An archery block target provides the bow hunter with the perfect shooting practice no matter what time of year it is. It offers a variety of options that presents different challenges than a simple bullseye target. Take a look at the selection of some of the best targets available on the market today.

So you have yourself a compound bow and are keen to put in some practice with it but you need a good quality target. The question is what exactly makes a target good? And how can you be sure it will withstand the sheer number of practice arrows you will be firing at it?

There are many types of archery targets such as paper targets, 3D targets, bag targets and large block targets. 

In this case we are focusing on target blocks for archery. The best will provide you with a receptive block that will accept your arrows but still remain resistant over a long period of time.

This means you can shoot multiple arrows into it without penetrating too deeply.

For the most part, they are large enough and dense enough for use with compound bows and high speed crossbows.

You also want your block target to release the arrows without having to exert significant energy or pressure. Importantly, too, you want a target that won’t damage your arrows or the heads.

Below you'll find a comparison table for a quick and easy-to-read overview of the most popular archery block targets currently available on the market. We have included some of the more important details about each item to help determine which will best suit your shooting needs.

List of Archery Block Targets Suitable for the Bow Hunter

Make / Model



18" x 18" x 16"




13" x 16" x 16"


18" x 16" x 16"








16" x 16" x 13"


18" x 18" x 16"






Description of Archery Block Targets Recommended for the Bow Hunter

Having had a chance to browse through the targets most regularly recommended for the bow hunter we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

Each of these brief target reviews aims to provide you with extra information that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features.

It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its effectiveness.

Field Logic The Block Vault Target

The Block Vault archery target has been designed to handle thousands of shots from field tips or broadheads. It is built with a high-density core that is locked in with a tough exterior that will hold together over numerous shots.

The target is a simple 4-sided cube and measures 18 inches high x 18 inches wide by 16 inches deep. It weighs 19 lbs and is solid enough to remain in place when shot at from both close range as well as long distances.

The internal core is made of what it calls a polyfusion layered design so that arrow removal is easy and you won’t need an arrow gripper to retrieve your arrows. The way it is created means that when it is used in warmer temperatures the arrows come out even easier.

The white on black designs on each side of the block help with visibility and offers different types of target on each side. Shooters are encouraged to use each side of the Block to extend its life.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the Field Logic website.

Rinehart 18-1 Target

The Rhinehart 18 target is an exceptional choice because it offers the versatility of 18 sides. This gives you 18 different targets in the one unit. The vivid colors make it extremely easy to pick up and provide a clearer spot at which to aim and shoot.

This target can be used with broadheads, field points and expandables. The interior foam withstands the force without being torn out in chunks. It consists of a self-healing property allowing the holes to close up again when the arrows are removed.

It has a handle to make it easy to carry and it is not particularly heavy so it won’t be terribly difficult to move from place to place. The core is solid enough to guarantee stopping an arrow and is most suitable for shooting out to 50 yards.

What you may find is that it can be a little difficult to remove the arrows from the target when it is still brand new. As it takes more hits the arrow removal process becomes a lot easier.

The target is guaranteed by the company for a full year. They state that if all 18 sides of the target are shot out within a year you can take it to an authorized Rinehart dealer and get it replaced.

There are many different types of targets available from the company for a range of different shooting situations and for all types of bows.

Find out more about this and any other target by visiting the Rinehart Targets website.

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-350 Dual Threat Target

The Yellow Jacket YJ-350 target is a broadhead target that is recommended for use shooting either compound bows or crossbows. It is completely waterproof and will stand up to continued use over an extended period of time. Four sides are available for use as targets.

This is a large and well made archery target that is solid and will stop arrows fired at high speed. Customers have reported that arrows will bury almost up to the fletching but they are usually easy to pull out again.

The target uses a new Fused Cellular Foam Layer system with baffles between each layer. These baffles act as energy absorbers to rapidly halt the kinetic energy of the arrow. It will stop both fixed blade and mechanical blade broadheads.

It is possible to move it around without too much trouble thanks to the E-Z Tote carrying handle.

This target is rated to stop arrows launched from bows with a rating of 350 fps.

Find out more about the many different types of targets that are available from the company by visiting the Morrell Targets website.

Hips Archery X2 Grizzly Target

The Grizzly is the block target in the Hips range that holds the greatest arrow stopping power. If you are using the highest speed compound bows and crossbows you can expect that the High Density Endurance Foam of this target will take it.

The target measures a good solid 18 inches x 16 inches x 16 inches and it is suitable for use with field points, mechanical or fixed blade broadheads. The target may be used on any of its 6 sides. It features Foam Fusion Technology to ensure that it won’t deteriorate very quickly with repeated use.

Its size means that you can use if for longer distance practice. The weight of 9 pounds ensures that it will be stable as it takes each shot but is light enough to move into position without too much effort.

The recommendation from the manufacturer is that the target may be used with bows of up to 330 fps.

This is one of many different types of targets that are made by the company covering all types of target shooting from competition to hunting practice with compound or crossbows.

BIGshot Titan Target

The first thing you may notice about the BigShot Titan is the tapered design. This is to set the target face perpendicular to the shooting plane.

The target is filled with Elasto-flex foam which is standard for the Titan range of targets and makes it suitable for field points and broadheads. It is also compatible with crossbows.

Available in 2 sizes, choose either the larger 18” version or the slightly more compact 16” version.

There are five specific target faces designed to take the shooter on a progressively more challenging journey as they prepare for hunting season.

The larger target area caters to shooters who would like to practice over longer distances. The target design provides you with a more meaningful training process.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the Bigshot Targets website.  

Rinehart RhinoBrute Target

The RhinoBrute is a noted long-lasting target that is perfect for a backyard set-up.

The target measures 16” x 16” and uses Rinehart’s “self-healing” foam fill to help make it one of the company’s most long-lasting targets.

All six sides consist of high-visibility shooting zone designs making it particularly versatile and gives it another tick towards its long-lasting credentials.

This versatile, hard-wearing target is suited for use with field points and any broadheads and is just as suited to either compound bows or crossbows.

Find out more about the company and the range of targets available by visiting the Rinehart Targets website.

Rinehart RhinoBlock Archery Target

The RhinoBlock target is a terrific target for the 3D shooter who is looking to hone their skills thanks to the different variations you get to choose to aim at.

The target gives you two sides that display a 3D deer target zone, one with outlined vital areas and the other displaying the anatomically correct view of the deer’s organs. This means you get both a large target and small targets to improve pinpoint accuracy.

The remaining four sides of the block are displayed with high visibility outlines that provide you with 40 target zones to shoot at.

The block itself consists of the Rinehart “self-healing” foam that will allow multiple shots to be accepted without the integrity of the target being compromised. It is possible to use field points, broadheads and expandable head arrows with this target.

If you need your target to be raised up off the ground it can be done quite easily with the RhinoBlock because it contains mounting holes to make it possible. The weight of the target will allow you to pick it up and move it with one hand but it is still heavy enough that it won’t tip over when it is hit by an arrow.

There are many different types of targets available from the company for a range of different shooting situations and for all types of bows.

Find out more about the company and the range of targets available by visiting the Rinehart Targets website.

Field Logic 6x6 Target

There are a number of great features of the 6x6 target from Field Logic that makes this possibly the best value for money target in the category.

It may be used for both field points and broadheads and the Poly fusion layered technology used inside provides strength, durability and enables easy arrow removal.

This is one of the few block-shaped targets that offers all 6 sides as potential target faces. This prolongs the life of the target, particularly as there are multiple aiming points on each side.

With all of these features in mind it becomes even more impressive when you consider the MSRP of only $109.99.

Find out more about the company and all of the products available by visiting the Feradyne Outdoors website.

Field Logic Block Infinity Target

The Block Infinity has been created as a target that provides even greater stopping power and an extended lifespan.

This is a large target that is both tough and durable yet designed to give up the arrows smoothly and easily.

The stopping capability has been stated as being up to 500 fps for standard diameter arrows – and that’s field points and fixed or expandable broadheads.

The stopping power comes from the Polyfusion Technology used in other Block targets in the range. The construction uses a high-density layered-foam inner core encased with an exterior foam wall.

Being a Block the target consists of 6 shooting sides, five of which boast unique designs. The target areas are strategically placed in order to extend the target life.

There are two versions of the Infinity available. Choose from either the Infinity 20 measuring 20” x 20” or the Infinity 22 measuring 22” x 22”.

Find out more about the company and the range of targets available by visiting the FeraDyne Outdoors website.

Target Size

The size of the target is an important factor to consider.

A larger target provides you with the opportunity to practice your shooting from a distance.

If you’re always practicing in the same spot, the larger sized targets won’t be a problem. But they’re heavy and the larger ones are REALLY heavy! If you’re planning to move your target from one location to the next you may want to consider the smaller options.

The larger foam block targets are extremely useful for mid-to-long-range practice.

As can be seen from the targets described on the page above, there is a great selection of good quality targets available.

The factors that will be most important are going to be apart from the target size, include the level of stopping power it has or the price.

You must take care to note which targets are suitable for field points and which can be used with broadheads.  You should be confident in getting a sturdy target that will provide many hours of valuable practice before heading out on your next hunting trip.


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