Treestand Reviews Guide

What treestand should you buy? Which one has the largest platform area? Which one weighs the least? And what about the price range of the various treestands? All of these questions can be answered by visiting the site's review pages.

Listed below is a table that lists all of the hunting tree stands that have been reviewed on this site. They have been included in a single easy-to-read format to help with the process of comparing which one is the most suitable to buy. For your convenience the table is sortable so that you can list the tree stands based on the features that you feel are the most important. Simply click on the column headings to sort the table based on that column.

We have not provided images of the treestands that are listed below on this page. If you want to get a look at what each stand looks like you can click on the treestand name to be taken directly to the review page.

The table has been designed to give you a quick overview of each treestand and the columns that have been included provide you with the following information. The Brand and Model Name, the Weight of the treestand, the Seat Size which measures the sitting surface, the Platform Area is the size of the footrest, the Maximum Weight Capacity is the safest maximum load that can be placed on the treestand, the Type indicates the treestand type and the Price which can be broken down as $ = under $50, $$ = $50 - $99, $$$ = $100 - $199, $$$$ = $200 - $299 and $$$$$ = over $300.

Brand / Name
Seat Size
API ACL300-A The Marksman Climbing Treestand16 lbs21" x 16"20 x 27300lbsClimbing$$$$
API ACL405-A Grand Slam Extreme Climbing Treestand27lbs17" x 11"20 x 28300lbsClimbing$$$$
API ACL605-A Quest Climbing Treestand26 lbs19" x 12"20 x 26350lbsClimbing$$$$$
Big Game Big Buddy Ladder Treestand65 lbs38" x 14"38 x 13500lbsLadder$$$
Big Game Partner Pro Ladder Treestand75 lbs38" x 17"40 x 32500lbsLadder$$$$
Big Game Partner Plus Select Ladder Treestand87 lbs39" x 15"41 x 34500lbsLadder$$$$
Summit Treestands OpenShot SD Climbing Treestand15 lbs16" x 10"20 x 24-3/4300lbsClimbing$$$$
Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand20 lbs18" x 12"20 x 28-3/4300lbsClimbing$$$$
Summit Treestands Specialist SD Climbing Treestand14 lbs18" x 12"19-1/2 x 28-3/4250lbsClimbing$$$$
Summit Titan SD Climbing Treestand25 lbs18" x 12"30-3/4 x 21350lbsClimbing$$$$
Summit rsxHawk Hang-On Treestand13.5 lbs18" x 10"30 x 20300lbsHang-On$$$
Lone Wolf Assault II Hang-On Tree Stand11 lbs14" x 12"19.5 x 26350lbsHang-On$$$$
Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang-On Tree Stand14 lbs14" x 12"19.5 x 30350lbsHang-On $$$$
Muddy Hunter Pro Hang-On Treestand12 lbs14" x 10"20 x 26300lbsHang-On$$$$
Muddy Vantage Hang-On Treestand13 lbs14" x 10"21 x 29300lbsHang-On$$$
Ol' Man The Roost Hang-On Treestand22 lbs22" x 9"32 x 24300lbsHang-On$$$
Gorilla Greyback Stealth HX Climber Treestand27.5 lbs18" x 22"19.5 x 33300lbsClimbing$$$$
Leverage 5100 Hang-On Treestand14 lbs16" x 9"27.75 x 21.25300lbsHang-On$$$
Millennium M25 Hang-On Treestand17 lbs20" x 17"25 x 30300lbsHang-On$$$
Gorilla King Kong HX Hang-On Treestand17 lbs16" x 10"24 x 30300lbsHang-On$$$

It is anticipated that as more tree stands are released into the market we will be adding their respective reviews. The details will be added to the table above so that a meaningful comparison of all of the popular brands and models can be made.