Bipods – For Long Range Shooting

We look at the top bipod manufacturers and work out what it is that makes their bipods the best. Features such as swivel, quick deployment and easy installation are very important and we name the bipods that offer all of these and more.

What Is A Bipod?

First things first, I suppose, and we should identify the bipod and what we use it for.

In its most simple form, a bipod is an attachment that can be added to a weapon that will provide a steady platform from which to shoot. The aim is to maintain that steady platform over repeated shots.

When taking multiple shots you want to reduce the amount of motion that the rifle goes through during and after each shot. The bipod is used as a means of helping that reduction. By resting the feet on the ground the shooter avoids going through the fatigue process that comes from having to hold the rifle steady over an extended period of time. The result is increased accuracy and stability.

Bipod Use Is Growing

The use of a bipod when shooting for greater precision, particularly among the military and law enforcement, has grown greatly in recent years. It is now commonplace to see tactical rifles equipped with a bipod and even hunting rifles may have a lightweight one attached.

Blackhawk Bipod

The types of bipods that are available vary and will depend on the type of shooting that will be performed as well as the size of the weapon that will be shot.

Other considerations that must be taken into account include the speed at which the bipod can be deployed, the amount of movement, both side to side and up and down, that is required when tracking the shot and whether you will be shooting from a prone position or a bench rest.

There are a number of manufacturers of top quality bipods that deserve to be mentioned and put forward as the makers of durable and dependable bipods. We have divided the manufacturers into two categories, those considered to be at the forefront in terms of quality and reliability for heavy duty work and those that are still high quality but are more probably suited to lightweight weapons.

We’ll start with those manufacturers whose bipods are designed and built to high standards, primarily for long range shooting. In some cases the bipods conform to military specifications and are the preferred choice by law enforcement and military. You can use the links provided to get even more information about each manufacturer including product lists and reviews.

Heavy Duty Bipod Manufacturers

Heavy Duty Tactical Bipod Manufacturers

Harris Engineering - Possibly the most trusted bipods in the world, the Harris bipods are easy to install, fast to deploy and are light weight. For all of the features that they offer as well as the reported reliability they offer you would expect them to be among the most expensive bipods on the market, but they are far from that.

GG & G - this is an American company that has been dedicated to the manufacture of mounting systems and tactical accessories and this is where the company excels. The range of bipods that are produced meet the highest standards to the point where they are accepted by the United States military

B&T Industries Atlas Bipods - this is another American company that has added innovation to the bipod industry. The company introduced the concept of multi-positioning legs as well as the pan and cant feature. The bipods are acknowledged as being among the best and are repeatedly prominent in recommendations.

Long Range Accuracy - The most sturdy brand of bipod that can currently be found is the LRA bipod. It is a particularly reliable and consistent platform that also makes it possible to independently adjust the legs as well as having other features that you would hope to see in a top of the line bipod. The only problem is the price which is particularly high and would rule out all but the most committed tactical shooters.

Bobro Engineering - This is another quality bipod that has been manufactured using quality materials for its components and is hard anodized to Mil-Spec requirements. The company has been innovative in the features that have been built into the bipods to ensure they provide the most stable rest possible that is never going to collapse under stress.

Light Weapon Bipod Manufacturers

It is still possible to buy good quality bipods that have been well constructed but have been directed towards the customers who are more budget conscious. While you can still get a more than adequate shooting platform from any of the manufacturers in this category, the recommendation is that they be used with low powered rifles.

Displayed below are some of the manufacturers who are considered by many to be in this category.

Light Weapon Bipod Manufacturers

Barska - Barska is a manufacturer of hunting accessories, most notably optical products such riflescopes, binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes. But they also produce a line of bipods that have been designed to aid accuracy with the ability of making last-second adjustments on a stable rest. As well as barrel clamp models they also have models that fit Picatinny/Weaver rails.

Blackhawk - This is a company that has produced a number of bipods that are very reliable and do the job of providing a steady platform from which to shoot. The model that is most well known is the Sportster which can will hold up to shooting with a .308 however it is quite light in weight and there have been reports that the locking screws tend to loosen after only a few shots in succession. That being said, the company uses top quality materials in the construction of the bipods and should be seriously considered by shooters of lighter weapons.

Caldwell - The Caldwell bipods are very well made and are adequate for shooting with light rifles. They may be considered by many people as Harris-like, particularly in their construction and appearance. However the tolerances are not as tight as those of the bipods in the first group and the legs are not locked as solidly. This is another company that is able to produce quality bipods with a number of features that many people will appreciate and will serve them very well

NcStar - the company produces a range of what it terms precision quality and standard quality bipods in a variety of leg lengths and means of attachment. All are available for very low prices and will perform with light rifles. Fasteners display the problem of working their way loose with repeated use.

Leapers UTG - this is a brand that is earning some recognition for the range of bipods that are being produced and the different features that are being covered. The complaints that are most often heard about the products, however, is that they are not as durable and hard wearing as they could be with locked components having a tendency to loosen after use. For the price, however,  they are providing some good bipods.

As it turns out, 4 of the manufacturers above feature strongly in our analysis of the 10 Contenders For the Best Bipod Under $50. There are many lower priced bipods available on the market today but not all of them come with a selection of features that help them stand out from their competitors. The products in this article achieve that extra edge and do so at a low price.

How To Install A Bipod

The following video from Southern Shooters provides you with a simple demonstration of how to install a bipod using a Harris-style bipod.

Bipod Comparison Guides

We know that selecting a bipod can be a difficult task, particularly if you are not sure about the different choices that are available. To make things a little easier we have produced a number of bipod product guides to help make a comparison.

12 Of the Best AR-15 Bipods – gives you a selection of different makes and models of bipods that are considered most suitable for use with the AR-15

12 Of the Best Foldable Bipods – this is another comparison guide that allows you to choose from a selection of bipods at different price points that will fold down for ease of transport.

Shooting With A Bipod

Although the use of a bipod can provide you with an additional level of accuracy, it is only a tool that can be used as another aid in the process. The importance of practice can’t be emphasized enough.

That being said, the bipod will help you with steadying the aim and performing at a level of repeatability that will inevitably improve your shot performance. It’s why the top marksmen use a bipod.

Shooting the rifle from the prone position will be best suited for use with a bipod but it is still very important to use the right technique. Aligning the body properly is a great first step, loading the rifle to prepare for the recoil, steady the rifle with your hand.

For a more in depth look at this particular aspect of shooting with your bipod you should read our bit about The Importance of Good Bipod Shooting Technique.