Arrow Dynamics

Address: 2041 SW Western Topeka KS 66604

Phone: 785-233-9541

Email: [email protected]


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Arrow Dynamics has been making carbon arrows for more than 25 years. It is responsible for a patented technology that it calls its parallel to taper technology and this makes it possible to achieve a weight forward shaft without having to add extra material to the front of the shaft.

The arrows that currently form part of the company’s range include:

Nitro Stinger

This is a hunting arrow with a taper that is designed to allow it to be shot from any weight bow. The nock end of the shaft measures 9/32” and tapers to 21/64” through the last 13” of the shaft.

Traditional Series

These arrows are designed to be used with a range of stickbows and longbows. The series includes the Traditional arrows which are rated for 68-95lb bows while the Traditional Lite are suited to 35-65lb bows.

Hammerhead Traditional

This is another arrow that has been designed for the traditional shooters. The shaft of the arrow is built to be FOC with the wall thickness being 2X the thickness at the forward 11 inches.

Stinger PTP

This is the arrow that has been introduced to use Parallel to Taper to Parallel technology. It uses the parallel to taper technology but then incorporates a second parallel portion at the nock end of the shaft.

Hornet Crossbow

This is an entry-level shaft that has been created with plenty of weight and spine to suit the crossbow.

Venom Crossbow

This is a more hi-tech arrow that has been built with FWT (Forward Weight Technology) giving it more weight up from and double the wall thickness through the last 9 inches of the shaft.

Power Taper Crossbow

This arrow uses the company’s Parallel To Taper technology that has been built into a crossbow arrow. It is designed to attain greater speed and deliver more penetration than a parallel shaft.


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