Scope Mounts and Rings

Although it’s not the most exciting piece of equipment you’re going to go out looking for, a scope mount or scope rings are definitely an important part of your hunting set up. You may have the finest scope possible, one that cost you a bundle, but if it isn’t mounted securely to your rifle, it is not going to do the job properly.

​There are many different types of scope mounts and rings available for a full range of different scopes and rifles. They come in different sizes, diameters and heights and they are built with a variety of features built in.

Deciding which one you need for your specific situation may be something that is difficult to work out. To help with the process we have produced a number of comparison guides that will allow you to line each product up against its competition. The guides also dig deeper into each model to identify the features that sets them apart as well as any special situations they have been developed for.

​Comparison Guides

One Piece Scope Mounts - Ensuring that the mounting system that you use is completely locked in and steady is crucial to accurate shooting. The options are many with one piece scope mounts able to provide the performance that many of the top shooters rely on. Listed in this guide are 10 of the most trusted one piece scope mounts that are readily available for all hunters to buy.

Scope Rings For A Remington 700 - The rugged power of the Remington 700 requires a mounting system that will withstand the recoil shock that comes with it. The comparison list that lines up these scope rings feature some of the biggest names such as Seekins, Nightforce, Talley and TPS. Each of the scope ring models that are featured here have earned high praise from multiple customer reviews, the problem is working out which one you should invest in.

Rimfire Scope Rings - The rimfire rifle is considered to be predominantly a small game hunting and plinking rifle that needs a good telescopic sight. The better scope manufacturers have produced scopes that work extremely effectively on these rifles. In order to get the most out of these scopes there has been a strong selection of quality scope rings that have been designed for use on the rimfire rifle. This comparison guide takes a look at some of the most popular scope rings for the rimfire.

Cantilever Scope Mounts - The need to position your optics further forward than normal has seen the creation of the cantilever scope mount. It may be necessary to place a secondary optical accessory such as a red dot magnifier behind your optic and these types of mounts provide you with the room to do that. The comparison guide to cantilever scope mounts gives you the opportunity to judge which model will give you the greatest benefit with some extremely popular brands compared.

Quick Release Scope Mounts - They're designed to give the hunter the option of quickly and easily removing or attaching your scope to your rifle. The important feature of the quick release (or quick detach) scope mounts is the ability to retain zero when you complete the process. The scope mounts that are listed in this comparison guide provides a good cross-section of some of the most popular makes and models of scope mounts available. 

M1A Scope Mounts - Developed from the military’s M14 battle rifle, the M1A by Springfield Armory is the commercial version that has proven to be very popular. Mounting a scope on these rifles has proven to be problematic and requires a scope mount that has been specifically designed for the rifle. This comparison guide takes a look at a strong selection of mounts that feature the most respected names in the market today.

30mm Scope Rings - As we know, scope rings are designed to fit a range of different scope outer diameters. In this guide we browse through the top rated scope mounts that have been made for scopes with a 30mm diameter. These scope rings range from the top of the line steel rings to the more affordable rings made from aluminum. In all cases the majority of customers have been extremely happy with the performance of each of the models of scope rings that have been examined.

1 Inch Scope Rings - The smallest of the three scope diameters is the 1 inch diameter and the range of scope rings that have been created covers all mount types and a full range of height choices. We have put together a comparison guide that lists the top rated scope rings available that fit scopes with a 1 inch diameter. You can choose to buy rings constructed from either steel or aluminum with a further choice of different mount heights. Warne, Burris, Browning and Nikon are just some of the manufacturers that are represented here.

34mm Scope Rings - These are the large diameter scope rings that have been designed to mount the largest and most powerful scopes. You will usually find that these rings are designed from steel or quality hardened aluminum as a part of the design that will withstand heavy recoil. The scope rings that have been examined on this page has been compiled by gathering together those products that have earned the highest ratings from numerous customers.

One of the problems with mounting your scope to your rifle can often be the scope rings or mounting system you choose. It should be a straightforward part of the process, but the scope rings can definitely be the weakest link in your set up. The rings should be the correct size, they should fit well on your rifle and they should be the right height for the objective of your scope.

The scope mount that you choose is a personal choice and will largely be determined by the type of scope you use, the gun that you own and the purpose that you’re using it for. It is certain that if you can match the right mount and rings to your shooting style you are going to have a much greater chance of shooting more accurately.

​Scope Mounting Systems

​There are a number of different configurations to choose from when setting up your mounting system. For the most part they can be broken down into two components: the base and the rings. But it is possible to buy both of these components separately or as a single integrated unit.

​The way in which these components are constructed is an important factor to consider. Some mounts and rings are specifically designed for small game rifles that are lighter in weight and also lighter in their recoil. Putting these types of mounts or rings could be devastating when they are subjected to the heavy recoil from more powerful rifles.

​The mounting system is potentially the place where everything can fall apart. It is attached by using a few screws and in some cases they are specifically designed to suit a certain type of weapon. Placing the wrong set of rings on a rifle that doesn’t match will inevitably leave you with an unsatisfactory shooting experience.

​Types of Scope Mounts

​We regularly see a number of different mounting systems mentioned when dealing with the many types of rings and rails. Knowing more about what these terms mean will provide you with a head start on the road to buying the right one.

​You first need to decide whether you need a fixed mount or a detachable mount option.

Fixed Scope Mounts

​You would be more inclined to go for a fixed mount if you only have the one rifle and you are unlikely to want to swap your scope off it for use elsewhere. These types of mounts are simple and elegant looking and provide a cleaner profile. They can also offer a higher degree of power absorption. Those who like to use fixed mount systems believe they are more durable and are less likely to shift at the point of impact.

Dovetail Scope Mount

​The dovetail scope mount has been around longer than any other type of mount. Some people refer to them as the Leupold Style thanks to the patent that was granted in 1931. The system allows you to mount your rings by means of a wedge (which is the dovetail) that sits on the bottom half of each ring. The wedge is inserted into the base and is turned through 90 degrees to lock it into place.

​This is a mounting system that is suitable for use on the heavier styles of rifles but it may be too heavy for use on light weight firearms.

​Detachable Scope Mount

​As the name suggests, the detachable scope mount is suitable for those who need to regularly remove and reattach their scope to their rifle. This may be because you own multiple rifles that you use and you prefer to use the same scope on each rifle.

There are a couple of extremely popular and well-known types of detachable scope mounts that you will see mentioned whenever you are looking for a new scope mount or set of scope rings. They are the Weaver style and the Picatinny Style.

​Weaver Style Scope Mount

The Weaver style scope mount is the mount that has become most well known and popularly used. It is comprised of a flat rail with perpendicular slots in them. The extending rails fit neatly under the slots in the base of the scope mount or rings. The result is a mounting system that is secure and tight and won’t allow your scope to shift when it subjected to heavy recoil. By the same token, when you need to remove your scope from the rifle it can be quickly detached.

​Picatinny Style Scope Mount

​This is a scope mount style that is very similar to the Weaver style with the most notable difference being the width of the slots. The slots of the Picatinny rail are wider and so it is possible to use Weaver rings on a Picatinny base but it will not work with Picatinny rings on a Weaver base.

Quick Release Scope Mount

​Another type of scope mount that has become popular for making it easy to remove and reattach your scope is the quick release (quick detach) scope mount. These mounts usually feature some type of unlocking device such as a lever that will allow you to detach the mount with the flick of a finger.

​When you are considering the scope rings to buy you shouldn’t be attempting to go as cheap as possible. Paying a little extra for your scope mount and rings will reward you over the long run if you shoot without having to constantly retighten or reposition your scope.