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The aim to create a long range shooting platform that provides efficiency and versatility is the ultimate goal for the long range shooter. There are a number of high quality bipods that meet the criteria set down that gives the shooter the type of steady base upon which to shoot.

On this page we take a closer look at some specific long range bipods that have been designed to perform strongly with the types of rifles that are accurate over long distances. Effectively they are heavy duty bipods that have been built to withstand strong recoil and are made with quality components.

What you will quickly notice when reading through the selection is that these are high quality pieces of equipment that have been manufactured to high standards and you are more than likely going to pay a premium for them.

The purpose of this article is not to try to convince you to buy one bipod over another. Rather, it is an attempt to display the choices that are available to help you come to a decision over which might suit you best.

We have included the full range of leg height options available. This will help you to get the right height for prone shooting, benchrest shooting or from a sitting position - whatever you find the most comfortable. 

So, here is your chance to take a closer look at some of the choices available to you if you need a good quality bipod for long range shooting.

Bipods For Long Distance Shooting

Make / Model



7 - 10,
10 - 14,
24 - 27


6 - 8.5


4.75 - 9


6 - 9


6.25 - 10.75


7 - 9




6.5 - 12.5


8 - 10.25


Bipods in More Detail

Now that we have seen the selection of bipods that have been produced with the specific purpose of providing the best base from which to shoot over longer distances, we will take a closer look at each one including the features they provide and reasons why you might choose one over the other.

Rugged Ridge Extreme Pod Rifle Bipod

This is a bipod that has been built to withstand the most rugged of conditions. It is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, heat treated stainless steel and carbon fiber tubing legs.

It is possible to pan through 360 degrees thanks to ball and socket technology for extreme mobility. The lever locking system will then be able to be deployed to set up at whatever position is most comfortable.

The legs can be deployed by the push of a button and they are side deployable and they are unique in a way that means they don't need to be preloaded before taking the shot.

What makes this bipod so suitable to long distance shooting is the construction and the materials used. It is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, heat treated stainless steel and carbon fiber tubing. It is a combination that ensures it will withstand any tough condition and continue to perform.

Find out more about this bipod by visiting the Rugged Ridge website.

Long Range Accuracy F-Class Bipod

The next bipod that will provide you with the perfect platform for solid shooting is the appropriately named Long Range Accuracy bipods. In this case we suggest the F-Class Bipod.

The ability to withstand more than 14,000 ft/lbs of energy produced by a large calibre rifle was the motivation behind the Long Range Accuracy bipods.

The bipod features adjustable cant that allows for 10 degrees of movement to either side. The leg positions can also be set to four angles and the length of the legs can be adjusted from 5 to 7 inches and 6.6 to 10 inches.

It will attach to any rifle that has a Picatinny rail mount. It is possible to buy a quick-detach attachment available too.

You can expect to pay around $475.00 for this bipod.

BT10 V8 Atlas Bipod

The Atlas name has proven to be at the forefront of the bipod industry with shooters at the highest level agreeing that there are few better.

The BT10 V8 Atlas bipod contains the features that have thrust the company into industry leader status. Features such as pan and cant as well as 45 degree leg positions make this a particularly versatile bipod.

The height range of this bipod ranges from 4.75 – 9.0 inches. The movement that the bipod allows the shooter is substantial at +/- 15 degrees of preloaded cant and +/- 15 degrees of preloaded pan.

There are 5 possible leg positions available, they are folded back, 45 degrees angled back, 90 degrees straight down, 45 degrees forward and folded forward.

But the point of this article is to identify bipods that are capable of being used for long range shooting. This is the speciality of the BT10 bipods. It is constructed from T6061 aluminum that is hard anodized and is bolstered by stainless steel springs and fasteners.

It uses a Picatinny Rail Mount interface that is attached by either standard machine screw fastener base clamp or an ARMS 17S lever mount. In both cases the bipod is attached firmly with no risk that it will fail or loosen.

It is possible to buy this bipod for around $219.95.

More information about all of the Atlas Bipods can be found by visiting the B&T Industries website.

Harris HBRMS Bipod

This is a bipod that is known to hold up well to long distance shooting. It is also one of the more reasonably priced heavy duty bipods available on the market with a MSRP of $136.

The reason why this model of Harris bipod is the one to choose comes down to the notched, spring loaded adjustable legs and the swivel feature. The legs extend from 6 to 9 inches making it a good bench rest option.

In order to control the tension of the swivel is a piece of equipment called a Pod Lock (or S Lock) that can prove to be indispensable for precise shooting.

This model is particularly good when using the bipod on firm ground where the feet won’t sink in. On softer ground you might find that the feet sink up to 2 inches which will make it too low to comfortably use. Shooters who routinely shoot from softer ground would be better to use the Harris HBLMS model which has a leg extension range from 9 to 13 inches.

The downside of the Harris bipods when compared to other brands is the fact that the legs only deploy at a 90 degree angle. This is not ideal for handling the reverse load that they will come under. Also, there is no panning feature available, something that some shooters rely on.

There is a diverse array of bipods in the Harris range that serves a number of different shooting needs. The company also produces a range of accessories to ensure all weapons can be fitted. You can find out more about the company and the bipods it produces by visiting the Harris Engineering website.

Accu Tac SR-5 Bipod

There is an industrial strength to the Accu Tac SR-5 bipod and the fact that it is made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum backs this up.

The bipod features a wide stance that helps immensely with the stability that it offers.

The legs can be deployed simply by pulling them down into position. They can be positioned at 90 degrees or 45 degrees to the front or the back and they can be reverse loaded. It is possible to adjust the legs quickly to one of five different heights and they can be positioned independently to one another.

The bipod has a height range from 6.25 inches to 9.75 inches and it appears to have been built to offer the long range shooter the ultimate in reliability to ensure precision and repeatability.

The company has put an MSRP of $235.00 on the SR-5 bipod.

To find out more about this model and others in the Accu-Tac range such as the BR-4 and the LR-10, you should visit the Accu-Tac website.

Sierra 7 Bipod

This is quite a significant looking bipod in terms of its size. There is little doubt that it has been designed to stand up to the recoil of high powered rifles.

The bipod offers cant and pivot capability and can be controlled through either of the two levers. Once the bipod is set to the way you want it you then have a great deal of control over the movement. It is also possible to track a moving target.

The feet end in claws which provide an extremely solid and immovable platform from which to shoot. This is ideal when using the bipod on soft or uneven ground. If you are planning on using it on a bench or other hard surface, be prepared for the surface to be scratched.

The Sierra 7 is a heavier bipod than its contemporaries but this weight translates into an extremely solid and reliable shooting platform for the longer distance shooter.

The price placed on the Sierra 7 is also fairly hefty with the MSRP being $390.00.

More information about S7 and the bipods that are being produced can be found by visiting the s& Bipods website.

Allied Precision Arms V2.0 Bipod

The Allied Precision Arms V2.0 bipod is a redesigned version of the original bipod that has been built using aluminum rather than steel. The consideration is that it should be capable of allowing the shooter to place accurate shots out to 1000 yards.

The bipod is specifically designed for the AR50 and has an extra wide stance of 18” to provide added stability.

The legs are fixed length but they can be placed as wide or narrow as required to offer adjustments to the height. It does offer 20 degrees of cant to left and right that is lockable.

This new version of the model comes with a Picatinny rail mount that is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum.

The company has placed a MSRP of $289.00 on the V2.0 bipod.

Find out more about the company and the products that it produces by visiting the Allied Precision Arms website.

Sinclair Tactical Bipod

This is a bipod that has been designed for all precision shooters no matter whether they are riflemen or hunters. It has been constructed from billet aluminum and stainless steel.

The features of the bipod include independently adjustable legs to cater for uneven ground, lockable rifle canting, leg adjustment range from 6.5 inches to 12.5 inches. The canting system, once it has been locked into place, never needs to be retightened.

The mounting system is similar to that of the Harris bipods in that it is swivel stud mounted. It is possible to front load the bipod to cater for the recoil from the shot.

The company has made this bipod available at a price of $199.99.

Get more information about this bipod and the company by visiting the Sinclair International website.

GG&G XDS-2 Bipod

This is a heavy duty bipod that has been designed to offer versatility and adjustment that goes beyond that of its competitors.

The bipod is constructed from aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. It has been built with some special features such as 20 degrees of panning capability and 25 degrees of canting on each side of center.

The legs, which can be independently adjusted from 8 to 10.25 inches, can be folded and locked in a full forward position, at a 45 degree forward position or deployed in a straight down position.

Consideration is given to difficult terrain that it may be used on with the ability to adjust the legs separately, the canting and the ability to lock the legs in the forward position.

The company has placed a MSRP of $201.00 for this bipod.

There are many quality bipods that are produced by the company that have been designed to deliver military specification quality and they can be viewed by visiting the GG&G website.


Although we have covered a significant selection of bipods from a variety of manufacturers, there are many others that are available that will also provide good service for precision shooting over long distances.

As may have been noticed, the prices of the bipods examined above are quite expensive. This comes from the quality of the materials used in construction and the features that have been built into each product.

Use this starting point to continue on with your search. Make sure you visit the website of the companies whose products appear to offer the features you’re looking for.

What we have noticed is that all of the companies that are represented above pride themselves on the quality of the bipods they produce. For the most part the bipods that are created are the result of first-hand experience in the quest to come up with the ultimate shooting platform.

If you are more interested in a low cost but still effective option...

Best Bipods Under $50.00

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