When you're not out in the field or in competition there is one other important thing you should be doing and that is practicing.

There are a number of different ways in which you can choose to practice but the best way is to use the proper commercial targets. This might involve solid block targets, lighter bag targets or the more realistic option of a 3D target.

The 3D design provides a real life target scenario with vitals highlighted that fits in terms of size and appearance. It will also ensure your arrows remain undamaged when they strike the target.

Because there are quite a large number of different options and manufacturers available we have put together a selection to choose from.

The table below provides a quick and easy to read opportunity to compare the different options available with size and price indicated.

Further below you will find a more detailed explanation of each target including its durability and ease of use.

List of 3D Deer Targets Suitable for the Bow Hunter

Make / Model



31 H


34 H x 32 L


62 H


37 H x 41 L


40 H x 43 L




40 H


30 H x 29 L


Description of Bipods Recommended for the Rifle

Having had a chance to browse through the bag targets most regularly recommended by bow hunters we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

Each of these brief target reviews aims to provide you with extra information that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features. It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its effectiveness.

Field Logic Big Buck Shooter Target

This is a 3D target that looks very much like the real thing and provides a real life experience to practice on.

The Shooter Buck target stands 51 inches tall and contains a 25% larger insert than other 3D targets that are of a similar design. While the overall design is not particularly large it is certainly adequate for providing you with a challenge seeing as how it’s the core that you will be aiming for.

The target will stand up well to use with speed bows and will provide you with a lot of practice time before having to replace the removable core.

The range of targets from Field Logic is quite extensive and well worth examining more closely.

The Shooter Buck is perhaps the most popular 3D archery target on the market but the company offers more products as well and it will pay to visit the Field Logic website.

Rinehart Alert Deer Target

This is part of the Rinehart Signature/Competition series of 3D deer targets and simulates an alert deer that is standing straight up and alert. It offers the perfect trophy buck to provide valuable practice to fine tune your arrow groupings.

The vitals area is replaceable to prolong the life of the target. It consists of self-healing foam so that it effectively repairs itself after removing the arrows. While this will eventually deteriorate over time it extends the target lifespan.

This particular model is a competition target and simulates the actual animal weight of 160 lbs. It is possible to buy additional inserts for $99 each.

The company is responsible for some of the best and most diverse range of 3D targets along with many other options as well.

To see the entire range you can visit the Rinehart Targets website.

GlenDel Full Rut Buck Target

In terms of size the GlenDel Full Rut Buck sits at the top of the pile. It measures 62 inches tall giving you a significant target that closely approximates the size of a real life deer. The insert size is also quite generous measuring 14 inches in each direction.

The PolyFusion Technology construction prolongs the life of the target. The layers are fused in place and will hold their position when hit by an arrow. As well as reducing the damage as the arrow goes in, it also makes arrow removal an easier process.

The target core insert is 4 sided so it offers more shootable surface area than most of its competition. It is also removable for easy replacement when it has been completely shot out it is a simple process to rejuvenate it.

GlenDel provides an extensive range of 3D targets to choose from and the full list can be viewed by visiting the GlenDel website.

Delta Intruder Buck Target

This is an extremely tough target, one of the best on the market in terms of durability, it will withstand the treatment handed out by constant arrow strikes.

If you are planning on doing a lot of practice before the next hunt the Intruder Buck is the target to choose. It is part of what Delta terms its Backyard Series which is ideal for full on practice. 

The vital section of the target consists of easily replaceable padding and this will prolong the entire target’s life considerably. It is well weighted so that even though it stands quite tall, it won’t be inclined to fall over through the force of the arrow impact.

The internal padding is self-healing so that when the arrows are removed, it will return back to its normal state. Naturally this will start to wear out over time which is why the vitals part of the target is replaceable.

This target stands 37 inches tall and measures 41 inches in length. It is 10 inches deep and it is suitable for use with broadheads, expandables and field tips. The target accepts arrows from bows capable of speeds between 300 – 350 fps.

Find out more about the full range of targets offered by the company by visiting the Delta McKenzie Targets website.

Delta Bloodline Buck Target

This is another target from Delta’s Backyard Series of 3D archery targets. In this case the Bloodline Buck is a larger target than the Intruder measuring 40 inches in height and 43 inches long. It provides a realistic practice form for the serious hunter.

The target boasts a large body and a sizable rack to make it as lifelike as possible. The vitals area is self-healing foam technology to extend its life through many hits from arrows fired from bow speeds between 300 and 350 fps. This core is also replaceable so that when it has reached its end it will only cost the price of the replacement part.

The target is designed for use with all types of arrow tips including fixed broadheads, expandables and field tips.

Find out more about the full range of targets offered by the company by visiting the Delta McKenzie Targets website.

Morrell Bionic Buck II 3D Archery Target

This is a lifelike 3D deer target made with Flex Back self-healing foam to prolong the life of the target as you put it to use.

The target features raised vitals on one side of the target and universal score rings on the other. This provides a versatile target that suits the needs no matter what you are practising for.

The target is suitable for use with field points as well as fixed blades and mechanical broadheads. As well as providing a good solid target block to shoot at, weighing 27 lbs means the force of an arrow’s impact won’t knock it over. Importantly, the arrow removal is quite easy with this model.

This target is classed as a reversible target because you can remove the head and tail and reverse the direction of the legs to present the other type of target in the same position.

Find out more about the complete range of targets that are available from the company by visiting the Morrell Targets website.

R & W Big Buck 3D Archery Target

The main feature about R&W archery targets is their durability and this is in evidence with the Big Buck 3D target.

It is made of self-healing foam and uses the company’s Ethafoam-fabric core to allow a high number of shots while never shooting through.

This target measures 40 inches in height and has a circumference of 48 inches. It replicates a 250 pound deer and the thick mid-section is replaceable and features vitals on both sides.

The 3D targets from R&W are often mentioned as the best and most reliable set of targets used by hunters. They come highly recommended when people ask which are the best 3D deer targets on the market.

Find out more about the company and the range of 3D targets available by visiting the R&W Targets website.

Rinehart Woodland Buck 3D Target

The pose of the Woodland Buck target adds to the lifelike appearance that it gives to enhance the experience as you practice. The target construction is Rinehart’s FX Foam technology and it is a complete mold that doesn’t contain any fillers in the body.

The use of the FX Foam means that the target is long-lived and durable with the core made of solid self-healing foam. This will extend the life of the target so that it will stand up to many hundreds of arrow strikes.

The target measures 30 inches in height and is 29 inches long and features a patented replaceable locking insert.

The Rinehart 3D targets continue to sit at the head of the field with many hunters recommending them outright. Find out more about the entire range of targets by visiting the Rinehart Targets website.

What Makes A Good 3D Target?

Size – when discussing the size of a 3D target we are really talking about the vital organs zone of the target because this is the part that you want to hit. While the overall size of the target should be close to the size of the animal it is meant to represent, after all you are practising to hit the real animal, you want the target area to be well defined and clear.

Durability – the idea behind getting a 3D target is that you are going to be doing a lot of practice. It is going to take a lot of hits so you want to get one that will last for a long time before it needs to be replaced. The majority of targets are made from so-called self-healing foam that allows the holes made by the arrows to close over again after the arrow is removed. The target must also be heavy enough to remain still and in place no matter how many times it has been hit.

Usability – the last thing you want to have to do after you have hit the target numerous times is exert too much energy trying to retrieve your arrows. The 3D target you get should allow the arrows to be removed easily with a simple pull. The target is also going to have to be able to withstand all types of weather conditions. The odds are the target is going to be left outside for extended periods and both sunshine and rain as well as the freezing cold is going to have to be withstood. 

Every shooter is different and the type of target option that will work for someone else may not work for you or the type of shooting you intend to pursue.

Although you should take care when making your selection, the bottom line remains to get yourself a target that is large enough to shoot at and then you use it often with some solid off-season practice.


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