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It is possible to find a good quality rifle bipod for hunting without having to break the bank. In fact, the number of bipods available under $50.00 is quite extensive.

So if you are on a tight budget you still have a great opportunity to find one that is of a good quality as well as being affordable.

Naturally the bipods that fall into this price bracket are not going to give you the features or finishing that you would expect from the top of the line models, but they are still very serviceable units. They will easily meet your expectations if you are planning on using them with a lighter rifle.

We have examined the lower priced bipods that are commonly available and taken note of the reviews and comments that have been made to come up with a selection that have been widely praised.

Normally we would publish the MSRP of the listed products but in this case we are chasing the best possible price so this is what we're displaying. We have displayed the sale prices that represent the best possible price you can buy each bipod for and these prices are correct at the time of publication but may change as more are sold.

Bipods For Sale Under $50

Cheap Bipods That Cost Under $50 In More Detail

From air rifles up to more substantial rifles the bipod that you buy is going to have to handle the recoil without allowing the aim to be affected.

Look at the materials that have been used in their construction and the features that they offer.

The way in which they mount to the rifle and the precision with which the components come together will be important factors that must be considered.

From this list we have narrowed the field to identify the leading contenders to find the best bipod for hunting at a price under $50.

Blackhawk Sportster Adjustable
Height Bipod

This is quite a good little bipod featuring pivoting action to allow for setting up on uneven terrain and horizontal traverse so that you can track a target. It also has a rapid-adjust lever lock to quickly secure the bipod once you have found your shooting mark.

This particular model is available either in the 6-9” or 9”-13” range. For the price it is quite a sturdy and reliable bipod that attaches to any sling swivel stud. It is easy to use, quick to install and reliable with quite heavy rifles such as a Remington 700.

UTG Low-Profile Deluxe Picatinny & Swivel Stud Mount Bipod

This is a versatile bipod that comes with an attachment that will allow you to mount it either to the swivel stud or on a Picatinny rail mount. It is quite solidly built, made from aluminium which makes it sturdy enough to use with some of the heavier rifles.

The features of the bipod include the Posi-Lock to prevent tipping, extendable legs that can be adjusted to suit your preferred shooting position and foldable legs. When you consider it is possible to buy this bipod for under $30.00 it really does represent good value for money.

NcStar Precision Grade Bipod

This bipod has been constructed using aircraft grade aluminium and steel and can be attached to any sling swivel studded rifle. The range of Precision Grade bipods is available in different leg lengths (5.5-8", 7-11" and 13-23") and two different types of legs (friction or notched).

The quick release to unlock the legs which are spring loaded to move them back to their shorter position is very useful and easy to deploy. It has been given the thumbs up by those who appreciate the fact that it comes with three adapters for use as a barrel clamp, AR-15 hand-guard sling stud and a Picatinny rail sling stud. At its current price of just under $30.00 this is exceptional value for money.

Caldwell XLA External Spring Shooting Rifle Bipod

This bipod is available in three different height ranges including 6 – 9 inches, 9 – 13 inches or 13 – 23 inches. It has a light aluminum design and deploys quickly at the touch of a button with spring loaded legs. The legs are notched to give you specific height selections and the entire unit collapses forward so that it lies flat on the firearm for more convenient carrying. The lower part of the bipod pivots so that you can compensate for uneven terrain ensuring that it will always remain level. This pivot action can be adjusted tighter with the use of a tension knob.

UTG Tactical OP-2 Metal Bipod

This bipod has been built with a dual mounting design that will allow it to fit a swivel stud and a Picatinny/ Weaver rail. It is made from aluminium for a combination of lightness and durability and has a steel top platform to ensure it will withstand years of use.

The features of the bipod include panning, Posi-Lock to stop tipping, foldable legs and a quick retraction button. The legs are completely adjustable so that you can set the bipod up for shooting on uneven terrain.

In short, this is a good quality low-priced bipod that will suit shooters below professional target shooting standard.

UTG New Gen High Profile Shooter's Bipod

This bipod comes with a patented quick detachable lever lock controlled mounting base to assist with fast deployment. It uses the Posi-Lock Control that is fast and easy to get to so that the legs can be reliably folded and unfolded.

The construction has been based around sturdy full-metal aluminum and it has a steel crossbar insert for solid mounting. It has a mounting deck that will fit to any Picatinny / Weaver rail and also comes with a complete swivel stud kit for swivel stud mounting. The leg adjustment range is 8.5 – 10” for the high profile model.

UTG New Gen Reinforced Clamp-On Bipod

The durable aluminium construction includes steel components and a monster clamp-on mounting deck. The clamp can be adjusted using an adjustment wheel that allows for a range of barrel sizes from 0.43” to 0.74”.

The folding legs can be locked using the Posi-Lock Mechanism that will prevent tipping. The legs can be extended with spring tension and a lockable collar for fine adjustments. So that the clamp does not scratch the barrel of the rifle it is padded and will hold tightly to ensure there is no movement. The bipod is available in either an adjustment height of 6.2 to 6.7” range or 8.7 to 10.2 inch range.

Ade Advanced Optics Hunter's Heavy Duty Long Bipod

This bipod has been constructed with cold forged hardened steel and 7075 T7 alloys. The legs are thickened with strong reinforced legs and they are designed to cope with the heaviest recoil. It comes with a Picatinny Rail adapter so it can be mounted on an AR.

This particular model is available in a number of different size ranges including 9” to 15”, 13” to 23” and 16” to 27”.

TipTop EZ Pivot Rifle Bipod

The Tip Top bipod review has a feature that should be highlighted up front and that is the pivot capability that allows the shooter to level the bipod on uneven terrain. It is a different bipod to the pivot and pan model (so be aware of this).

This bipod is heavy duty with light weight aircraft grade alloy and metal and will be able to handle the recoil of the rifle. It has a quick attachment process to the sling stud of the rifle. The legs are foldable and can be brought flat against the barrel of the rifle to make it easier to carry. The legs can be adjusted in length in a range from 6 to 9 inches. At the end are rubberized leg caps to prevent slipping.

Ohuhu Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod

The bipod is made from aluminum to give you a reliable combination of strength at a light weight. This particular model has a dual mounting system so that it can use either a Picatinny rail mount or a sling stud mount.

The length of the legs can be adjusted and this adjustment is controlled by a lockable thumb wheel. The legs can be adjusted over a range of 6 – 9” and they are finished with rubberized feet so they won’t slip.

Does Lower Price Mean Lower Quality?

Just because you're looking for a bipod on a budget shouldn't mean the quality is going to be vastly lower. 

Sure, the higher priced bipods are made from the finest materials and are built to military grade specifications. But the lower priced bipods are also made following rigorous standards and they are more than adequate for a vast majority of shooters.

The list of ten cheap bipods that has been provided above illustrates the fact that you don't necessarily have to pay a fortune for a good quality bipod. Of course, if you are a professional shooter who is dependent on everything to be 100% precise then it would make sense to pay the extra for the top of the line products.

Looking For a More Expensive Bipod?

You may feel more comfortable with a bipod that has been priced at a level that represents a step up in quality. Whether that is reality or just a higher price point is your challenge to confirm.

We have also examined other bipods that should also be considered, particularly if you are looking for a high quality bipod such as those in the extensive range created by Harris Engineering. Professional target shooters will be better served by visiting our page devoted to GG&G Bipods and another leading manufacturer is Atlas Bipods.

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