When looking for the best bow quiver for hunting you should seriously consider the selection of 2 piece quivers. They provide a lightweight solution that could be quieter and more versatile.

An essential piece of equipment for any bow hunter is a quiver. It pays to ensure it is a quality one.

The preference for the majority of hunters is a bow quiver purely for the convenience of its portability.

The lightest and most versatile of the bow quivers are 2 piece quivers. There has been a good selection of very fine quivers built over the years.

They seem to have dropped off in numbers of late but are still available if you are prepared to search for them.

On this page we will examine a selection of some of the most popular 2 piece quivers that have been produced in the past as well as those that are still available today.

Our List of 2 Piece Bow Quivers

Make / Model

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3, 5




4, 6




Description of 2 Piece Bow Quivers

Now that we have had a chance to take a brief side-by-side look at a range of some of the most popular 2 piece quivers we will take a more detailed look at each model.

Below is a short review of each quiver that explains the main features.

Read through the details of each to get a better understanding of what it is that differentiates each product.

Trophy Ridge Hex Lite 2 Piece Quiver

This is a lightweight quiver that has a compact design and provides four glowing green LED lights to let you see what you’re doing when you go for an arrow.

The quiver can house up to 5 arrows of either a standard or micro diameter size thanks to the customizable dual grippers.

The hood has a soft touch exterior and it has been created so that it will take either fixed or mechanical broadheads so that they won’t inadvertently deploy.

The positioning of the lights sees 3 of them placed on top of the hood. A third inside really makes it easy to use in low light conditions.

More information about this quiver or any products in the company’s range can be found by visiting the Trophy Ridge website.

Prime Sherpa 2 Piece Quiver

This is a versatile 6 arrow quiver. It is capable of holding arrows of all diameters without having to adjust the grippers.

The quiver features multiple adjustment points that make it possible to change the placement so that it will be properly balanced and will fit for any sized arrows over a minimum of 27”.

It is available in a wide range of color and finish combination options.

Some feedback about this quiver is that it is quite a tight fit with 6 arrows fitted with broadheads in the hood. Also, when fully loaded the fletching touches each other.

More information about this quiver or any products in the company’s range is at the G5 Outdoors website.

Treelimb Premium 2 Piece Quiver

This is a solid 2 piece quiver available in either 3 arrow or 5 arrow configurations. It has a machined aluminum frame to ensure it is solid and reliable.

The gripper features thumb tabs that will grip either aluminum or carbon arrows firmly.

The hood accepts either mechanical or fixed broadheads and is designed to ensure it will be extremely quiet in the field.

More information about this quiver or any products in the company’s range is at the Treelimb website.

Octane 2 Piece Quiver

The Octane quiver has been designed to provide hunters with a quality way to carry your arrows without having to worry about failure.

This is a 5 arrow quiver and is part of the Bowtech Archery range of products.

The notable feature is a rubberized magnetic hood insert that ensures the broadheads are held securely and that they are centered in their slot. This results in two benefits: first it prevents the mechanical heads from accidently deploying and, second, means the blades stay sharp because they won’t rub together.

The quiver has quick-detach riser connections and a Teflon coating to help keep it quiet. It is also very adjustable with full circle range as well as up to 6 inches forward and backward movement.

More information about all of the compound bow accessories made available by the company is at the Bowtech Archery website.

Hoyt Carbon Solo Quiver

A new introduction into the Hoyt line-up is the Carbon Solo which sits nicely with the range of carbon fiber bows dominating the top of the line bows.

The result is a particularly light weight quiver weighing only 6.8 ounces for the 4 arrow model and 8 ounces for the 6 arrow model.

The quiver is adjustable to sit neatly and virtually unnoticed on the Hoyt bows to ensure a quality hunting experience with every trip into the field.

More information about all of the compound bow accessories made available by the company is at the Hoyt website.

Trophy Ridge Vault Quiver

The Vault quiver is light and compact. It is suited to a wide variety of makes and models of compound bows.

It features dual arrow grippers to ensure that the arrows are secure. There is also a selection of mounting components. Consequently, this gives it the versatility for use on different size and style of bows.

Weighing in at only 10 ounces, this 5 arrow quiver is capable of housing broadheads comfortably so that they won’t bump together. It also sits nice and close to the riser so that it is out of the way of the bow sight.

More information about this quiver or any products in the company’s range is at the Trophy Ridge website.

Reasons For Using A 2 Piece Quiver

A 2 piece quiver gives you the versatility to mount it on any size bow riser and still get a good fit.

Adjust the quiver for size depending on the length of the arrows that you use.

The hood will always fit neatly over the broadheads. There will be no movement to create rattling. This could blunt or damage the blades or could inadvertently deploy mechanical heads.

It’s lighter than full single piece quivers. This stands to reason because the entire middle portion of the quiver is missing.

The weight saving that comes from using a 2 piece quiver can be crucial to the balance of the bow. This can affect accuracy.

It sits closer to the riser. Because of the way the 2 piece quiver fits to the bow it can be set up in such a way that it virtually hugs the bow riser. By removing the middle portion you get a more streamlined profile.

Less arrow vibration. The quiver top and bottom attach independently of each other. When the bow vibrates the top won't affect the bottom.

This results in the 2 pieces being able to absorb the vibration in a way that will not make as much noise as a single piece quiver.

Summing Up

It is getting more difficult to find a 2-piece quiver for hunting.

As a result, the preference appears to be the single piece which can then be detached when you’re in your blind or up in your tree stand.

This is slightly unusual because there continues to be strong support for the 2- piece quiver.

And they still do the job admirably well.

The advice is to look out for them. When you come across one of these proven performers mentioned above, buy it and put it on your bow.

There are many reasons supporting your decision to use one.


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