This page will help you find the best bipod for your Weatherby Vanguard rifle by comparing all of the bipods most frequently recommended by hunters.

The Weatherby Vanguard is the more affordable model in the Weatherby rifle range, compared to the Mark V. However, both rifles have a guaranteed three shot sub-MOA accuracy from a cold bore.

The Vanguard has rightly proven to be very popular with hunters since the line was reintroduced in 2003.

When you’re looking for a bipod for the Vanguard, consider its sturdiness and its ability to remain solid over repeated shots.

We have put together a selection of some of the most reliable bipods on the market that have displayed unyielding consistency when using the caliber levels that are suitable for the Vanguard.

Comparison List of Bipods for the Weatherby Vanguard

Make / Model




6 - 9"

13 oz


6.3 - 10.3"

13 oz


6 - 9"

16 oz


4.75 - 9"

11 oz


7 - 10.5"

11.3 oz


6 - 9"

9 oz


Description of Bipods to Use with the Weatherby Vanguard Rifle

Now that we have been able to browse through the most recommended bipods for the Weatherby Vanguard rifles we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

Each of these brief bipod reviews aims to provide you with extra information about the bipod that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features. It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its effectiveness.

Harris HBRMS Bipod

When looking for a bipod for a rifle that shoots up to the .338 Winchester Magnum cartridge the name that immediately comes to mind is Harris. And if you want a bipod that gives you a range of useful features you will be looking at the HBRMS.

This bipod swivels from side to side to compensate for uneven terrain. This swivel capability also means it will engage a target without having to move the feet.

It has notched legs in 1” increments to provide you with variable height adjustability as required. The legs are spring loaded to deploy quickly.

It is made from aluminum alloy with steel fixtures on all moving parts that may be prone to wear.

Soft silicone rubber stoppers cover the feet of the bipod which are suitable for hard shooting surfaces. But it is also possible to get sharp, spiky fittings for those times you need to dig into hard-packed dirt.

This is acknowledged as the best bipod you can buy at the more affordable mid-range price point. What makes it even more suitable for the Vanguard is the built in sling swivel stud that will attach to the sling.

Find out more about the company and all of the products available by visiting the Harris Engineering website.

Magpul Sling Stud QD Bipod

Like the Harris bipods, Magpul is responsible for bipods that provide a solid and reliable shooting platform. This one mounts to the rifle’s sling stud and has a quick detach mechanism.

The bipod is durable and strong using a combination of materials that include Mil Spec 6061 T-6 aluminum, stainless steel and polymer. These materials combine a significant amount of strength while also keeping the unit light weight. In fact the bipod only weighs 13 ounces.

When not in use the bipod folds down under the barrel and its profile only measures 2.3” deep and 3.3” wide.

The legs are spring tensioned and are designed to be deployed with one hand. They extend over a 4 inch range from 6.3” to 10.3”. As it extends the leg slides and lock securely at the push of a button and there are seven places that are a half-inch apart into which to deploy the lock. The legs end with soft rubber feet that will hold to the surface without slipping.

The bipod has a knurled locking knob that allows it to move through 50 degrees of tilt and 40 degrees of pan making it an extremely adjustable option.

Find out more about the company and the full range of products available by visiting the Magpul website.

Blackhawk Sportster Pivot + Traverse Bipod

Moving down a notch in the price range is this Blackhawk bipod. It pivots and it pans providing you with plenty of movement on a strong and steady base. It quickly and easily mounts to the sling stud of the rifle where it will provide a steady base.

This particular model offers a height range from 6 to 9 inches with tubular no-rust legs made from anodized metal. They are spring loaded so that they deploy quickly.

The traverse action of the bipod enables you to pan smoothly along a horizontal axis for target acquisition and tracking. The pivot capability compensates for uneven terrain to give you a level base from which to shoot.

This is a quality bipod in the low to mid-level price range providing an affordable option that delivers some strong features.

Find out more about the company and the full range of products available by visiting the Blackhawk website.

Atlas BT10 V8 Bipod

No discussion about bipods would be complete without including the Accu-Shot Atlas bipods and suggesting a model from the superb range. The BT10 V8 is an impressive bipod that offers an enormous number of features that are ideal for hunters of all standards.

The legs lock securely into 5 positions through a 180 degree arc, and they deploy in a 45 degree position either forward or backward. It will also deploy in a 90 degree position as well as facing front or back.

It also gives the shooter a great range of movement being able to pan to the left or right up to 30 degrees as well as up to 30 degrees of cant to compensate for uneven terrain.

The bipod mounts to any 1913 Picatinny rail using a low profile two screw clamp assembly. Simply mount a swivel stud Picatinny rail adapter like this one and you are good to go.

The bipod is made of 6061-T6 aluminum that is Mil-Spec Type III hard coat anodized and has heat treated stainless steel components. It is solidly built and completely dependable with a history of performance that is unmatched by other brands.

There are a number of additional components available that can be added to the base model including mounting systems, leg extensions and interchangeable feet options.

Check out the Accu-Shot website for all additional components.

Vanguard Equalizer 1QS Pivoting Bipod

Want to put a Vanguard on a Vanguard? They’re not related but the Vanguard bipods are reliable and will provide a dependable shooting platform.

The Equalizer 1QS is a good solid pivoting bipod that will allow you to shoot in the prone position with its height range of 7” to 10.25”. Made from aluminum alloy, it comes with metal spiked feet as standard, however it is also possible to convert them to rubber if required.

The bipod has a Picatinny rail system for fast mount and removal. This means that it will be necessary to add an adapter to the foregrip of the rifle that will mount the rail.

The pivot feature of the bipod allows it to tilt from between 0 and 5 degrees to left or right. It also has a swing angle range of +/- 30 degrees. It has a buffer spring designed to reduce vibration and shock.

When deploying the legs it is simply a matter of pulling and positioning them into place. When on the move the legs can be folded back up and they will fold to a height of 6-⅞”.

Find out more about the company and all products available by visiting the Vanguard website.

Champion Pivot Traverse Bipod

Another good quality mid-priced bipod is the Champion Pivot Traverse bipod

The Pivot Traverse bipod is designed to compensate for uneven terrain and does so with the quick flick of the rapid adjust lever. The traverse gives you the capability of panning back and forth to track game very smoothly.

Once the rapid adjust lever is locked into position the bipod remains solidly in place through the entire shooting session.

The bipod features spring return legs which means they pull down manually into position but will then spring closed at the push of a button. The legs extended from 9 to 13 inches on the model we are examining here. (Other sizes are also available such as 6 – 9” and 13.5 – 23”).

The sling swivel stud mount makes it very simple to mount to the Weatherby Vanguard.

For more information about the company and the range of products available check the Champion website.

Attaching a bipod to the Weatherby Vanguard should not be a difficult task, particularly if you buy a bipod that is already suited for mounting on the sling swivel stud.

Where a different mount is required, the addition of a swivel stud to Picatinny / Weaver rail adapter or perhaps a swivel stud to M-Lok adapter will have to be bought and installed. Although it is another step in setting up the rifle, it is a reasonably straightforward process.

The following demonstration shows how easy it can be.


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