There is a great selection of youth archery targets available from all major target manufacturers. The young archer can make practice more fun while also improving their shooting form by using archery targets designed specifically for young shooters. We browse through the best on this page.

Younger bow hunters will be using bows that are lower in power and will be flinging arrows at a slower speed. Consequently, the stopping power of the target they might be shooting at can afford to be lower.

Structurally, this is the distinctive feature of a target designed as a youth target.

Externally, the look and the vibe of a target aimed at younger shooters is going to be distinctively different to one aimed at adults.

The target cover might be brighter, it will display images more appropriate for a younger archer and there is more likely going to be the opportunity to use it as a game.

Fortunately, there is a range of youth archery targets available that not only suit the bows being used, but are also designed to teach the young shooter while also making practice fun.

So let's take a look at the targets that cover both the bow power and shooter enjoyment aspects that makes a good youth target.

Field Logic The Block GenZ Archery Target

Part of the Block series of targets from Field Logic, the GenZ target takes the impact of arrows shot from bows with a draw weight of 40 pounds or less.

It has a high visibility exterior using the contrasting white on black to easily discern the target spots.

The target will accept arrows with field tips as well as fixed and expandable broadheads.

It is important to ensure only lower power bows are used on this target or else it will quickly wear out. Higher power bows will quickly degrade the target and complete pass-throughs will become common.

There are 2 size versions of the target. The smaller measures 16” x 18” x 8” and has a price tag of $44.99 while the larger measures 22” x 20” x 8” and costs $54.99.

Both are quite lightweight and portable.

More information about the GenZ can be found on the FeraDyne website.

Morrell NASP Youth Bag Archery Target

The NASP Youth Bag Target is a large-sized target that displays an NASP-style target on the front plus 5 smaller targets on the back.

It measures 28” x 28” x 10” and is suitable for use with field tips only.

The target itself is lightweight and uses the company’s Internal Frame System (IFS) technology to keep it propped upright.

The target design will handle arrows fired from bows with a draw weight of 30 lbs or less. Using it with more powerful bows will quickly destroy the target and complete pass-throughs will become the norm.

The target has a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Find out more about the company and the NASP Youth Bag Target at the Morrell website.

Morrell Baseball Game Field-Point Target Face

Another target aimed at the younger archer made by Morrell is the Baseball Game Target. It’s a little different from the block and bag targets above because it is just the target face.

As with the NASP Youth target, it should only be used with field points.

This target is a sheet of polypropylene that measures 42” x 28”. To use it safely it can be attached to an appropriate surface such as a hay bale or another target using the grommets in the corners.

The target face is completely waterproof and can be left outside through all types of weather.

This is the type of target that will provide younger archers with a fun experience while, at the same time, their shooting prowess is improving.

The target has a suggested retail price of $17.99.

Find out more about the Baseball Target Face as well as the extensive range of other fun target faces at the Morrell website.

American Whitetail Youth Archery Target

This particular target is a far less sturdy affair. Essentially it consists of a vinyl/cardboard exterior surrounding a light foam interior.

The target is only suited to low poundage bows used by the much younger archers.

Needless to say, it is only suitable for arrows tipped with field points.

It is a good sized target measuring 31” x 31” and has a depth of 14”.

It is lightweight and should probably be propped up against something so that it is not knocked over by the impact of the arrows.

The company has a wide range of targets and target equipment that is worth a good look. Find out more by visiting American Whitetail Targets.

Delta McKenzie TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target

The TuffBlock Game Shot target is another youth target designed to provide valuable practice with a dynamic multi-sided design.

This is a field tip target that can be used with bows that have a draw weight of 40 lbs or less. The company has defined it another way by warning that the bow speed should be less than 250 fps.

The target provides specific aiming spots with a variety of sizes to add varying degrees of difficulty for the shooter.

It measures 24 inches by 24 inches and has a depth of 11 inches.

The target is very lightweight, in other words, easy to pick up and move when you need to. But it is also prone to getting knocked over by the weight of the arrows so it will pay to stabilize it by placing a cardboard box behind it.

It only costs $26.99 and comes from one of the leading archery target manufacturers.

Get more information about the target at the Delta McKenzie website.

And just for the fun of it…

Delta McKenzie Undead Fred Zombie Target

This is a somewhat more expensive option but it is definitely a target that will appeal to archers of all ages.

It’s a Backyard 3D target that is portable and durable. It is lightweight so can be easily picked up and moved inside when you’re done shooting it.

Made from self-healing FlexFoam it will withstand a lot of hits and has both great stopping capability and smooth arrow extraction.

This is an example of the many targets that will delight the younger archer.

It is priced at $131.99 from Delta McKenzie Target.

As the young bow hunter gets bigger and more mature it might be time to step up to a larger target that is sturdier and more durable. This will certainly be the case when the young bow hunter steps up to a more powerful bow.

In this case it might be time to check out the range of top block and cube archery targets.


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