To get the most out of your CZ 527 rifle it pays to find the best possible bipod. On this page we list and review 6 of the best bipods recommended for use on the CZ 527 rifle.

The CZ 527 product line has been in production for more than three decades. It has proven itself in terms of accuracy and reliability.

In more recent times the rifle has undergone some improvements to ensure it maintains its high standing. New stock designs and the varying lengths of cold-forged barrels has meant that the CZ 527 line appeals to an ever-increasing audience.

The CZ 527 models are typically chambered for the following caliber ammunition Carbine 7.62 x 39, Night Sky Edition: .223 Rem, Lux .223 Rem and the Thumbhole in .223 Rem or 17 Hornet.

No matter which model you choose from the shorter, lightweight Carbine to the longer Lux, all models would benefit from the stability gained by the inclusion of a bipod.

The fact is that just about any quality bipod will be an improvement over a sling-only hold in terms of consistency. What you get with a bipod like the ones examined below is the ability to have a light, portable support system, which is better than a sling.

Listed below is a selection of some of the most commonly recommended bipods that have been found to provide great performance on the CZ 527 rifle.

List of Bipods Suitable for the CZ 527

Make / Model




6 - 9"

13 oz


6 - 9"

13 oz


6 - 9"

13 oz


6.3 - 10.3"

11 oz


5.5 - 8.5"

17.5 oz


8 - 12"

18 oz


Description of Bipods Recommended for the Rifle

Having had a chance to browse through the bipods most regularly recommended for the rifle we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

Each of these brief bipod reviews aims to provide you with extra information about the bipod that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features. It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its effectiveness.

Caldwell XLA Pivoting Bipod

Best Bipod Under $50 for the CZ 527

The Caldwell XLA Bipod provides a solid shooting platform that is easy to attach to the CZ 527 at the sling swivel stud.

Made from aluminum the unit is light weight but still strong enough to easily withstand repeated shots.

The other aspect of this particular bipod is the pivoting feature. This is an important inclusion because it allows the shooter to compensate for uneven ground with the lower portion of the bipod pivoting independently from the upper stock mount.

The extent of the leveling available is significant and can effectively neutralize quite uneven ground with slopes of up to 20 degrees. You control the pivot feature by the simple turn of a tension knob.

This model is the lower profile with the legs being spring loaded to deploy at the touch of a button. If you prefer to shoot in a sitting position you might prefer the 9 – 13” leg range.

The legs are notched so they can will extend and lock at specific heights. The legs also collapse forward for easy carry when not in use and they end with soft rubber feet for added stability.

Although the MSRP states that it costs around $58.00, it is regularly available for well under $50.

Find out more about all of the products from the company by visiting the Caldwell website.

Harris HBRS Bipod

Best Bipod for the CZ 527 (tie)

The simple formula of building a simple, tough, yet high quality bipod has ensured that the Harris bipods are perennially the most popular bipod with hunters.

The HBRS offers a bipod that extends from 6 inches high to 9 inches high. The legs can deploy quickly and can be set to any preferred height. The legs adjust independently of each other.

The ‘S’ designation of this model indicates that it is possible to swivel (or tilt) the bipod so that it provides a stable, level platform on uneven terrain. This means it is perfect for use by hunters who will be setting up in difficult locations.

The bipod weighs only 13oz and mounts to any sling stud and would be well suited for use with the CZ 527 rifle.

Find out more about the company and all of the products available by visiting the Harris Engineering website.

Harris HBRMS Bipod

Best Bipod for the CZ 527 (tie)

With the HBRMS you have the helpful convenience of a bipod that swivels combined with notched legs for more control over stability.

This bipod swivels from side to side to compensate for uneven terrain. This swivel capability also means it will engage a target without having to move the feet.

It has notched legs in 1” increments to provide you with variable height adjustability as required. The legs are spring loaded to deploy quickly.

This is an aluminum alloy construction with steel fixtures on all moving parts that may be prone to wear.

Soft silicone rubber stoppers cover the feet of the bipod which are suitable for hard shooting surfaces. But it is also possible to get sharp, spiky fittings for those times you need to dig into hard-packed dirt.

Many acknowledge the HBRMS as the best bipod you can buy at the more affordable mid-range price point. What makes it even more suitable for the CZ 527 is the built in sling swivel stud mount that will attach to the sling.

Find out more about the company and all of the products available by visiting the Harris Engineering website.

Magpul Sling Stud Bipod

Best Value for Money Bipod for the CZ 527

Solid construction and packed with features designed to ensure a rock solid base from which to shoot, the Magpul Sling Stud Bipod represents great value for money.

Constructed from Mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum and injection molded polymer it is not only strong but feels great in the hand.

In order to get the greatest precision with your shot the bipod platform is able to cant by up to 50 degrees and it will also pan over a 40 degree range. There is a knurled locking knob placed between the bipod legs for easy access and quick adjustment between shots.

The legs extend from 6.3” to 10.3” in height. When not deployed the bipod folds neatly under the barrel in a compact 2.3” deep and 3.3” wide configuration.

The legs adjust to any of 7 positions that are spaced at half-inch intervals and they lock into each position independently.

The feet end with staggered soft rubber that will hold the surface securely. But it is also compatible with the range of replaceable feet in the Atlas range.

Find out more about the products from the company by visiting the Magpul website.

GG&G XDS-2C Tactical Bipod

This is another extreme duty bipod made with the precision and features of the XDS-2 but has a lower for shooting from the prone position or, if you prefer from the bench.

It meets current military requirements and conditions such as extreme weather and rough handling.

As with the Standard QD bipod, this one uses the Accu-Force QD System for quick on-off transition capability.

The head pans 20 degrees right and left of center and it also has 25 degrees of cant to the left and right of center. The movement mechanisms operate using a thumbnut tension adjustment.

The bipod legs fold and lock in a full forward position. They can also deploy at a 45 degrees forward position to account for uneven terrain. At this angle the bipod is 5-1/2 inches tall. There is also the option of deploying and locking the legs in the straight down position at which point the legs may be independently adjust from 7” to 8.5”.

The bipod is made from aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum and connection points and fasteners are made for heavy duty conditions. The legs of the bipod are capped with rubber feet that will perform well on uneven or wet ground without missing a beat.

The connection points are extreme heavy duty and have a lifetime guarantee.

Find out more about this and other products from the company by visiting the GG&G website.

UTG Recon 360 Bipod

Best Value for Money Bipod for the CZ 527

Another lower cost bipod that offers great adjustability is the UTG Recon 360. It is well suited to all models of the CZ 527 with both swivel and cant capability.

The multi-axial base of the bipod cants from side to side to adjust for uneven terrain. In addition, it offers the ability to pan through 360 degrees, controlled by front and rear tension adjustment screws.

The bipod features aluminum construction providing lightweight strength with a square steel cross bolt as part of the mounting system for a solid mount using a Picatinny Rail. In addition it comes with a swivel stud kit so that it may also be swivel stud mounted.

The legs provide adjustable height ranging from 8” to 12” and the legs are bidirectional folding legs with 5 locking lengths using a Posi-Lock Thumb Wheel to keep them in a stable position.

As far as value for money goes, it would be difficult to beat this bipod when looking for a solid, reliable hunting bipod.

Find out more about the products from the company by visiting the Leapers website.

All models of the CZ 527 bolt action rifle are suited to mounting a bipod. The sling swivel stud means there is a mounting point that is simple to use.

If, however, the bipod you choose mounts using a Picatinny rail, low cost swivel stud to Picatinny rail adapters are readily available.

There are many bipod options available for varmint rifles or for shooting distances up to 100 yards.


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