Shooting straight is possible and the target may be large in your sights, but many people have a lot of trouble shooting consistently. There may be a lot of reasons for this but a common one is the anticipation of releasing the arrow from the bow which can result in a flinch or twitch.

A common recommendation for overcoming any shooting inconsistency is to start using a back tension release. This may bring a whole new range of problems, particularly for a beginner but it is definitely worthwhile to progress to a back tension, or hinge, release.

Once you have become experienced with how to use a back tension release you will find that it is extremely helpful in improving accuracy. But you first should start out with a release that is suitable for a beginner, and that is what we will look at on this page.

Listed below is a selection of hinge releases that have been acknowledged as appropriate choices for someone who is looking to transition from a thumb trigger release or some other type. These releases may consist of a feature that makes it easy to use for the first time, or they might be adjusted to adapt as the shooter's experience level rises. Browse through the selection and you should be able to find a suitable back tension release that will match your experience level, be that as a beginner or a more seasoned shooter.

Comparison List of Back Tension Releases For Beginners

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Description of Back Tension Releases

Now that we have had a chance to take a brief side-by-side look at a range of back tension bow releases that are best suited for beginners we will take a more detailed look at each model. Below is a short review of each release along with product specifications and listed features. Read through the details of each to get a better understanding of what it is that differentiates each product.

T.R.U. Ball Sweet Spot II Release

The TruBall Sweet Spot II appears to offer all of the ingredients that will assist someone who has not used a back tension release before. It is available in a choice of 2-finger (Ultra2), 3-finger (Ultra3) or 4-finger (Ultra4) models so that they will feel ergonomically comfortable no matter what hand release you are used to using.

Also worth noting is the safety feature in the form of a thumb lever which can be engaged when you draw your bow. When you are satisfied that you have drawn the bow correctly, the thumb lever may be disengaged and you can then go through the back tension process that will allow the shot to be taken.

The company advertises the Sweet Spot II as the finest back tension training device on the market.

Carter Evolution + Release

The Carter Evolution + is another release that will assist the novice shooter with becoming accustomed to shooting by using the resistance of the draw. The key is being unaware of the exact moment of triggering the release and this helps with staying calm at the shot.

The release is equipped with a safety which can be held down as you draw the string back. When you reach the point of the draw where you are preparing to shoot you can take the safety off and can then use the tension in your muscles to fire.

The Evolution + is available either as a 3-finger or 4-finger version and can be used as a training aid to improve shot execution.

Zenith Comfort Plus Release

The Zenith release has been designed to feel as comfortable as possible in the hand. It is made from a solid block of lightweight aluminum or heavyweight brass, if you prefer. The edges are rounded and the surface is buffed for a very smooth finish.

The release comes with a choice of practice cams and you can choose to use a cam which clicks at the moment of release. It is possible to get them in 4 different speeds which gives you greater or less warning.

It is also possible to use the optional “Flip-It head and this will allow the release to stay set once it’s cocked. It is a type of safety feature that allows you to focus on the shot rather than the release.

Stan Morex Release

This is a high quality hinge release that has been designed with a level of adjustability that is unmatched by the majority of competitors. The Morex release is available in either a medium or large size and it comes in two, three four and deep swept four finger configurations as well as a straight handle option.

The Morex release can be micro adjusted so that the set-up is suited to the individual shooter, no matter whether they are a beginner or a vastly experienced shooter. It is also possible to include a clicker in a choice of two speeds if that is the way you prefer to shoot.

Also built in is the patent pending Trainer Lock technology that allows you to practice safely and an adjustable removable pulling post that enables you to change the projection and angle.

TRU Ball Honey  Badger Claw Release

This is a back tension release that is available in a number of different sizes to suit a range of preferences and hand sizes. It is available as either a 3-finger small version in the ergonomic format or as a medium or large with 3 or 4 fingers that taper toward the pinky..

It has a micro-adjust one screw feature using visual speed dial that enables you to reference the settings.

This release is solid brass, it has a machined grip pattern on the tapered handle and is adjustable with three pin locations to choose from.

Customers have agreed that this is a release that feels really good in the hand and helps to make the process of shooting a back tension release very easy. It also didn’t take long after picking up the release for the first time to note that the shot groupings were quickly improving.

What Is a Back Tension Release?

Also known as hinge style of release, a back tension (BT) release is a bow release method that doesn’t feature a manual trigger. Essentially, an increase in the tension and slight rotation causes a surprise string release. More on how a back tension release works below.

Who Should Use a Back Tension Release?

There are those shooters who want to know exactly when the release will fire and shoot the arrow and are best suited for the trigger method. For other archers, the whole anticipation comes with the target panic build-up. In the process, the archer punches the trigger rather than squeezing slowly. This is known to have an effect on the accuracy of the shot.

As such, a Back Tension release is best suited for those who experience target panic especially when hunting and during a sports competition.

Why Use a Hinge Style of Release?

To the surprise of many archers, accuracy and effectiveness are not as simple as most seem to imagine at first. Consistency and precision come with the understanding that everything from the arrow size and weight, the anchor point, your form and follow through must work in unison.

As already pointed out, shooting using a trigger release increases the possibility of punching the trigger which impacts on the accuracy. With a BT release, an archer can apply gradual tension and consistent back tension. The slow and gradual squeeze in back tension releases makes a shooter more confident helping them to relax such that they can make a more accurate shot.

Besides, a BT release helps to boost the accuracy at the range. What that means is your mechanics, and the timing tend to improve such that the trigger releases improve significantly if you decide to go back to caliper release.

Features of a Hinge Style of Release for a Beginner

Click Options

The best back tension releases features four click options. For instance, Truth Sear Hinge Release features 4-sided click firing options. At any given time, you can apply none, short, medium or long click.


Build quality matters when it comes to purchasing a BT release. You want a unit that is weatherproof and one that doesn’t wear out easily. What’s more, be sure to select a brand that uses a single construction material for uniformity and to prevent wear and tear.


The climate impacts the performance of a bow release. As a beginner, be sure to consider the BT release that allows you to adjust the hot and cold settings.


For more accurate shots, you want a BT release made with an easy-grip handle. However much you know how to aim the target, if the bow release doesn’t fit snugly and comfortably, your accuracy level will be affected.

Method of Activation

Given that back tension releases do not come with a trigger, a user can activate it in a couple of ways. There those archers who squeeze their shoulder blades together, an action that frees the hand backward. Others activate it by rotating the hand to the back, while the other group activates the unit by first relaxing their hand, which makes the release to rotate forward launching the bow.

Positioning Adjustability

The best back tension releases are highly adjustable when it comes to positions. Three and four finger indention shooting are the most common. The four finger promises better grip, precision, and consistency.

What a Beginner Should Look for When Using a Hinge Style of Release

As a first-time user, be sure to check that the product you buy has a safety. A safety ensures that you don't have to the release cannot fire the bow when drawing it. Without a safety, the chances are that you'll knock your teeth out. True Ball Sweet Spot II has a release hinge with a safety.

The other thing to bear in mind when using a BT release is that back tension is not all that simple at first. It’s never easy to keep track of the changes in tension, and that would likely result in making premature shots. The first thing to do before using it is to check that it is not too sensitive. Otherwise, the odds are high that it will misfire. Get a long D-loop aid and test the activation speed before switching to the actual thing.

Features of a Hinge Style of Release for an Experienced Archer

  1. Safety of the release - the ability to adjust the positioning to use 2,3 and 4 fingers will impact on the grip and safety of a unit.

  2. Mode of Activation – methods of activating a BT release include relaxing hand, rotation of the hand backward.

  3. Sensitivity - The bow launch depends on how sensitive the BT release is. It should be possible to tune the sensitivity for the best shots and safety.

  4. Comfortable Grip – safety, precision, and accuracy comes with an ergonomic handling of a hinge style of release.

  5. Click Firing Options - as a veteran archer, you want a hinge style of release with four-sided click options: one, short, medium and long click.

  6. Quality – a cheaply made hinge style of release poses safety risks to you as well as those around due to the premature fires. An experienced archer needs a solidly build unit that enhances the accuracy, consistency and is long lasting.

  7. Versatility – this feature focuses on the weatherproof nature of a back tension.

A Back Tension Archery Release for Hunting

It eliminates the target panic while at the same time improving the accuracy. However, most people are concerned if its good technique for hunting as it means shooting now or missing the target.

The good thing is that back tension releases feature a thumb release that allows you makes an instant shot on demand instead of making a surprise shot. Also, some units feature a wrist strap that you can fire like a trigger when the need arises.

How Does a Back Tension Release Work?

They are based on the hinge principle. Instead of hitting the trigger, a hinge release may be triggered in a number of different ways. The goal with the process is to create a time of release that is a surprise to the archer, an occurrence that is not anticipated.

Some people slowly rotate the release hand backward, others gradually squeeze their shoulder blades together and this action pulls the release hand back. A third way that some people operate is to simply relax their hand causing the release to slowly rotate forward.

In each case, the archer is finding a way of allowing the string hook to gradually turn until it is no longer able to continue to hold the string. This will happen as the draw is extended and, when it is done well, provides a level of consistency that is difficult to beat with other types of bow releases.


The sport of archery has gained immense popularity. It is the most preferred bow release technique. When you master how it works, you’re sure to eliminate the target panic guaranteeing better accuracy and consistency.


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