The crossbow hunting sector is the fastest growing part of the hunting sports industry and is in a very dynamic part of its growth cycle. Consequently there are constant levels of improvement being seen and each subsequent release of new crossbow models is widely anticipated.

​Although the crossbow appears to be very different to the compound bow or the recurve or the long bow, the same basic tenets remain, it will only shoot as well as the person holding it. That being said, there are many different types of crossbows and innovative technologies that will help to improve performance.

​We have examined the new releases of a number of crossbow manufacturers, highlighted the specifications, features and any problems that may have been encountered by hunters who have used them. Browse through the crossbow manufacturers featured below and click through to the new release pages to find the latest crossbow models that have been released by each company.

Crossbow Manfucturer New Releases

Bear Archery - 2017 Crossbows

Bear ​Archery has had a long and distinguished history when it comes to recurve and compound bows and the hunting world has benefited from the innovations that have been introduced by the company. They have only recently entered the crossbow market but the signs are extremely encouraging with a small range of crossbows that are providing hunters with power and precision at a very competitive price.

Horton Crossbow Innovations - 2017 Crossbows

Horton is once again re-emerging after being one of the leaders in the industry before disappearing and then being saved. the name is synonymous with quality when it comes to crossbows and the products that are available are outstanding​. If you are in the market for a new crossbow you should really cast your eyes over the ones from Horton.

Parker Bows - 2017 Crossbows

​Parker Bows was originally focused on producing high quality compound bows but it 2002 the company began producing its line of crossbows. The emphasis of the company is the creation of crossbows that are lighter in weight and extremely well balanced. The result is a consistent line up of crossbows that have kept the company towards the forefront of the crossbow industry.

When it comes to choosing a crossbow you want to be confident that you are buying the best. But the best can be determined by a number of different factors and some of them are going to be particular to you and the type of shooting you’re planning on doing.

​​Obvious factors such as the energy created and speed produced are going to play a big part in choosing a crossbow. But there will be important secondary factors to consider too such as the noise produced at the shot, the accuracy of the bow and the type cocking device used. You should also take into account other factors such as fit, handling and the safety of the crossbow.

​​As you can see, some of the factors that are described here come down to your personal preference, particularly when trying to determine what feels the most comfortable in your hand.

Shooting accuracy is also an important factor to consider and this can be enhanced by using a good quality crossbow scope. To help decide which one is the most suitable we have also examined a selection of the best crossbow scopes available. ​

​For some people, the crossbow they use comes down to the manufacturer with a certain level of loyalty shown to a favorite brand. Now that hunting with crossbows has been legalized in far more parts of the country, there are a growing number of manufacturers to choose from and the technology is improving rapidly. A brand that was favored one season may have been overtaken by another the next.