It’s true that stabilizers of all sizes and shapes are effective for reducing or even eliminating vibration and noise for the bow hunter. But it’s the longer bow stabilizers that are most effective at actually providing the stability required to help with shooting accuracy.

The majority of hunters, when asked about the length they prefer to use, prefer 10-inch stabilizers over those of other sizes. Factors such as the axle-to-axle length of the bow and the type of hunting being done can slightly alter those preferences.

Because we are dealing with stabilizers for bow hunting we will be ignoring the vast selection of bow stabilizers used in competition shooting. These are typically much longer than those used by hunters and the reason lies largely in the fact that bow hunters are primarily concerned with stealth while pinpoint accuracy is of paramount importance to the target shooter.

On this page we are taking a close look at the extensive selection of the best 10 inch bow stabilizers that are available to both eliminate vibration and stabilize the bow.

Comparison List of the Best 10 Inch Bow Stabilizers for Hunting

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14.45 oz



7.45 oz



6.7 oz



9.9 oz



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12 oz



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8.0 oz


Detailed Description of 10 Inch Bow Stabilizers

Now that we have taken a brief comparison look at the range of different types of 10 inch bow stabilizers designed for hunters we will take a closer look at each. You will find a more detailed description of each product that should help to provide a complete picture of the features that are built into each one.

Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer

This has been designed as a way of ensuring the steadiness and control that you need through the draw and release cycle is maintained. The body contains an internal harmonic dampener with an extremely stiff carbon rod shaft that ends at a deresonator.

At the end is a series of weights that are removable to allow it to be fully customized for balance and performance. These weights consist of 2 x 4 ounces and 1 x 2 ounces. All of this means that the vibration and noise is dealt with fully while the accuracy is ensured through the balance that is achieved.

The finishes that are available include Matte Black, Tactical Sandstorm, Mossy Oak Country, Mathews Lost, Realtree Max 1 and Realtree Xtra.

Bee Stinger Sports Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

This is another hunting stabilizer in the Bee Stinger range that has been designed to offer the shooter a means of customizing the set-up. In this case there are three 1 ounce weights at the end that give you the opportunity of fine tuning for optimal balance.

The rest of the stabilizer is comprised of the Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener located in the body and a De-Resonator at the end for tremendous vibration and noise reduction. The removable weights allow you to change the set-up of the bow so that it is perfectly balanced, which is what you are looking for with a good quality stabilizer.

It is available in a range of finishes including Sandstorm, Matte Black, Break Up Country, Mathews Lost, Realtree Max-1 and Realtree Xtra. There are also a range of colourful finishes: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red or Yellow.

Doinker Flex Hunter Stabilizer

Thanks to the geometry of the Flex Hunter this is a stabilizer that delivers almost total removal of vibration and noise. The weight distribution comes from an internal source and it is largely at the distal end.

The flex portion of the stabilizer comes from the rubber elastomer at the end of the bar which effectively absorbs and dissipates vibration.

The system is not designed to hold weight at the end, rather it is made for the hunter who likes to operate with a minimum of weight. The weight that has been included is considered to be sufficient to hold the sight on target during the shot.

Doinker D.I.S.H. Hunter Stabilizer

This is a distinctive looking design that has become very popular with hunters due to the offset of weight distribution that it provides.

The stabilizer is an effective vibration and noise dampener but it is also very flexible in the way the weight can be distributed at the end. The dish nature of the weight hub allows the stabilizer to be tuned in many different ways so that it can be customized to the individual as well as to the shooting circumstances.

There are six small weight holes that can be filled or left empty as required. This means that not only can as little or as much weight as you like be added but the weights can be arranged in any way you need to offset hand torque to keep the sight on the target.

The D.I.S.H is available in black, Next G-1 Camo, Next Vista Camo and Lost Camo.

Doinker Elite Fatty Field Stabilizer

This is a particularly stiff front mount rod that will quickly dispel any vibration that runs through it. This is a Carbon Grid Rod that comes with a built in suppression mount which has a weight rod that is internally suspended. The workmanship that has gone into the construction is particularly high quality and is well balanced.

The key to this hunting stabilizer is that it uses the same design as the target versions but is shorter to suit the hunting set up. It can be fully adjusted to tune the flex and tension in the rod.

It comes with a 1 ounce GEN 5 Doinker that makes it possible to alter the dampening and weight combinations so that it can be perfectly balanced to suit whatever bow set up or hunting conditions you use.

Apex Gear Carbon Core Offset Stabilizer

This offset stabilizer is perfect for counterbalancing any bow-mounted accessories that may otherwise have slightly affected the bow and it has been designed so that it will fit all bows.

This is a true stabilizer in the sense that it will actually help reduce unwanted movement by adding stabilizing weight to the bow. It is highly customisable with stainless steel tuning weights that are used to help balance the bow in any way required. The weights can be moved forward or back or they can also be completely removed if need be.

The body uses the TRU-TOUCH Soft-Feel Technical coating to ensure there is absolutely no possibility of noise coming from the unit. It can be bought in a number of different licensed camo patterns including Realtree Xtra, Lost Camo or Black.

Limbsaver LS Hunter Stabilizer

This is a sleek looking stabilizer that is made with a carbon fiber frame. The vibration dampening technology that has been built into it starts with a removable Broadband node made from the company’s proprietary NAVCOM technology (Noise and Vibration Control Material).

The dimensions of the LS Hunter don’t quite reach the 10 inch mark, measuring 9.5 inches and it is quite lightweight at 6.2 ounces. But it is very effective in neutralizing bow jump and will help to improve the balance of the bow.

It comes in a selection of different camo finishes including Realtree APG, Realtree Xtra Green, Next G-1 Vista, Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity, Lost Camo, Lost Camo AT or Muddy Girl.

Limbsaver LS Hunter Pro Stabilizer

This is designed in the same way as the original LS Hunter. It features a carbon fiber frame and uses the same vibration dampening technology as the original with the removable Broadband node made from the NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material).

Where the Pro differs is in the inclusion of two 2 ounce weights that can be added at the front to allow the balance to be adjusted. The bow hunter will be able to include either 2 or 4 ounces of weight making it possible to better tune the bow.

The dimensions of the Pro are identical to the original version at 9.5 ounces and the maximum weight increases to 6.6 ounces.

It comes in a selection of different camo finishes including Realtree APG, Realtree Xtra Green, Next G-1 Vista, Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity, Lost Camo, Lost Camo AT or Muddy Girl.

Ktech DX10 Hunter Stabilizer

This is another stabilizer that has been designed to perform the two main functions expected of it – stabilize the bow as well as dampen vibration and noise.

The body of the DXH10 is made from carbon fiber and it uses a proprietary closed-cell material that provides the dampening capability. A bull barrel deresonator is available in black or a range of other colors such as pink, blue, green, purple and orange.

At the end of the rod are three 1-ounce removable disc weights that gives the hunter the ability to customise it to suit their requirements.

The body is also available in a range of camo finishes such as Black, Realtree Xtra, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Moonshine Muddy Girl, Lost Camo, Lost Camo AT, Lost Camo OT & Lost Camo XD.

.30-06 Outdoors K3 Stabilizer

This is a little larger than the other stabilizers in this comparison, but at 11 inches it provides a good option for hunters who are looking to get added stabilization on their bow.

It features a design that has been precision cut and the external frame is made from aluminum. The internal dampener is effective at removing vibration. The weight of the stabilizer provides the counterbalance that will help settle the arrow on your target.

The exterior frame is black but the internal dampening material is available in a range of colors including a camo finish or one of nine different colors including black, chrome, blue, purple, blood red, white, pink or orange.

Clearly, apart from length, weight and flexibility of function, one of the other important factors that must be considered when choosing your stabilizer is the price that you can afford to pay. The stabilizers that have been listed above cover a range of price ranges so there should be an option available for all budgets.

The shorter and lighter compound bows that are becoming increasingly prevalent means that the weight required to stabilize them is reducing. It might also mean that the length of the stabilizer may also be reducing.

There continues to be a strong argument for using a 10 inch stabilizer and that’s why the selection range is still quite wide. But there is also a growing need for shorter bow stabilizers starting at those that are under 6 inches long.

Whether you are looking for a way to reduce the noise and vibration coming from your bow or increasing your shooting accuracy, adding a 10 inch bow stabilizer to the rig is certainly going to make a difference.

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