Top Quality SKB Bow Cases For Parallel Limb Compound Bows

SKB Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of molded polymer transport cases and the bow cases that are available will ensure your compound bows and rifles are held snugly and securely while in transit. The company first started off producing guitar cases and from that initial success has used the technology to create injection molded cases that are high in quality and among the best in the world.

The company has produced an extensive line of hard bow cases that are designed to store and protect parallel limb compound bows - the modern day compound bows that are now prevalent in the market.

Important Bow Case Features to Consider

  • The first thing to decide on is whether you are going to be transporting your bows in the case on an airliner. This will mean you should be looking for a case that can be properly locked or, at the very least, a case in which the locks can be retrofitted to make them TSA compliant.
  • Getting a case that will fit your compound bow is clearly another important issue. Check the dimensions that are quoted for each case. These are inner dimensions and the width of the space is just an important as the length. Make sure the case you buy can accommodate your bow.
  • Protective features. The interior should be as soft and plush as the exterior is hard and durable.
  • Decide on a hard or soft bow case. SKB is responsible for some of the finest hard cases for the bow but there is also a selection of soft cases or hybrid cases to choose from that will serve just as well.

The bow cases that are presented on this page have been designed to hold parallel limb compound bows. The list directly below offers the basic specifications of each case and includes the MSRP that was placed on it by the company. The point to remember about the price is that it is often available at a significant discount.

Bow Case List

Make/Model Dimensions Color MSRP
 SKB iSeries 4217 Parallel Bow Case iSeries 4217 Parallel Limb Bow Case  41" L x 15.5" W x 5" D  Black
Desert Tan
OD Green
SKB Double Bow Rifle Case 4217 Double Bow Case 40" L x 16" W x 6.5" D Black $319.99
 SKB Hunter Series Bow Case Hunter Series Bow Case  39" L x 15" W x 6" D  Black  $159.99
 SKB Hunter XL Series Bow Case Hunter XL Series Bow Case  41" L x 17" W x 6" D  Black  $179.99
 SKB Hybrid 4117 Bow Case Hybrid 4117 Bow Case  39" L x 15" W x 5" D  Black  $154.99
 SKB Hybrid 4120 Bow Case Hybrid 4120 Bow Case  41" L x 17" W x 5" D  Black  $149.99
 SKB ATA Single Parallel Limb Bow Case ATA Parallel Limb Bow Case  39" L x 18" W x 7.5" D  Black  $299.99
 SKB ATA Double Bow Case ATA Double Bow Case  41" L x 15.5" W x 6" D  Black  $309.99
 SKB Field-Tek 4206 Archery Bag Field-Tek 4206 Archery Bag 42" L x 16" W x 6" D Black $96.00

Now we will take a closer look at the SKB Bow Cases that have been designed to cater for parallel limb compound bows with a little more detail about the features that sets each case apart. Any of the bow cases that are examined below can also be found on the SKB Cases website where there is even more detail available.

SKB iSeries 4217 Parallel Limb Bow Case

SKB iSeries 4217 Parallel Bow CaseModel: 3i-4217-PL. This is a MIL-STD Injection Molded Parallel Limb Case that features a custom insert that takes your compound bow. It nestles the bow securely and safely in the plush lined interior. The interior also features a waterjet cut foam arrow system that will accept up to 12 arrows. On the outside the case is just as impressive with in-line skate wheels that make moving the case easy. the trigger release latches can be retrofitted so that TSA approved locks can be fitted. The case can also be carried in a number of different ways thanks to the existence of handles on three sides.

SKB iSeries 4217 Button

SKB 4217 Double Bow Case

SKB Double Bow Rifle CaseModel: 3i-4217-DB-T. This case has the capacity to hold a single wide parallel limb bow as well as a rifle, two parallel limb bows or 4 rifles. The interior features a foam bunk bed that consists of rigid foam that provides protection for the equipment as well as stability that will stop things moving about. To make it easier to transport the case features inline wheels. The closures are trigger release latches and these can be retrofitted to make them TSA approved. The case is waterproof and dust proof in a snugly fitting case. The company has also produced specific double bow cases that have been designed for both the Hoyt and Mathews series of bows.

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SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

SKB Hunter Series Bow CaseModel: 2 SKB-4177. This case has been designed to fit most of the best selling compound bows currently on the market. It features a rigid shaped ABS shell and has structural support in the lid. The “Perfect Match” valance bending system provides a tight fit that prevents dirt, dust and moisture from getting into the case. It features lockable draw-bolt metal latches and a comfortable carrying handle. It also has a state of the art water-jet cut polyethylene foam arrow system  that can hold up to 12 arrows.

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SKB Hunter XL Series Bow Case

SKB Hunter XL Series Bow CaseModel: 2 SKB-4120. This is the same design as the original Hunter Bow Case but has greater dimensions so that the larger compound bows such as the Mathews Z7 and Z9 can be accommodated. These larger bows are wider than the majority of hunting bows and would be too tight otherwise. The case features plush lined EPS inserts to help protect the bow. There is also an arrow storage system in the case courtesy of the water jet cut foam arrow rack that can hold up to 12 arrows. The case is deep enough to store the bow with a quiver still attached.

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SKB Hybrid 4117 Bow Case

SKB Hybrid 4117 Bow CaseModel: 2SKB-SC4117. This bow case has a rugged nature with a 600 Denier ballistic nylon exterior that will provide weather resistance and protection for your bow. It is a soft case on the outside but exhibits qualities of a hard case on the inside. What this means is that the interior is padded on a solid bed while the exterior provides a pouch pocket on the surface for additional storage options. The case can be locked with a zipper pull closure and padlock loops. As well as a carry handle there is a padded shoulder strap that will enable the case to be hoisted over the shoulder. This is the smaller of the hybrid cases and will be suitable for the smaller hunting bows.

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SKB Hybrid 4120 Bow Case

SKB Hybrid 4120 Bow CaseModel: 2SKB-SC4120. This is the larger of the SKB Hybrid bow cases. Like the 4117 it is covered by a 600 Denier ballistic nylon exterior. The interior length is 41 inches and the interior width is 17 inches. The case can be closed with a zipper pull closure and there are padlock loops to allow it to be locked. The case can be transported comfortably thanks to the padded shoulder strap which means it can be hoisted onto the shoulder with very little effort. The larger size of this case means that it is capable of holding a wider range of bows including the Z7 and Z9 series of bows from Mathews.

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SKB ATA Parallel Limb Bow Case

SKB ATA Single Parallel Limb Bow CaseModel: 2SKB-4119. This is an Air Travel Approved bow case that has been designed to ATA 300 Category 1 specifications which is the highest shipping container specification. It has a molded-in bumper protected fiberglass trigger release latches that are fiberglass reinforced. The interior of the case is designed to accommodate most parallel limb compound bows as well as a quiver, sight and stabilizer. Check the dimensions of the case to determine whether your bow will fit. This is the case that anyone serious about transporting their compound bows by air is going to choose.

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SKB ATA Double Bow Case

SKB ATA Double Bow CaseModel: 2SKB-4114A. This case is also designed for the parallel limb bows and is also Air Travel Approved to the highest specifications. It is made to 300 Category 1 specifications and will transport two parallel limb bows or a combination of a parallel limb bow and a rifle. It is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene which is the material used by the US military for their secure containers. The latches are heavy duty locking latches that are designed to be protected from damage. The case also comes with easy glide wheels and a comfortable handle grip.

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SKB Field-Tek 4206 Archery Bag

SKB Field-Tek 4206 Archery BagModel: 2SKB-4206-B. This is a durable soft archery bow bag that is designed from 600 Denier cross-dyed fabric. It has a molded waterproof bottom and a rubber carry handle. The padded shoulder strap is removable to give you the option of using it or not. The number of storage pockets that are located around the bag is a big drawcard with two large external pockets that are magnetically sealed allows quick and easy access to your gear. In all there are 10 accessory pockets as well as interior tie-down straps to keep your bow securely in place. The case is 42 inches in length which will accommodate bows that measure up to 38 inches axle-to-axle.

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Measuring Your Bow To Check It Fits

One of the big concerns many people have when buying a bow case is whether their bow will fit. The different dimensions of the compound bows from each manufacturer varies slightly so there is justifiable concern that their new purchase does not suit their bow.

SKB Cases has provided a guide on how to measure your bow to determine it's size. Use this against the quoted interior dimensions of each bow case so that you can be reassured that the case will suit your bow.

Measuring Your Compound Bow

This simple but effective measurement guide has been reproduced from the SKB Cases website.

Some of the bow cases that have been reviewed above also appear as part of our Top Hard Bow Cases post.