Hunting Clothing

A List of Some of the Best Tactical Shooting Gloves

Not everyone feels it necessary to wear a pair of shooting gloves. But they can come in very useful and there are some shooters who would never consider shooting without them. It should all come down to the specific conditions in which you are shooting.​There are a few important things to take into consideration when […] Read more »

Cold Weather Shooting Gloves You Absolutely Must Consider

There are some clear priorities when it comes to choosing a pair of shooting gloves for use in the winter months. Warmth and comfort are two requirements that immediately come to mind, but there are some other features that are also very important and should be taken into consideration.​It can become a bit of a […] Read more »

Icebreaker Everyday Long Sleeve Crewe Review

When looking for a versatile shirt that will be suitable for just about every type of conditions and should be the first item of clothing packed when going away. It can be worn on its own when the temperatures are moderate and as a base layer when it grows colder. View on Amazon The Icebreaker […] Read more »

Minus33 Isolation 1/4 Zip Shirt Review

The versatility and comfort of the Isolation comes from the ¼ zip neck that can be used to provide added warmth or to cool down, as the conditions change. This is a midweight long sleeve shirt that is a loose-fit style which is perfect as a bottom layer when you’re fully active. View on Amazon […] Read more »

Minus33 Yukon Expedition Shirt Review

This is a crew necked shirt that has been designed for the most extreme conditions, the Yukon Expedition will provide the essential warmth required from a base layer garment. This is the heavy duty base layer that will keep you warm on the coldest days. View on Amazon This is a heavyweight base layer shirt […] Read more »

Minus33 Algonquin Short Sleeve Crew

The Algonquin shirt is a short sleeved lightweight merino wool crew shirt that is designed for the outdoor activities that take place in the Spring and Summer. It moves nicely with the body, it regulates your temperature and wicks moisture effectively.​ When it starts to get colder it will be just as effective as a […] Read more »

Minus33 Chocorua Midweight Crew Shirt Review

Overview​The Minus 33 Chocorua Midweight Crew shirt is a midweight base layer shirt made from 100% 18.5 Micron merino wool. It is ideal as the base layer piece of clothing when dressing for the coldest winter days but will also work well as an outer layer on a milder Autumn day. View on Amazon This […] Read more »

Nomad LS Cooling Tee Shirt

When you’re hunting in the spring time the weather can range from one extreme to the other very quickly. Wearing clothing that can handle all types of conditions and keep you feeling comfortable is an invaluable addition to your equipment. When that piece of clothing is just as effective in the heat as it is […] Read more »

7 of the Best Lightweight Hunting Jackets For the Early Season

When you need protection but the weather is warm, a lightweight hunting jacket is the perfect option. We take a look at a selection of good quality outer layer jackets that use some of the most advanced techniques that allows for breathability and comfort while still getting the waterproofing, wind protection, camouflage, insect protection and barrier against sharp objects that […] Read more »