The use of bag targets is very popular, particularly when practicing with field points.

These bags are easy to carry into position, are usually quite lightweight but they provide a solid target to aim at.

They are also quite durable and can give you at least a couple of seasons of heavy use before they start to degrade. If you use them properly and hang them up when in use you can extend the life of your target even further.

We have put together a list of some of the most popular and highly rated bag targets that are currently on the market and easy to find. They are reasonably priced and even though there is a quoted MSRP for each target in the comparison list it is more than likely that the target will be available at a greatly reduced discount.

One thing you will notice is that the Morrell bag targets are the dominant brand on this page. The company has produced a sizable selection of good quality archery bag targets and customers have consistently found them to be their preferred option.

Do your comparison of the archery bag targets provided below in the comparison table.

You can decide based on the size or weight of each of the targets to determine which might best suit your needs.

The price is the recommended price placed on each product by the manufacturer and it is not uncommon to find the products at a large discount to this quoted figure.

Comparison List of Bag Archery Targets

Make / Model




23 x 25 x 12

27 lbs


28 x 28 x 12



19 x 19 x 19

32 lbs


24 x 22 x 10

32 lbs


29 x 14 x 31

60 lbs


24 x 24 x 12

42 lbs


Description of Archery Bag Targets

Having had a chance to browse through the targets most regularly recommended by bow hunters we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

Below is a more detailed description of each product with a short review of each that describes the features of each. Take a closer look at what archery target bags are available below.

It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its effectiveness.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target

Most Popular Bag Target

Possibly the most tried and trusted archery bag target ever made. The Yellow Jacket archery target is a solid archery bag target that has proven itself over many years to be tough and durable and absolutely long lasting.

It is designed to be used with field points and it contains an internal frame system to ensure that it maintains its shape even after thousands of shots.

The interior is a Multi-Level Layer Design that is capable of stopping arrows thanks to the 54 layers of stopping power.

It will hold up to compound bows and crossbows capable of reaching speeds of up to 350 fps.

When it comes time to remove the arrows you will find that they will slide straight out without having to exert too much effort.

The yellow exterior surface ensures that the target areas are very easy to see. You can be sure that this will remain the case even after hundreds of shots have hit it.

The tabs contain grommets that will allow the bag to hang on a stand and the carry handle makes it very easy to move from place to place.

Find out more about this and other products from the company’s range by visiting the Morrell Targets website.

Field Logic Hurricane H-28 Target

This bag target features Tri-Core Technology which is the Hurricane proprietary design that maximizes the target performance.

The designation of H-28 in the name of the target refers to the height of the target which is 28 inches to provide a large and highly visible surface area.

The Hurricane archery target features shooting eyes with bright orange centers to make them even more visible. They stand out very nicely against the bright green background.

Also featured on the target are deer vitals that are positioned off-center to extend the life of the target. By aiming for the deer vitals you won’t be lining up against the aiming points on the front of the bag.

The target comes complete with a heavy duty handle to make it easy to lift and carry.

Find out more about the targets that are available from Hurricane by visiting the FeraDyne website.

Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Target

This is an ideal target bag for use with high powered compound bows or crossbows. It is specifically designed for use with field points and is light enough to be positioned wherever you need it and can be moved around without fuss.

The internal material is a nucleus center core that is effective at stopping arrows without fear of pass throughs. Importantly, it is also very easy to extract the arrows from the target.

There are four shooting sides to the target with a midsection of a deer with vitals highlighted, six bullseyes, a dartboard and 9 pool balls to provide you with plenty of aiming options.

The target is promoted as being 100% weatherproof and can be left outside permanently. But with the E-Z Tote carrying handle and the fact that it is quite lightweight, it would be no effort to pick it up and place it undercover when not in use.

This should help to prolong the life and, at the very least, save the colors from fading.

Bigshot Archery Trophy Whitetail Bag Target

The Trophy Whitetail target is a popular bag target for use with field points because it provides a great deal of durability at a very economical price.

It stops crossbow bolts very effectively thanks to the Dual Core Technology and this also enables easy removal of the arrows. The rating of the target is 325 fps.

With a size of 24 inches x 22 inches x 10 inches it is a good size and it weighs 32 pounds. On the top is a loop handle for trouble-free moving of the target.

The size of the target means that it provides an easy to see target and it contains an internal stand that will withstand repeated arrow impacts without toppling over.

The external faces of the target consist of 5 spot on European Mount on the front with Vitals displayed on the back.

Find out more about this or other targets produced by the company by visiting the Bigshot Targets website.

Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Archery Bag Target

This is another great option from Morrell Targets for backyard or range shooting practice.

In this case the target is larger than the others that we have already taken a look at with dimensions measuring 29 inches x 14 inches x 31 inches.

The Supreme Range Target is a large sized target that will work very well with both target and field points. Place it on the ground or hang it up using the four grommets located on the corners.

The interior of the target consists of the company’s Nucleus center that uses the patented Multi-Layered Density Design. This gives it tremendous stopping power that will handle the arrows fired from high-powered bows.

An Internal Frame System (IFS) technology keeps the target upright at all times.

The exterior pattern on the two sides consists of a large range target on the front and four smaller spot targets on the back.

BIGshot Ballistic 450 X Bag Target

This is the most popular bag target from the Bigshot Targets range. Experienced crossbow and compound bow shooters use it.

Its popularity comes down to the heavy duty Dual Core center rated for 450 fps bows. This gives it ample stopping power for anything on the market.

It features an internal stand design that will keep the target upright no matter how many or how fast the arrows hit it.

The design on the exterior of the bag feature 5 sport targets on the front and a vitals design on the back.

It is also possible to buy replacement covers for the target should the original one become damaged.

Features To Look For In an Archery Bag Target

There are a number of things that shooters should look for when buying an archery bag target.

The best bow targets all have similar types of features that makes them more appealing than the lower quality ones.

That being said, different features will appeal to some people more than others so there is really no one factor that will point to a particular product as being the best bag target.

The first may seem to be a fairly innocuous reason but it can be very important. It’s the design printed on the outside of the bag.

Interesting Exterior

Look for something that offers a range of choices on the various sides of the bag. Perhaps images of game on one side and a target on the other.

As they say, variety is the spice of life. By giving yourself a choice of different types of targets to shoot at you will stand a better chance of keeping it fresh.

You will also provide yourself with a selection of different challenges that will help to keep your shooting sharp.

Solid Interior

The next feature that is very important is the target’s ability to stop an arrow.

You certainly don’t want to get pass throughs each time you hit the target.

At the same time, the material should have the ability to “heal” itself to a certain extent.

This means that the interior will continue to accept arrows over an extended period of time without falling apart.

Weather Resistant

For the most part you will be leaving your targets outside, ready for use. This leaves them open to all that the elements can throw at them.

Some brands of bag targets will hold up to exposure to all types of weather better than others.

If you are likely to leave your targets outside you will want to get one that will handle the wet, the cold as well as the heat.

And finally...

It is widely recommended that bag targets are used with field points only. Training with broadheads will require the more sturdy archery block targets. These targets are thicker, heavier and contain a denser interior.

If you would prefer to get a sense of realism in your practice, perhaps a 3d deer target will be more to your style. They come in full size or smaller versions. Many of them also display the all-important vitals locations.


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