No matter what type of archery you will be taking part in, be it bow hunting, competition target or 3D shooting there will be a need to practice to improve your accuracy and consistency. To get the most effective shooting practice possible you really should invest in a quality archery target. Not only will you have specific spots to shoot at but you will also be protecting your arrows and points from being damaged.

Types of Targets

There are many different types of targets available that will enable a complete training workout that will help you get used to a new rifle, compound bow or crossbow. They will also be very useful for tuning in or sighting in a new sight or mount. The type of target you might require will depend on what you are training for, the arrows or ammunition you will be using and the distance over which you plan on shooting.  

Archery Block Targets

These targets are particularly useful for archery practice for those shooting any type of broadheads or field points. The broadheads may be either fixed or mechanical heads and they will work equally as well without destroying the target.

The design of the block target makes it sturdy enough to withstand the force of arrows fired from the most powerful of today's compound bows or crossbows. The technology of the core means that the arrows will not pass through the block and they can be easily pulled out again.​

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Archery Bag Targets

Bag targets are designed to be used as practice for competition and field point arrows. Once again the bags are designed to withstand high velocity impacts and will not allow an arrow to pass through. These targets are usually designed to be used on two sides although some of the larger bag targets may be usable on all four or six sides.

The better archery bag targets are convenient to use and store, they are quick to set up and they will last for a long time. They are also a relatively cheap option compared to some of the other target types that are available. 

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3D Archery Targets

One of the more preferred types of targets used by hunters is the 3d archery target. They can be bought in a range of different shapes to represent the type of game that you commonly hunt. If you are a deer hunter there is a solid range of 3d deer archery targets available, similarly turkeys, bears, raccoons, wild boar and other small game can be found.

The advantage of using a 3d archery target is that they provide you with a realistic target shape to practice shooting at. The vitals are usually highlighted giving you the perfect opportunity to practice making that humane killing shot. They are made with a foam core – usually that foam is self-healing which prolongs the life of the target. They provide you with a superior method of practicing and are becoming increasingly popular.

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No matter whether you are a competition shooter or a hunter who is looking for valuable practice opportunities there are targets that will be appropriate and will provide plenty of versatility. You can use competition heads, field points, fixed broadheads and expandables. From the larger block targets to the simple printed paper archery targets the bottom line is that you not only buy them but you use them frequently.​