Summit Treestands

Summit Treestands is one of the leading manufacturer of quality treestands specializing in hang-on, climbing ladder and tripod treestands. As the company states, the treestands and related products produced by the company are tailored to the needs of the hunter because they have been made by hunters.

The following are the treestands that have been reviewed at Keys To Hunting. Click on the model name to read a complete review of each treestand.

Climbing Treestands

Summit Treestands OpenShot SD TreestandOpenShot SD

This treestand has been packed with features to ensure the hunter feels as secure and comfortable as possible and they’ve been packed in to a package that remains light and easy to carry. The design of the OpenShot SD gives the hunter an open range of movement to make the shot.


Summit Specialist SD Climbing TreestandSpecialist SD

This is a particularly light weight climbing treestand that has pared back on the bulk. In return, some concessions have been made in the comfort with a sling seat and minimally padded backrest the most notable.


Summit Titan SD Climbing TreestandTitan SD

The Titan SD treestand is the largest climbing treestand in the Summit range. The stand will accommodate larger people thanks to the additional room that is available both in the seat and on the platform. There is plenty of padding in the seat to ensure a comfortable perch for long term sitting. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.


Summit Viper SD Climbing TreestandViper SD

The Viper SD treestand has a similar shape to the Titan SD but does not have quite as much width or length. The key feature of this particular treestand is that the majority of people who have used it claim that it is the most comfortable climbing treestand they have ever sat in.


Hang-On Treestands

Summit rsxHawk Hang-On TreestandrsxHawk

The rsxHawk hang-on treestand is part of the Raptor Series of stands and features Summit's Single Cable Spreader design which has a self levelling cable paired with a spreader bar below the seat. It is a lightweight stand that is quick to set up and will provide the hunter with a high level of security when it position.


Summit Crush Series Stoop Hang On TreestandCrush Series Stoop

The Stoop is part of the Crush Series of hang-on treestands and is designed as a medium compact treestand that is lightweight with a medium-sized platform. The Crush series of stands use a folding frame that allows the stand to be folded down into a smaller profile for ease of transport.


Summit Technological Innovations

The emphasis is on all of the features that hunters hold important with most equipment. Factors such as silence, comfort and concealment feature prominently in many of the Summit products.

To achieve any measure of success in the areas mentioned above it is necessary to come up with a range of innovations and Summit is responsible for a range which should be mentioned.


This technology allows Summit to produce stands that have been made with “Locked” construction. The custom designed extrusions create structures that are locked and welded for lower stresses on the welds making the treestand more secure.

Dead Metal Sound Deadening

This technology ensures that the treestands are going to be as silent as possible and you can easily work out which treestands use this technology because the SD is included in the name. The technology involves filling critical parts of the platform with expanding foam that has been custom engineered.

QuickDraw Cable Retention

The QuickDraw cable retention system is an important part of the climbing treestands in the range. The cable can be sized to meet the diameter of the tree and then it is inserted into the QuickDraw bracket of the suspension arm. When the trigger is pulled the cable securely locks into place without having to try to go through the process manually.

RapidClimb Stirrups

These stirrups have been ergonomically shaped and are adjustable so they will fit any boot. They can be employed quickly and are easy to use and are offered as a standard feature on all Summit climbing stands.