Legendary sportsman Fred Bear founded Bear Archery though his passion for bow hunting and getting the most out of the craftsmanship that went into the bows.

The Bear Archery aim is to delivery quality products that perform well above what you would expect them to for the price you will pay for them. The compound bows that come from Bear Archery are consistently strong, high-performance bows.

Bear limbs are compression molded made with continuous uncut fibers. They are strong and very durable and provide masses of energy during the draw and release with transference that is done smoothly and efficiently.

Recent advances made in Bear technology include the Perimeter Weighted Modular Single Cam system that is now used by The Truth 2 compound bow giving it plenty of speed. The cam’s shape sets the stage for a smooth draw – including an asymmetric power track that reduces friction and increases cable life.

The Bear compound bows also make use of Flare Quad Limbs that flex well beyond the parallel and they have been designed to evenly distribute stress during draw and release.

Other Bear Archery compound bow performance features include Axle Mounted Weighted Dampeners, Dual Arc String Suppressors and Machined Aluminum Pivoting Limb Cups. All of these features aim to reduce the amount of string vibration felt through the bow.

The following is a selection of the Bear Archery compound bows that are commonly available on the market right now, make a selection to get more information about the individual bows.

Detailed below is a listing of all of old Bear compound bow models, along with the years of their release by the company, that have been examined and offered for sale here at Keys to Hunting.

Bear Arena 30 - (2015-16)

The Bear Arena 30 is an ultra-lightweight hunting bow that puts you exactly on the apex of smooth-use and speed. The bow is very easy to use and comes with a H15 Hybrid cam system, which offers an easier draw cycle and let down.

Bear Arena 34 - (2015-16)

The Arena 34 is for those who need a more robust and sturdy bow. The Arena 34 is the slightly bigger brother to the Arena 30. The main difference here is that the Bear Arena adds four inches to the axle-to-axle length but still retains a 6.5-inch brace height.

Bear Escape - (2016-17)

The Bear Escape compound bow has been released as one of the flagship bows for the 2016 season. It is a high-performing speed bow that has been loaded with the latest in the company’s innovative technologies.

Bear Escape SD - (2016)

The Bear Escape SD is the short draw version of the new flagship compound bow from Bear for the 2016 season. The bow is designed to cater for the female shooter with a reduced draw length and lighter draw weight options but it remains seriously fast and powerful.

Bear BR33 - (2016-17)

The Bear BR33 compound bow blends foresight and engineering in an attempt to prove that Hybrid Cam bows do not put speed over single-cam bows. This bow is incredibly smooth with a draw cycle reminiscent of a single-cam bow but blended with the performance of a hybrid.

Bear Marshal - (2016-17)

The Bear Marshal compound bow is a single cam bow that promises a smooth draw and a steady release that you don’t expect from a bow at this price point. The technologies that have been included in this bow are similar to those you get from far more costly models.

Bear Threat - (2016-19)

The Bear Threat compound bow is a lightweight bow, designed for the everyday hunter who want the heavy hitting features, without having to empty their pockets. This powerful bow is perfect for any archer, who wishes to receive the most comfortable features, for the lowest cost.

You can get more information about Bear bows by visiting the Bear Archery website.

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