These Motion Duck Decoys Will Attract More Ducks and Geese

The task of attracting ducks to your decoy spread is one that has generated many different and innovative ideas. Placing realistic looking ducks and geese on the water and in the field continues to work, although there is no real consistency to their effectiveness from one part of the season to the next.

One of the ways that hunters choose to attract the eye of the passing birds is movement in the spread. This has resulted in an increase in the different types of motion waterfowl decoys that have been created and are offered for sale.

We take a closer look at some of the newest motion decoys to try to determine just how effective they might be and how well they will complement your existing set of decoys.

Motion decoys come in a range of different movable parts and ways in which the movement attracts ducks to the spread. Compare some of the most popular duck decoys on the market below.

Motion Duck Decoys For Sale

Decoy Make/Model Movement
 Mojo Super Mojo Mallard Decoy MOJO Super MOJO Mallard Spinning
 Mojo Floater Mallard Drake Decoy MOJO Floater Drake Mallard Spinning
 Mojo Wind Duck Decoy MOJO Wind Duck Spinning Wings  $44.99
 Higdon Swimmer Mallard Higdon Swimmer Mallard Swimming
 Higdon Pulsator 2 Mallard Higdon Pulsator 2 Mallard Diving Feeder
Water pumping
 Lucky Duck Pro Series Rapid Flyer Drake Combo Decoy Lucky Duck Rapid Flyer
Drake Mallard
 Flapping wings  $169.99
 Lucky Duck Super Lucky Drake Decoy Lucky Duck Super Lucky Drake  Spinning wings $129.99
Wonderduck Mallard Drake Paddle Wheel Decoy Wonderduck Super Paddle
Wheel Motion
 Paddle Wheel $99.95

Some of the companies we examine below produce decoys that are automated to produce movement in a natural and realistic looking fashion. Other companies produce systems that give the decoys that you already own the appearance of movement through the use of strings or cables.

The movement that is produced is also varied depending on the system. Some decoys create motion in order to produce ripples on the water while others flap their wings to indicated a contented and safe bird.

Let's take a look at the various motion decoys that are available in the market and the companies that make them.

The Real Decoy

This is a company that has produced a number of different types of motorized decoys. They have been designed and constructed by hunters for hunters so they are made by people who know exactly what the hunter is looking for in a moving decoy.

The motorised decoys made by The Real Decoy produce lifelike movement wit very little noise and bring the hunting spread to life. They anchor like other floating decoys except for the Swimmer Duck which has a swivel so that the line doesn't twist as it moves in circles.

Featured below is a selection of the different types of motorised decoys in The Real Decoy range.

The Real Decoy Swimmer Dakota DecoySwimmer Duck The Real Decoy Super Flutter Hen DecoySuper Flutter DOA The Real Decoy Super Flutter DOA Goose DecoySuper Flutter Goose DOA

To get an idea of the type of movement you can expect from one of their decoys you should take a look at the video of this Mallard Hen Swimmer Decoy as it moves around the water.


Wonderduck Decoys

Wonderduck runs an extensive selection of motorized decoy models that all provide movement in all sorts of ways. They come with a variety of wing, foot and paddle attachments. It uses either a standard 350 rpm speed or a high speed 500 rpm motor.

From the Paddle Wheel to the Flapping Wings, Twister, Skimmer, Tornado, Feeder and Cyclone there are a great number of variations in movement from the range. The Wonderduck Decoys range also crosses a number of different types of ducks from the Mallard, Pintail, Gadwall, Wood Duck and Canvasback as well as the Canada and Specklebelly Goose.

If you are hoping to create movement, adding a few of these decoys to the group is really going to help. The various models that are offered by the company provide you with more or less movement depending on the size of the motor and the direction in which the propellers are set up to turn.

Displayed below are a few examples of the different models that are available. But these are only a small selection and you should visit the Wonderduck Decoys website for all of the models that are available as well as tips on how you might go about using them.

Wonderduck Mallard Drake Flapping Wings DecoyMallard Drake Flapping Wings Wonderduck Mallard Drake Paddle Wheel DecoyMallard Drake Paddle Wheel Wonderduck Mallard Drake Tornado Decoy Wonderduck Mallard Drake Twister DecoyMallard Drake Super Twister

A better idea of just what type of movement you can expect from these types of decoys can be seen below with the demonstration of the Tornado with the real drake feeding behind them.

MOJO Outdoors

The company is responsible for an extensive array of motorized moving wing decoys covering waterfowl, game birds, turkeys and other animals. You can choose from a selection of Mallards, Gadwalls and Teals in a variety of positions.

In each case the wings of the birds spin rapidly to create the movement you are looking for. Hunters who have used the decoys are universally happy with their performance with the moving parts proving to be sturdy and long-lasting.

They sit upon support poles that make them fast to set up and take down.

Some of the more popular models in the MOJO range include the following:

The Super MOJO Mallard is the model that is considered to be the best in the line. It is a spinning wing model that has been improved with additional features to make it more durable and lifelike than ever. It has offset wings that are folding and are quick to deploy. It has a built-in three position switch that gives you the option of having it turned off, in continuous operation or intermittently cycling through five sequences.

The MOJO Floater is a floating decoy that has also undergone a redesign to improve its exterior to make it more realistic looking and to also make it more stable. It is now almost unsinkable and the design has the duck in the stretching position to look like a duck that is in a safe environment. It comes with a rechargeable battery recharger and can be operated remotely.

The MOJO Wind Duck is another popular version of the spinning wing variety but this one gets its wing movement through the power of the wind. It uses the patented breast peg and support pole. It is perfect for use in areas where motorized decoys are not allowed.

Pictured below is a selection of ducks that comprise part of the Mojo Decoys range. There is a much wider range available and you should look at the company’s website for the complete product list.

 Mojo Super Mojo Mallard DecoySuper MOJO Mallard Mojo Floater Mallard Drake DecoyMOJO Floater  Mojo Wind Duck DecoyMOJO Wind Duck

Higdon Decoys

The motion duck decoy range from Higdon is quite impressive and covers three different types. You can choose from a Splashing-Flasher, Swimmer and a Pulsator. They are available as either Mallard Drakes or Mallard Hens.

The Splashing-Flasher replicates a Mallard that is stretching its wings in a flapping motion. It can be set to a timer sequence that will turn it on for 1.5 seconds and then off for 4 seconds then on for 1.5 seconds and off for 10 seconds. It has been fitted with a number of features that will help to give it a natural appearance and it is operated by a 12 Volt battery that has a run time of around 10-12 hours and recharges in 6-8 hours.

The Swimmer mallard can be bought either as a fully flocked or non-flocked option. The swimmer creates a realistic motion as it moves around the water and produces a ripple in the same way that a real duck will.

The Pulsator decoys are the feeder ducks that, when viewed, display their butts above the water. These units are fitted with a timer that surges a spray of water every half-second four times and then pauses for four seconds before repeating to simulate a feeding duck.

OpenZone Decoys

The decoys produced by OpenZone Decoys are designed to turn a static spread into one that is alive with movement and activity. The company has developed a range of motion duck decoys that provide you with flapping wings, swimming and shakers.

As well as the fully formed motion decoys the company also provides motors – a swimming torpedo and the Zigzag Sub – that can be installed under your floating duck decoys.

The Flapping Wing models, named by the company Flapp’n Ducks, are extremely popular and the movement of the wings are natural looking, more so than spinning wing types. The decoy can be purchased with a wireless remote or you may prefer a 3-Mode circuit and switch or a simple on-off switch.

Surface feeding swimming ducks are made to look exactly like a duck that is feeding on something in the water. The duck is propelled by the ZigZag motor that moves it smoothly across the water. A similar action comes from the Swimming decoys, given the name Swimm’n Ducks, that can be set up to move in either clockwise or counter-clockwise directions and will create ripples in the water.

A newer model in the OZ Decoys line-up is the Sure Shaker which is designed to send out a ripple pattern in large bodies of water. The shaking action will send out a distinctive ripple pattern that will be visible from long distances.

OpenZone Flappn Wings Duck DecoyFlappn Duck OpenZone ZigZag Duck DecoyZigZag Feeding Duck

Lucky Duck Decoys

The decoys from Lucky Duck are often some of the most recommended motion decoys among hunters in hunting forums around the net. Take the Lucky Duck Goose Flapper as an example that comes with a remote control and the option of either running continuously or intermittently with 3 seconds on and 10 seconds off. With moving wings they provide the kind of movement that is immediately believable.

The company offers all types of species throughout its model selection including a Canada Goose, Specklebelly Goose, Snow Goose and Gadwall or a number of different types of Mallards - both drakes and hens.

The range features the Rapid Flyer models where the wings flap and the Pro Series where the wings spin. The Super range features a heavy duty direct drive motor with a timer that allows for intermittent wing movement to give it more lifelike action.

The Rapid Flyer has been designed as one of the most realistic flapping wing decoys available. The wings are made to naturally reflect light like the real things. The decoy comes with a remote control, variable speeds and a 6 volt battery as well as a charger.

The Pro Series Super Lucky Drake is a fully flocked option that features spinning wings that are operated by a remote control and can be set on an intermittent timer. It has an aluminum shaft and high impact plastic wings, can operate a variable speed and runs off a 6 volt battery.

The Super Lucky Duck Drake is a lightweight design that operates using a heavy duty but very quiet motor. The wings can be operated on an intermittent basis, shutting on and off at intervals in a more lifelike way. It comes with a 6-volt rechargeable battery, charge and 3-piece stake.

Displayed below is an example of each of the different model category types that give you an idea about what each wing movement might look like.

Lucky Duck Rapid Flyer Hen Mallard DecoyRapid Flyer Lucky Duck Pro Series Super Lucky Drake DecoyPro Series

Fowl Quest Decoys

The decoys that are made by Fowl Quest are a result of years of experience from duck hunters who understand what is important when it comes to a great line of motion decoys. The company produces a few of the more popular models of motion decoys and we have given them a quick review.

The Fowl Quest Mallard Master Pro delivers activity that is hard to go past. The wings of the decoy slap the water and create a splash with its swimming action that will propel it around the spread. It is powered by 3 AA batteries and that is enough for 9 hours of action.

The Fowl Quest Feedn' Frenzy decoy gives you the frantic foot movement of the upended feeder whose feet are in the air. The splash that is created by this decoy produces ripples that will move through the entire spread. It is designed so that it will not tip over and is counter balanced so that it will stay upright in rough conditions. It is powered by 3 AA batteries that will keep it operational for 6 hours.

 Fowl Quest Mallard Master Pro DecoyMallard Master Pro  Fowl Quest Feedn Frenzy DecoyFeedn' Frenzy

Motion Ducks

Not all motion systems involve the construction of moving parts on the decoy itself. It is also possible to create movement with the use of simple or complex lines. And that's where Motion Ducks come in.

This company sells the Spreader and Feeder systems that attach to your floater and feeder decoys by a line which is used to move the decoys on the water.

More Resources to Check Out

The prospect of attracting more ducks and geese to your spread is an enticing one and the use of motion decoys can be the primary cause of this. However there are many hunters who are enjoying all sorts of success using other types of decoys.

The key is to try to create a diverse spread that is filled with all different types of waterfowl that are feeding and resting comfortably.

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