Avian-X Duck Decoys

There is so much more to a range of duck decoys than simply a couple of mallards in various poses. Avian-X has recognised this with its range of duck decoys covering just about every type of duck you can imagine.The Top Flight range has been created with a view to capturing the colors and details […] Read more »

Greenhead Gear Oversize Duck Decoys

The decoys that are produced by Avery Greenhead Gear are among the best and most popularly used in the USA. One of the series that has proven to be very successful is the Oversize decoys. The range is large and the company has developed a history of providing decoys that are both lifelike and durable […] Read more »

Dakota X-Treme Mallard Decoys

The Dakota Decoy Company is responsible for producing some of the more lifelike range of decoys. When it comes to mallards the decoys are part of the X-Treme series and are available either as full body duck decoys and floater decoys. The decoys are all made from a blend of high and low density polyethylene. […] Read more »

Tanglefree Snow Goose Decoys

Fooling ducks and geese is one of the things that Tanglefree has proven itself to be very good at. At least, the decoys that the company produces have proven to be lifelike enough to successfully bring the waterfowl to the hunter’s spread. The company has created a selection of 3D full body, floating and sock […] Read more »

Why You Should Use Confidence Decoys

You want to give the approaching ducks or geese the confidence that they are approaching not only a safe place to land but that there is also plenty of food available. This is the main reason for using confidence decoys. Making your spread as realistic looking as possible can be done a number of ways […] Read more »

Use Coot Decoys To Add Confidence to the Spread

One of the less frequently used species of duck decoys is the coot decoy. This is a bit of a surprise because they are a plentiful bird and tend to show up in a high proportion of feeding spots. These are the types that are perfect as confidence decoys to fill out the spread and […] Read more »

How To Texas Rig Duck Decoys

One of the important parts to ensuring that you have a successful hunt is getting the process of rigging your decoys correctly. Getting it right means that you will be able to set your decoys quickly so they look natural and they don't get hung up and snagged. There are a number of different ways […] Read more »

Best Motion Decoy To Produce Ripples

One of the main purposes for using a motion decoy is to create realistic movement in your set and to highlight that movement on the water, you would expect to see ripples and splashes. This is one of the key features that is a requirement of a really good motion decoy. The ways in which […] Read more »

Top Turkey Decoys Other Turkeys Can’t Resist

Turkey decoys have been responsible for many successful hunting trips. These, combined with effective turkey calls, lure in all types of turkeys from the most hesitant jakes to the aggressive and wily old toms. A good call can get the bird close but once they hang up it is the effectiveness of the decoy itself […] Read more »

These Motion Duck Decoys Will Attract More Ducks and Geese

The task of attracting ducks to your decoy spread is one that has generated many different and innovative ideas. Placing realistic looking ducks and geese on the water and in the field continues to work, although there is no real consistency to their effectiveness from one part of the season to the next. One of […] Read more »