Beman Arrows

Address: 5040 Harold Gatty Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116-2897

Phone: 801.539.1400


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Beman is an American arrow manufacturer that is committed to achieving the production and innovation of carbon arrow technology.

The target market is primarily to the hunting community with compound bow and crossbow arrows produced in large quantities.

The range of arrows continues to be updated each season as the bow technologies continue to progress. The arrows that are created are built to suit the new compound bows that are introduced each season.

The latest Beman arrows to head the range are summarized below:

Defender Elite

The arrow is engineered using with high grade carbon as a durable and flat shooting performance. It has a straightness of +/-.002.


Also built in the same manner as the Defender Elite but with the Defender the straightness tolerance is +/-.004. This arrow is also available in a 500 spine model.

ICS Precision Hunter

This is the arrow that leads the Beman range in terms of quality and performance. It is a carbon arrow that has been built with a straightness tolerance of +/0.001.

ICS Hunter Classic

This is the working-class hunting arrow that is preferred by a huge number of hunters. It is designed to provide a straightness tolerance of +/0.003 and it has been used successfully by big game hunters who have been able to rely on its accurate performance.

ICS Bow Hunter

Another quality carbon arrow that is powerful and reliable. It is built with a straightness tolerance of +/-.006.

All of the arrows in the Beman range are also offered with suggested nocks and inserts that have been designed to suit the shafts.

We have also included a copy of the Beman Arrow Selection Chart which can be used to help work out what spine arrow you will need for your set up. (Click the image to open it to a larger size).


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