It is still possible to find a great bow sight for under $100. Just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t find an optic that will give you every chance at bagging your target this season.

If you’re new to bow hunting or are making the transition from fixed pin to adjustable bow sights you may be after a low-priced sight to get started.

This is a sensible strategy and one that might prove beneficial down the road as you become more accomplished with your equipment.

It is necessary to understand these sights are not going to be packed with the features of the higher priced versions.

Similarly, they’re going to be made from cheaper materials which may mean they will be more prone to getting damaged in the field.

But when you’re just starting out in the sport, simpler can be better.

If you’re using a fixed pin bow sight it makes sense to get a 3 pin sight, set the pins to common distances of 15, 20 and 25 yards and that should complete the adjustment requirements.

Alternatively, a simple to use single pin sight makes a great introduction to adjustable sights and using a lower priced one makes a great learning tool.

Listed below is a selection of bow sights with a price tag under $100. Don’t be deceived by the price, they have become popular for the simple reason that they do the job you expect of them.

List of Bipods Suitable for the Rifle

Make / Model

No. of









































Description of Bow Sights Available for Under $100

Having had a chance to browse through the bow sights that are offered by manufacturers with an MSRP of under $100 we will now look at them in more detail.

Each of these brief bow sight reviews aims to provide you with extra information about the sight that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features.

It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its effectiveness.

Black Gold Rush Bow Sight

Bow Features

Photochromatic shell
X-Frame base
Interchangeable fluorescent ring
SkyCoil technology
Aluminum guard for pin protection
.019” diameter fiber optic
Black or anodized camo finish
Choice of Standard Guard (1.75”) or Big Dog Guard (2”)
Weight: 5.3 oz

This fixed pin bow sight sits right on our $100 limit and offers a great deal of functionality for the price.

As with all of the Black Gold bow sights, the Rush features SkyCoil technology combined with the PhotoChromatic shell for remarkably bright pins that will be visible in all light conditions.

The sight is tough and durable, made from quality materials to ensure it will keep performing under harsh conditions.

The pin housing is made of aluminum to provide plenty of protection for the pins.

The X-Frame base uses a design to help it to weigh less while maintaining strength and dependability.

Adjustment of the pins is by gang adjustment and may be made horizontally or vertically.

This is a simple to use bow sight that provides the shooter with the basic functionality that will suit the newcomer to the sport who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by multiple setting choices.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the Black Gold Sights website.

Trophy Ridge Fix Bow Sight

Bow Features

Micro-adjustable pins
Second axis adjustment
Available in 3 pin, 5 pin or 7 pin configuration
.019” fiber optic pins
Aluminum brackets
On-board pin adjustment tool
Pre-charged rheostat battery

The Fix bow sight gives the hunter a highly durable sight made from solid components and combined it with the precision that comes from micro-adjustability.

Aluminum brackets provide a solid mount and the housing is bright as it protects the .019” fiber optic pins.

The pins can be micro-adjusted using the on-board adjustment tool and the yardage indicators are visible in all light conditions.

The sight also has a rheostat light that adjusts to suit the light conditions.

Find out more information about this product and the others in the company’s range at the Trophy Ridge website.

Apex Gear AccuStrike ProSelect Bow Sight

Bow Features

TRU-TOUCH soft-feel technical coating
Extended bracket
TRU-FLO fiber design
Extra-long .019” fibers
Bubble level
Reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability
1.8” inner diameter aperture
Glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring
Adjustable for left and right handed users

This is a solid basic 3 pin bow sight that will provide the shooter with a reliable compact sight with highly visible pins.

It features the company’s TRU-ZERO pin design that enables greater accuracy through minimized pin gaps and an extended mounting bracket.

This bow sight also offers the Opti-Choice pin selector which allows you to illuminate a single pin so you can focus more easily on your target.

The pin fiber diameter is .019” and routes through the bracket for added protection and also to expose it to more UV light to provide greater brightness.

There is second axis adjustment but no third axis adjustment available on the sight.

Find out more about all products from the company by visiting the Apex Gear website.

Fuse Vectrix Bow Sight

Bow Features

Laser Engraved Marks For Precise Adjustments
.019 Precision Pins
Bundled Fiber Optic
3-Stage Sight Light Included

The Vectrix provides the bow hunter with a collection of accuracy enhancements to create a solid and dependable sight. This is a fixed pin sight that comes in either a 3-pin or 5-pin configuration (5 pin is pictured above).

The precision metal pins consist of .019” fiber that has been bundled to create a bright light enhanced in all light conditions. A sight light is included to provide added light when needed.

Setting the distances for each pin is simple and the laser engraved marks help to get the exact right level dialed in.

Find out more about all of the products that are available on the Fuse Archery website.

Sword Whitetail Hunter Bow Sight

Bow Features

100% CNC T6061 aluminum construction
2.0" inside diameter round aperture
4 pins available in .010 or .019
3rd axis adjustment
Anodized matte black finish
Laser etched elevation and windage scales
Rheostat LED light kit
Available right or left handed

The Whitetail Hunter is one of the more feature-packed bow sights at this price point.

It stands apart from the majority of sights due to the fact that it comprises 4 pins. These pins are available in either .010” or .019” diameter.

The sight can be adjusted for elevation and windage with laser etched markings provided for greater accuracy. There is also 3rd axis adjustment.

This is a solid bow sight made from T6061 aluminum and will withstand the hardest of knocks while mounted and taken out into the field.

Find out more about the company and other products in the range by visiting the Sword Sights website.

TruGlo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight

Bow Features

Carbon composite and aluminum construction
Micro–adjustable windage and elevation
5 pins in .019" diameter
2nd and 3rd axis adjustable level
Sight window 1.9 in. diameter
Decreasing Diameter Pin (DDP) design
Unique PRO-BRITE pin design
Glow–in–the–dark shooter’s ring
TRU-TOUCH soft–feel technical coating
Adjustable for left and right–handed shooters 

This sight uses a combination of a lightweight carbon composite material and aluminum to give it strength and to minimize weight.

The pins have a design where they decrease in size so that the targets that are further away won’t be obscured. This design is called the Decreasing Diameter Pin design.

The brightness of the pins have been given a boost too using the company’s Pro-Brite design and this has been paired with fibers that are made longer to pick up more light.

The sight window is 1.9 inches in diameter for a wider field of view. The sight is also very adjustable with 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability built in along with micro-adjustable windage and elevation.

More information about the products available from the company can be found at the TruGlo website.

Trophy Ridge Drive Bow Sight

Bow Features

Single pin slider sight
.029” diameter fiber
Ultra-bright fiber optic pin
Glo indicator tape
Sight light included
Bubble level

The Drive Slider has been created with a range of features that are designed to assist the hunter in both adjustment and visibility.

The sight is equipped with nylon bushings that ensure the adjustment is smooth and silent with no metal to metal contact. There have been a number of reports that the adjustment itself is quite stiff.

The fiber optic pin is a large .029” to provide you with extreme brightness for greater visibility in all conditions. The indicator tape is high-vis Glo Ring and the sharp indicator pin makes it possible to adjust to precise measurements.

It is also possible to make windage and elevation adjustments with the use of an Allen wrench.

This should be considered a good entry level slider sight that has been created with all of the features a hunter might need and released at a very affordable price point.

Find out more about the company and the other products available by visiting the Bear Archery website.

CBE Tactic Bow Sight

Bow Features

Armed Guard Fiber Management System
Tool-less windage and elevation adjustment
Smart mount multi-positioning
3 pin housing
.019” Blade pins
Fluorescent pin alignment ring
Weighs: 7.1 oz


Trophy Ridge Pursuit Bow Sight

Bow Features

Fiber Diameter: .019"
Aluminum housing
Delrin bushings
Low-light glo indicator tape
Bubble sight with third axis adjustability
Rheostat light

The Pursuit is a good quality sight that represents great value for money. It is a solid sight with the housing made from aluminum to provide good protection of the fiber optics inside.

The single pin is easily adjustable and enables the exact yardage to be dialled in with a minimum of fuss. It all works very smoothly and, importantly, silently. This is due to the Delrin bushings that ensure there is no metal to metal contact.

Visibility is maintained in all different light conditions thanks to the.019” optic fiber on the metal pin. The presence of the Front Fiber Optic Ring maximizes available light.

Also, use the Contrast Glo Ring to achieve quick target acquisition.

If the light conditions are too low to provide a clear reading from the pin the provided rheostat light will brighten things considerably.

Also included is low-light Glo indicator tape and a bubble sight level with third axis adjustability.

The sight is available as either left- or right-handed models.

HHA Optimizer Cadet Bow Sight

Bow Features

Max Pre-load Quad Limbs
H15 Hybrid Cam System
High Precision Zero Tolerance Limb Pockets
Advanced Riser
Rubber Riser Inserts
Hinge Guard
Offset string suppressors
Removable Rubber Grip


TruGlo TSX Pro Series

Bow Features

Tru-Touch soft technical coating
Stainless steel pin tubes
.019” diameter fiber optic
CNC machined bracket
Click adjustment for windage and elevation
2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
5 pins

This is a fixed pin bow sight packed with the types of features you would expect from a far more expensive sight.

The TXS Pro Series is based on the company’s Tru-Site Xtreme design which has been proven as a quality sight for many years.

The .019” diameter pins are protected by stainless steel tubes and the pin brightness is good enough to suit hunting conditions of all types.

It is an adjustable sight with fine click adjustment for windage and elevation. Add to that 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment so you can set up for perfect alignment.

There is a toughness to the TSX that ensures it will withstand harsh conditions in the field and should prove more than just good value for money.

Rocky Mountain 5-Pin Direct Mount Bow Sight

Bow Features

All Aluminum Construction
Fully Captured .019" Pins
Tool Free, Micro Adjust Windage and Elevation
Built-In Light Adapter
2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustable
Laser Etched Windage and Elevation Markers
Right Hand models only

This is a high quality, durable bow sight that is available at a price point that is comfortable under sights of a similar standard.

The fact that it also includes 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment makes it a tremendously versatile 5-pin sight.

The pins are .019” and alternate from green to red to green, etc. for ease of use and they are bright enough for clear sighting in all light conditions.

This is a rock solid sight that allows you to get it well out in front of the bow for tight sighting and shots. It is far more affordable than similar sights available and it has all of the adjustment any hunter can ask for.

Find out more about this sight and other products from the company by visiting the Feradyne Outdoors website.

Important Features to Look for In A Bow Sight Under $100

Just because a bow sight is inexpensive shouldn’t mean it won’t have features that a hunter considers necessary.

The number of pins, the size and brightness of the fiber optic, the toughness and durability are all crucial components that make a high quality sight.

Some sights will contain a few important components, others will contain a lot.

Let’s go through each of the important features of a quality bow sight and work out which ticks most of the boxes.

Number of Pins

Some hunters prefer single pin sights while others like to use multi-pin configurations.

The choice will come down to the comfort of the hunter in adjusting in the field against the ability to shoot the gap should the distance to the target not be spot on to the pin settings.

Some model sights are available in different pin configurations so it may be possible to find a make / model that matches your pin preference.

Make / model

No. of


Black Gold Rush


Trophy Ridge Fix


Fuse Vectrix


TruGlo TSX Pro Series


Pin Diameter

Depending on the distances you will be shooting over as well as your eyesight, the size of the fiber optic diameter is an important issue.

The most commonly found fiber optic diameter is .019”. This seems to suit the vast majority of hunters.

But some hunters prefer the finer .010” diameter because it won’t cover as much of the target.

Hunters with less than perfect vision may find it difficult to focus on (or even see) using the finer fiber diameters and need the larger .029”.

Everyone is different and their needs are just as important.

Listed here are the bow sights under $100 that are available with pins sizes other than .019”.

Make / model



Sword Whitetail Hunter

.010", .019"

Trophy Ridge Drive



One of the big selling features of the higher priced sights is the amount of adjustment available to set the sight up to your exact needs.

There is no doubt that the lower priced sights don’t offer quite as much flexibility but it is still possible to find some models with a reasonable amount.

In this case we’re not talking about the pin adjustment. We accept that fixed pin sights adjust with a tool that can call for some precise tuning work.

We’re talking about the sight adjustment over the 3 axes and are often referred to as the ability for 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment.

This gives you the ability to properly align the sight to the bow so that you are shooting along horizontal planes.

To quickly gauge which bow sights have 2nd and/or 3rd axis adjustment capability we have listed the ones where it is implicitly mentioned by the company that one or the other is available.

Make / model





TruGlo Carbon Hybrid



Sword Whitetail Hunter



TruGlo TSX Pro Series



Rocky Mountain 5-Pin Direct Mount



Bow Sight Solutions For Aging Eyes and Poor VisionBuying the highest priced bow sight with all of the whizz-bang latest features is not going to be the best option for every bow hunter.

When you are a beginner or aren’t going to be hunting in complicated environments simple will often be best.

It is also sensible to buy a lower priced piece of equipment when you’re starting out. Get to know the ins and outs of shooting with a sight, learn how to make adjustments, get as much practice as you can.

When you’ve gotten a good handle on one of these sights (and any of them will produce more than satisfactory results) then you can move on to something more extravagant.

There are numerous high quality 3 or 5 pin bow sights that will provide a great step up to the next level.


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