decoys, but when you make your shot the bird is going to land in the water, usually somewhere in the middle.

If you don’t have a boat, you’ve basically wasted the bird.

The other reason you’re going to need your boat is for the times when you merely cripple the goose and it continues to swim away. You’re going to have to chase it down and finish it on the water.

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