Bowfishing arrows are a little different to your standard hunting arrows.

By necessity they are heavier and more sturdy than standard hunting arrows. 

They need to be able to penetrate the denser medium of water before going through the scales of a fish.

Not only that, they're going to be carrying the line required to reel the fish back in after you’ve caught it.

A bowfishing arrow is typically made from fiberglass, carbon or a combination of both to create a hybrid that is both heavy and highly durable.

We will take a look at what you should look for in a bowfishing arrow including the spine and length you should consider.

We will also take a look at a selection of bowfishing arrows that will compare the various makes and models available.

What Makes a Bowfishing Arrow Special?

A bowfishing arrow is unique due to its weight.

It has to do a lot of work before it reaches its target and part of that’s through water. It needs to have enormous powers of penetration and that means momentum.

Fiberglass arrows provide the enormous strength and durability you’re after at a very reasonable price.

But you will also be looking for an arrow with a stiff spine, something that a carbon arrow will provide, as well as a high degree of straightness.

You would choose a hybrid arrow to get the stiffness and straightness of a carbon arrow but the cheaper cost of a fiberglass arrow.

When it comes to the length of the bowfishing arrow, many bowfishers leave it at its original length rather than cutting it to size.

The extra length serves a couple of useful purposes. 

First, it provides them with more weight which provides more force when it hits the target.

Second, because bowfishing arrows are so stiff the extra length weakens the spine slightly making it a little more controllable from the bow.

6 Bowfishing Arrow Makes and Models

When looking at the various bowfishing arrows available you have to also consider the point that you will need.

Your preferred point is going to be determined by the type and size of fish you’re going after and the depth of the waters in which you’ll be fishing.

We have found 6 bowfishing arrow setups that cover a majority of scenarios to provide a good starting point in looking for an arrow that will best suit you.

Each of the companies represented below have extensive bowfishing experience and provide all of the bowfishing equipment you could need. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here we have provided links to their websites.

AMS Chaos FX Fiberglass Arrow

The AMS fiberglass arrows are among the straightest and most reliable in the business.

The shaft is 5/16” in diameter and measures 32” in length.

In this case it sports the Chaos FX point which is constructed from stainless steel with a compact body.

It features an AMS Cyclone tip with heavy gauge wire barbs.

The arrow is meant for use on all types of fish in shallow water conditions and from lower draw weight bows, too.

The barbs will engage with only minimal penetration of 2 inches.

The overall weight of the arrow is 257 grains.

The arrow has an MSRP of $21.99.

Find more information about the company and the entire range of products by visiting the AMS Bowfishing website.

Muzzy Classic Bowfishing Arrow

The Classic bowfishing arrow is a sturdy fiberglass shaft with a pre-drilled cross hole for tying a line or installing a safety slide.

There is the option of either a carp point or a gar point installed and you have a further option of choosing just a nock or a nock and a bottle slide.

The shaft is 5/16” in diameter and measures 32” in length.

The arrow has an MSRP of $19.99.

More about the bowfishing products available can be found by visiting the Muzzy Bowfishing section of the Feradyne website.

Cajun Bowfishing Fiberglass Arrow

The Cajun fiberglass arrow has been redesigned for greater durability. The red fiberglass is strong and straight.

The arrow is equipped with the stainless steel Piranha XT point with a jackhammer tip and two barbs that can be reversed for faster fish removal.

The arrow has an MSRP of $14.99.

More about the bowfishing products available can be found by visiting the Cajun Bowfishing section of the Bear Archery website.

Muzzy Lighted Carbon Composite Fish Arrow

The Lighted Carbon Composite fish arrow provides greater visibility on an arrow shaft that is comprised of 80% fiberglass / 20% carbon.

The shaft is lighter and more durable than a pure fiberglass shaft. The addition of the carbon provides it with greater straightness too.

This is a high visibility arrow thanks to the inclusion of the lighted nock powered by Nockturnal.

The arrow can be purchased with either the carp or the gar point. This point features a compact stainless steel ferrule with a hardened steel Trocar Tip along with dual barbs. The barbs will hold tight until you land the fish. Fish removal is by 2 turns of the tip.

The shaft is 5/16” in diameter and measures 32” in length.

The arrow has an MSRP of $29.49.

More about the bowfishing products available can be found by visiting the Muzzy Bowfishing section of the Feradyne website.

Truglo Speed-Shot Bowfishing Arrow

The Speed Shot is one of four bowfishing arrows in the TruGlo range and provides the bowfisher with a suitably heavy arrow that is very effective in flying fast and hitting hard.

It has a hardened stainless steel point that will punch through tough scales and a pivoting two prong barb.

The purpose of the pivoting barb is to allow quick and easy removal from the landed fish as well as for effective penetration.

The head weighs 250 grains.

The arrow is available with a slide safety system for $21.99 or without the slide for $13.99.

Get more information about the range of bowfishing arrows by visiting the TruGlo website.

Arrow Dynamics Carbon Fish Arrow

The Arrow Dynamics arrow shaft is a 100% carbon arrow shaft specifically designed for bowfishing.

It is quite heavy at 32 GPI and stiff with a spine of 150. 

The shaft is 5/16” in diameter and is 32” in length.

It is an arrow that is suited for bowfishing at all depths with the shaft itself weighing in at 1024 grains.

Put a tough bowfishing point on the end of this arrow and it will be formidable in the hands.

The MSRP for the bare shaft is $8.99.

The other important aspect to your bowfishing setup is your choice in broadheads.

Bowfishing broadheads are definitely different to your big game or small game broadheads. There is a significant range available to choose from so it’s worth browsing through the different options available.

We also have good information about the value of using heavy carbon arrows in your bow hunting set-up


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