When looking for the best possible broadhead when shooting from a low poundage bow there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, speed is only one of the important factors when shooting game.

Next, a recurve bow and a compound bow are equally lethal when shooting accurately. Also, firing from an appropriate distance will also improve your success rate.

For the purposes of this discussion a low poundage bow is any bow with a draw weight of 50 pounds or less.

You need to remember that one of the most significant factors for getting great penetration is the momentum of the arrow rather than its speed. That’s why shooting low poundage bows can be just as effective as more powerful ones.

The strong recommendation is to use a fixed blade broadhead rather than a mechanical. Although there are mechanical broadheads designed for use with a low poundage bow, you will lose energy through the deployment of the blades. This means a loss of valuable momentum right at the time you need it most.

The broadheads considered to be the best choices are 2-blade Cut on Contact fixed blades that have a cutting diameter of 1-1/2” or less. Particularly effective, are single bevel broadheads which many consider to be the best broadheads for traditional archery.

There is a strong selection of fixed blade broadheads that perform extremely strongly with bows that are set up with a draw weight of 50 pounds or lower.

We have provided a list below that includes the weight of the head, the number of blades and the Manufacturer’s Recommended Sales Price that will allow you to compare the options.

Comparison List of Broadheads Suited to Low Poundage Bows

Make / Model





125 gr.
145 gr.
225 gr.
300 gr.



100 gr.
125 gr.
150 gr.
175 gr.




100 gr.
125 gr.

100 gr.
125 gr.



100 gr.



100 gr.
125 gr.



100 gr.

150 gr.


Descriptions of Broadheads For Low Poundage Bows

The list of broadheads examined above and below are the ones that are regarded by a significant number of hunters who have used them as among the best.

Listed below is a more detailed look at each broadhead model with a short review that identifies their various features. You will also have the opportunity to visit the manufacturer's websites in case you would like to find out more about the company and the range of products that each one makes.

Steel Force Traditional Broadheads

This is a classic 2-blade broadhead with a cut on contact tip that is capable of tremendous penetration even when fired from low poundage bows. The blades are razor sharp stainless steel and are durable with the inclusion of 7075 aircraft grade aluminium ferrules.

There is a nice selection of different sizes and weights to choose from so there will be an option that will suit all hunting scenarios. They are single bevel broadheads and come in a choice of either right or left-hand grinds. The cutting diameter for each one is 1 inch and the length ranges from 2-3/16” up to 3”. The grain weight of the broadheads start at 125 and then increases with options of 145, 225 and 300 grains available.

They come in packs of 3 and they’re available for $34.00 per pack for the 125 grain and the 145 grain, which has a .065” single grind titanium blade is $34.95 per pack.

More information about this broadhead and all of the products made by the company is on the Steel Force website.

VPA 2 Blade Broadheads

The 2 Blade broadheads from VPA is a double bevel fixed blade. It is CNC machined, is a one piece design from carbon steel and heat treated to 55 Rockwell.

They have a uniquely designed ferrule that is faceted to match the sharpening angle. This aids penetration through both hide and bone.

This model is available in the following weights: 100 grain, 125 grain, 150 grain, 175 grain, 200 grain, 250 grain and 300 grain. The 100 and 125 grain heads are vented while the rest are non-vented.

The cutting diameter of all VPA 2-blade broadheads is 1-1/8”. They sell in packs of 3 broadheads.

More information about this broadhead and all of the products made by the company is on the VPA website.

Magnus Stinger 2 Blade Broadhead

The Magnus Stinger is an extremely popular fixed blade broadhead with hunters and is highly recommended for low poundage bows.

The blade is knife-grade stainless steel, the ferrule is aircraft quality aluminum. It is spin-tested within .002 thousandths of an inch ensuring consistent flight.

The diamond tip is razor sharp and cuts on contact but is also tough enough to split bone and get maximum penetration.

The Stinger is available in the 2 blade configuration in weights of 100 grain and 125 grain.

They come in packs of 3.

More information about this broadhead and all of the products made by the company is on the Magnus website.

Slick Trick ViperTrick SS Broadheads

Slick Trick ViperTrick Broadhead

The ViperTrick broadhead is a stainless steel fixed blade head that consists of 2 main blades along with a bleeder blade.

The broadhead design ensures it flies flat and true like a field point but the cut on contact tip means that it hits with devastating results.

The cutting diameter is 1-1/16” with an additional 7/8” bleeder blade providing a total cut of 1-15/16”.

The design makes it a good choice for all types of compound, recurve and crossbows including the lower poundage bows.

It has a weight of 100 grain and comes in packs of 4.

More information about this broadhead and all of the products made by the company is on the Slick Trick website.

Ramcat Hydroshock Broadheads

Ramcat Hydroshock Pivoting Broadhead

Although we’ve suggested that the type of broadhead to use is a fixed 2 blade broadhead, we can’t go past the Hydroshock.

This is an extremely effective broadhead that flies like a field point and penetrates deeply with blades that are rear sharpened to give you razor cutting edges both forward and backward.

The stainless steel blades are 0.032” in thickness. The 100 grain model has a cut diameter of 1-3/8” and the 125 grain model’s cut diameter is 1-1/2”. The tip contains deep lobes that help with accuracy by eliminating wind planing.

This particular model has also been developed as a pivoting broadhead and will continue to drive forward even when it hits bone.

The Hydroshock broadheads are available as either 100 grain or 125 grain weight and they are sold in packs of 3.

More information about this broadhead and all of the products made by the company is on the Ramcat website.

Wasp Sharpshooter Broadheads

Another cut on contact fixed blade head, the Sharpshooter features a self-aligned blade locking system. This eliminates poor arrow flight and ensures the main blade aligns with the ferrule.

The 2 main blades are stainless steel with a 1” cutting diameter. For additional cutting power there are also 2 bleeder blades.

They weigh 100 or 150 grain and come in packs of 3.

More information about this broadhead and all of the products made by the company is on the Wasp Archery website.

Common Questions

Will a 30 lb bow kill a deer?

A 30 pound bow is absolutely capable of killing a deer, particularly if you are using one of the broadheads suggested above, are an accurate shot and have a draw length long enough to generate significant kinetic energy.

Other factors such as the weight of the arrow set-up and the distance of the shot will be significant in the amount of penetration you will be able to get.

*** Note that a 40-pound draw weight is the legal minimum for deer hunting in many states. Check your local state bowhunting regulations. ***

What Distance Can a 40lb Bow Shoot?

Hunters should be setting a maximum limit of 20 yards when shooting with a 40-45 lb bow.

A heavier arrow is recommended over a light one. 

A light arrow will reach the target quickly but will quickly decelerate after hitting. A heavier arrow will travel a little slower but the momentum will help with increased penetration.

What is a low poundage bow?

Although it depends on who you talk to, a low poundage bow is any bow with a draw weight set at 50 pounds or lower. (Some people consider the mark to be even lighter).

What Is A Cut on Contact Broadhead?

As the name implies, a Cut On Contact broadhead features a razor sharp tip that is extremely effective at slicing through hide and vital organs. They are commonly recommended for use with lower poundage bows due to this penetrative capability.

The other popular type of head tip is the Chisel Tip which is capable of blowing through bone should you miss the heart or lungs.


9 of the Best Single Bevel Broadheads Available in 2021There are many types of broadheads that would be perfect for use with a low poundage bow and they would all prove very effective.

Traditional and non-traditional hunters, no matter whether they use a longbow, recurve bow or compound bow are also finding a great deal of success using heavier single bevel broadheads too.

No matter how powerful your bow may be, the most important thing is to use it often and practice until you are deadly accurate.


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