The latest crop of 5-pin bow sights are notable for the level of adjustability they offer the shooter. From the lowest priced models right up to the top they all give the hunter a huge advantage in that search for accuracy. You can cast your eye over a seriously strong selection of sights below. 

Multi-pin bow sights have long been a popular choice among bow hunters who like the dependability of setting their pins to predetermined distances and holding over or under accordingly.

For shorter range shooting the choice is usually a 3-pin bow sight which gives you a clear sight window and fewer obstacles to distract you.

But if you’re looking to get that close range accuracy as well as being able to extend the range a little further, the choice is to step up to a 5 pin bow sight.

This is a very popular style of fixed pin sight with most manufacturers offering a selection to choose from.

We will analyse the most popular 5 pin bow sights from the leading brands. They have been grouped based on their respective price brackets to give you a chance to compare the features of each.

Comparison List of 5-Pin Bow Sights for Hunting

Make / Model



Bow Sights Under $100

Aluminum construction

Bubble level

Sight light


CNC precision-machined aluminum
Micro adjustment knobs
Bubble level
Sight light


Second axis adjustment
.019” pins


Pro-Brite pins
Decreasing Diameter Pin (DDP) design
2nd and 3rd axis adjustment


Bow Sights $100+ to $200

PRO-BRITE pin design
Micro adjustable windage and elevation
Aperture 2” inside diameter
Shooter’s ring for peep alignment
2nd & 3rd axis adjustment


.019” Blade Pins
12” of fiber optics
2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
Carbon fiber extension bar
Dovetail Mount


Vertical pins
React Technology


Solid 6061 aluminum construction
Simple gang adjustments
MRT Pin Guard


Retina-Lock technology

Micro adjust knobs
Aluminum construction


Bow Sights Over $200

T.C.V. (True Center Vision)
2” housing
2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
Interchangeable right and left hand
Micro adjustment on each pin


1st, 2nd & 3rd axis adjustment
PhotoChromatic shell
Zero Out feature


2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
Revolve micro pin system
Armed Guard Fiber Management
Micro adjustment windage
.010” or .019” fiber optics


Solid 6061 aluminum
2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
Tool-less micro adjust windage & elevation
.010”, .019” and .029” fiber optics
HRD Technology


Detailed Description of 5-Pin Bow Sights

The comparison list above provides some of the basic specifications about each of the spotlighted 5-pin bow sights.

We will now take a more in-depth look at each bow sight, listing all of their quoted features as well as what you can expect if you were to purchase one.

We have also provided links back to the manufacturer's website to help get a better feel for all of the products each company produces.

5 Pin Sights Under $100

.30-06 Aluma Bow Sight

Product Features

All aluminum construction
Green sight ring
4 x .019 fiber optics + 1 .010 drop pin
Truss blade pin design
Includes level and sight light

The Aluma bow sight is a strongly built, straight-forward bow sight designed to deliver a basic sight option for the hunter at a very reasonable price.

It features 5 pins comprising 4 .019” fiber optic pins plus 1 .010” drop pin and the pins have a truss blade design to give them even greater dependability.

This durable, tough bow sight features a bright green head for quick sight acquisition and peep alignment.

It can be set up as either a left- or right-handed sight and it comes with a bubble level and a pin light.

More information about the products available from the company can be found at the .30-06 Outdoors website.

PSE Black Mountain Sierra LT Bow Sight

Product Features

CNC precision-machined aluminum
Laser engraved marks for easy adjustment of elevation and windage
Micro adjustment knobs
Bubble level
Sight light
.019” full capture sight pins

This is a good quality 5 pin bow sight produced by PSE Archery that provides the necessary functionality of a hunting sight without any of the bells and whistles.

The sight housing consists of CNC precision-machined aluminum to offer a good level of protection for the pins.

The adjustment knobs are large and easily accessible. They allow micro adjustment to help you dial into your target with a high level of precision.

Added extras such as a bubble level to help keep the bow level and a sight light for use in low light situations are also included with the sight.

Trophy Ridge Fix Bow Sight

Product Features

Micro-adjustable pins
Second axis adjustment
.019” fiber optic pins
Aluminum brackets
On-board pin adjustment tool
Pre-charged rheostat battery

The Fix bow sight is has been designed to give the hunter a highly durable sight made from solid components and combined it with the precision that comes from micro-adjustability.

The bow sight will be solidly mounted thanks to the aluminum brackets and the housing is bright as it protects the .019” fiber optic pins.

The pins can be micro-adjusted using the on-board adjustment tool and the yardage indicators can be seen in all light conditions.

The sight also has a rheostat light that can be adjusted to suit the light conditions.

More information about this product and the others in the company’s range can be found at the Trophy Ridge website.

TRUGlo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight

Product Features

Lightweight carbon composite and aluminum construction
Micro–adjustable windage and elevation
2nd and 3rd axis adjustable level
Sight window 1.9 in. diameter
Decreasing Diameter Pin (DDP) design
Unique PRO-BRITE pin design for increased durability and brightness
Glow–in–the–dark shooter’s ring
TRU-TOUCH soft–feel technical coating
Adjustable for left and right–handed shooters

This sight has been constructed using a combination of a lightweight carbon composite material and aluminum to give it strength and to minimize weight.

The pins are built in a design where they decrease in size so that the targets that are further away won’t be obscured. This design has been called the Decreasing Diameter Pin design.

The brightness of the pins have been given a boost too using the company’s Pro-Brite design and this has been paired with fibers that are made longer to pick up more light.

The sight window is 1.9 inches in diameter for a wider field of view. The sight is also very adjustable with 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability built in along with micro-adjustable windage and elevation.

More information about the products available from the company can be found at the TruGlo website.

5-Pin Sights Between $100 and $200

Apex Magnitude Bow Sight

Product Features

Pro-Brite pin design
Micro adjustable windage and elevation
2nd & 3rd axis adjustment
Shooter’s ring for peep alignment
Machined aluminum bracket
Stainless steel hardware
Removeable machined aluminum sunshade
Optional dovetail mount model available

The Magnitude bow sight introduces a value for money high quality bow sight to the Apex Gear line.

The sight uses the Pro-Brite pin design for increased brightness and the sight aperture brings the fiber-wrap forward to get greater light exposure.

It includes the Revolve rotary LED sight light for added illumination when needed.

The sight provides easy tuning with an adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis level and micro-adjustable windage and elevation controls.

It has a 2” aperture and features the introduction of a glowing shooter’s ring with vertical and horizontal gaps to assist with peep alignment.

Light glare is taken care of by a removable aluminum sunshade as well as anti-reflective texture used inside the sight housing.

The sight is tough and durable, made from machined aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

More information about the company and all products can be found on the Apex Gear website.

CBE CX-5 Hunting Sight

Product Features

.019” blade pins
Machine aluminum construction
Carbon Fiber Extension Bar with Dovetail Mount
Interchangeable fluorescent peep alignment rings
Second and third axis adjustment
Micro Elevation and Windage Housing Adjustment
Rheostat light
Fully ambidextrous
Weight: 9 oz

The CX-5 hunting sight design brings light weight durability to a fully adjustable bow sight at a very reasonable price.

The 5 blade pins are .019” in diameter. 12” of fiber optics per pin ensure they will be bright and clear. A machined aluminum housing protects the pins.

The sight has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment and sighting in is made very simple by the multiple mounting position of the micro windage and elevation adjustment positions. The laser-engraved indication markings help to pin point your adjustments.

Low light conditions can be overcome by the inclusion of a rheostat sight light.

The sight is fully ambidextrous and can be altered from right to left handed operation very easily.

The extension bar is made from high-modulus carbon to provide strength and stiffness to the mount. The dovetail mounting bracket provides a lot of scope for positioning to match personal needs.

Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight

Product Features

Fastest sight set up on the market
Set up to 60 yards in 2 easy steps
Tool - less micro windage and elevation adjustability
Second-Axis Leveling
Minimum arrow speed of 250 FPS

For people who want the extra distance a 5 pin bow sight will provide but don’t want to clutter the sight window too much the React V5 with its vertical pin set is ideal.

The sight uses React Technology and this concept is a way in which the pins will sight themselves in by reacting to each other when they are adjusted and set. By sighting in the first and second pin, the other pins will adjust accordingly. 

The housing is strong and durable and will provide good protection to the pins. Both windage and elevation can be micro adjusted easily with tool-less knobs and it has second axis leveling.

Find out more about this sight and other products from the company by visiting the Trophy Ridge website.

Spot Hogg Grinder Bow Sight

Product Features

MRT Pin Guard
Available with or without Gang Micro Adjustments
Lightest fixed pin sight in our line up
Simple, Durable Gang Adjustments
Rugged Compact Design
Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction
Fiber choices: .010”, .019”, .029”
Weight: 7.8oz
Sight Length: 5 inches

The Grinder is designed as a completely reliable hunting sight that you can set and then be confident that it will be ready to go next time.

It comes with some of the same features as other sights in the Spot Hogg range such as the MRT Pin Guard to assist with aligning the peep to the sight.

The gang adjustment is simple to perform and there is also the option of buying it with micro gang adjustment capability too.

The sight is lightweight at only 7.8 ounces and is nice and compact too measuring only 5 inches in length.

This is a tough and durable fixed pin sight that is available in a choice of 3 fiber sizes: .010”, .019” and .029”. Hunters who are looking for a totally reliable hunting sight need go no further than this.

Find out more about this sight and other products from the company by visiting the Spot Hogg website.

IQ Micro 5-Pin Bow Sight

Product Features

Aluminum construction
.019 fiber optics
Retina Lock Technology
Built-in sight level
Built-in light adapter
Micro Adjust Knobs
Locking knobs - lock in settings tool-free
Dual position mount
Rheostat sight light (sold separately)

The IQ Micro sight is the lightest sight in the IQ range and it comes with the Retina-Lock technology that provides alignment advantages for greater accuracy.

This being a 5-pin sight means that all of the durability and technological features that has made IQ such a trusted hunting sight is included with the added range of the multi-pin sight.

It features all-aluminum construction to provide superior protection and the ability to withstand the harsh conditions out in the field.

The fiber optics are .019” in size and the pins are stacked closely so that individual pins may be fine-tuned.

It has tool-free adjustment of the windage and elevation and the laser etched marks helps to tune with precision.

The sight is available in both right- and left-handed models.

Find out more about this sight and other products from the company by visiting the Feradyne website.

5 Pin Bow Sights Over $200

Axcel Armortech HD

Product Features

T.C.V. (True Center Vision), a perfect circular picture
A.F.T. (Armor Fiber Technology) 100% fiber protection
2” housing
2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
Interchangeable right and left hand capabilities
Individual micro adjustment on each pin
Also available with 4 or 7 pins
Pin fiber sizes of .010”, .019” or .029”

The design of the Armortech bow sight offers tremendous protection to the fibers so that it will perform well in all types of conditions.

The sight is packed with features such as the Armor Fiber Technology protection and the T.C.V. (True Center Vision).

It is 2nd and 3rd axis adjustable making it a very versatile optic that will offer a great deal of versatility. And on the note of versatility, it can be interchanged for left or right handed use.

This is a 5 pin bow sight but the model is also available with 4 or 7 pins. The fiber sizes available are .010”, .019” or .029”.

Noise suppression is provided by the inclusion of a Mathews Harmonic Dampener and you can add a micro adjustable dovetail bracket to the pro series version.

More information about the products available from the company can be found at the T.R.U. Ball Archery website.

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Bow Sight

Product Features

Dial of Death adjustment system
PhotoChromatic Technology shell
Machined aluminum guard
Precision 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability
X-Frame base
Level Head sight ring
Splined vertical drive gear
Angled (45°) sight tape
Choose between new X-Frame base or 4″ Dovetail base
Housing size: 1-3/4”
Pin Diameter: .019”
Weight: 8.7oz

The Ascent Verdict bow sight has been developed to provide maximum adjustability on a lightweight but solid base.

It features 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability that can be controlled with quick and smooth knobs. It has a splined vertical drive gear that makes it more durable in movement that is quiet and smooth.

The sight uses the X-Frame mount that is both light and strong although it is also possible to find it with a Dovetail base. The sight window features a high performance PhotoChromatic shell for fast color changes to adapt quickly to the light conditions.

This is a well-designed bow sight that offers the hunter all of the important features needed for a successful hunt.

Find out more about the sight by visiting the Black Gold website.

CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

Product Features

Rapid Drive for fast adjustment
2nd & 3rd axis adjustment
Revolve Micro Pin System
Armed Guard Fiber Management System
Hybrid elevation adjustment
Micro adjustable windage
Dovetail mount
Fluorescent peep alignment ring
Laser engraved aluminum sight yardage
Sight light
Weight: 13.2 oz

This is a bow sight that is notable for its ease of adjustment courtesy of Revolve Micro-Pin system that enables you to lock the pins individually so that a single pin may be engaged and micro-adjusted without affecting the others.

This is a smooth operating fixed pin sight that benefits from the Blade pins that are available with either .010” or .019” fibers.

It provides all the adjustment expected of a top-end sight including 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment to ensure it is perfectly levelled. It can also be micro adjusted for windage and further adjustment for elevation.

It is bright and clear and has a fluorescent peep alignment ring and sight light so that it will be fully functional in low light situations.

While this is one of the more expensive 5-pin sights, it is also particularly simple to use and will provide you with a great deal of versatility and accuracy.

Find out more about the products available by visiting the Custom Bow Equipment website.

Spot Hogg Hogg Father Bow Sight

Product Features

Quick Release Knob
Detachable Dovetail Bar
Micro Adjustable 2nd & 3rd Axis
Coarse Horizontal & Vertical Adjustments
No Tool Micro Adjust Windage & Elevation
Micro Adjustable Pointer
HRD Technology
Spreads Out Sight Marks
Large Easy to Use Yardage Knob
Removable Rack For Traveling
Precision Laser Engraved Sight Scale & Knobs
Universal Scope Rod
Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction
Traveling Case Included

The Spot Hogg range of bow sights is known for the rugged durability that they bring to the hunting table and the Hogg Father brings all of the exceptional features in one package.

The sight is available with either .010”, .019” or .029” fiber optics that are bright and clear within the MRT sight ring encircled aperture.

It is vastly adjustable with 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment possible down to a precise micro level.

Elevation and windage adjustment is made with a tool-less adjustment pointer providing exact readings.

The sight uses the Spot Hogg HRD (Hardened Rail Design) technology to provide a solid support and the dovetail mount allows the sight window a vast range of movement.

This is the top of the line bow sight that can be relied upon in all conditions: light, dark, fair weather or foul.

Find out more about the company and all products available by visiting the Spot Hogg website.


It’s true that most hunters only use the top 3 pins of their fixed pin sight in the vast majority of hunting situations.

The additional two pins, however, provides you with the versatility to step up to a longer shot if the occasion should arise.

The key to success with a 5-pin bow sight is to get in as much practice as possible.

The more shooting at targets over a variety of distances the more accomplished you will become at gauging distance and perfecting your gap shooting. And this should be done across all 5 pins, the bottom 2 pins as well as the top three.

When you’re equipped with a good quality bow sight, particularly one that offers considerable adjustability there is a greater likelihood that improvement will come quickly.


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