Many bow hunters will tell you that elk hunting is the most satisfying experiences a hunter can have and this feeling can come closer to reality if you have properly equipped yourself. Choosing the right broadhead is critical part of this process, but it is only one part of your complete elk hunting set up that you have to take care of. Not only have we provided a list of suitable elk hunting broadheads but we also take a look at the compound bows and arrows that will provide you with the best results.

The majority of arrow and broadhead combinations that are commonly used for deer hunting are very likely going to be effective at bringing down an elk. But the aim is to find the broadhead that is going to be the most effective in providing quick results.

The combination of the arrow and the broadhead is very important with a good slim-line arrow shafts such as the Easton Axis and the Gold Tip Kinetic among others outstanding options. They are 100 per cent carbon which is important because they generally provide better penetration. Pairing these shafts with older style fixed blade broadheads, even going for 125-grain models over 100-grain will provide greater penetration and more consistent results.

We have compiled a list of fixed blade broadheads that have provided consistently good results when hunting elk. While the use of mechanicals is a valid option, the overwhelming opinion is that they are not as reliable as fixed blades.

Comparison List of Broadheads for Elk

Make / Model





















Description of Broadheads for Hunting Elk

We have provided a brief listing of broadheads that are suitable for hunting elk and are considered to be among the best in the business. Listed below is a more detailed look at each broadhead model with a short review that identifies the their various features. You will also have the opportunity to visit the manufacturer's websites in case you would like to find out more about the company and the range of products that each one makes.

G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead

This is a big game broadhead that has been designed for taking down the largest and toughest of game. It has been the preferred broadhead used by hunters for the largest deer and elk.

It is a one-piece design constructed entirely of hardened carbon steel. The single piece construction means that there is a greatly reduced chance of equipment failure.

It is a 3-blade design and the razor sharp edges of the blades are highly effective at gutting through tough hide and stringy sinew. This would be a great place to start if you are serious about hunting big game including elk.

Find out more about all of the products from this company by visiting the G5 Outdoors website.

Customer Testimonials

Have had the opportunity to shoot a few animals with these broadheads and they work flawlessly. They shoot true and are not finicky like a lot of fixed blade broadheads.
Since these are injected molded they are not as sharp as most broad heads right from the factory . Have had some luck sharpening brand new broad heads though . These do fly well out of my bow but could be sharper
I have used them over the years and personally think they are hard to beat. I am not a mechanical blade guy although I have buddies that swear by them. These broadheads are very tough and seem to put deer down better than other things I have tried. As with most of my hunting equipment I only wish they were a little less expensive.
Great broadhead, superior design and flight. Easy to sharpen, I can obtain hair shaving sharpness. Have harvested two does, both only ran 40 yards. Flies with my field tips, literally. Anyone who states poor flight does not have a properly tuned bow, end of discussion. These heads will last a lifetime, unless you lose them.

Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lok Broadhead

Although this is a smaller head than the Montec above it is particularly tough and is extremely effective when used on larger game. It is also made from a single piece of stainless steel and the blade locking system that it utilizes makes it particularly solid.

The head features a couple of razor sharp blades that are led by a chisel tip. This means that the Shuttle T-Lok will achieve significant initial penetration followed up by tremendous cutting power.

For their size and power they should sit near the top of anyone’s list who is looking for the best broadhead when hunting elk.

More information about all of the products made by the company is available at the Trophy Taker website.

Customer Testimonials

Harvested my first deer with this head. Complete pass through and he just calmly kept walking and fell over within 40 yards! Very accurate head and quiet in flight replacement blades are easy to change. I highly recommend these broadheads especially if you are wanting better penetration and accuracy at longer distances
These fly great and group with field points with a tuned bow. My only complaint is weight was not consistent, one weighed 96.9 grains, one was 99.3, and one was 102.1. I disassembled and weighed all the individual components, the brass washers were all slightly different weights and the blades varied from 9.4 to 10.2 grains. I was able to mix and match everything and was able to get the weights of all the heads around 99.5, which I feel is acceptable.
Best flying fixed blade I've used. Stout blades. First fixed blade I've shot where I can honestly say they fly like my field points.
I put a finishing touch on blade sharpness, with a fine stone, before taking them into the field.

Solid Legend Broadheads

The blades are .060” thick stainless steel that hold and edge and resist the elements. They are set at a 20 degree blade angle and provide 4.80” total cutting edge with a ½” bleeder.

The extent to which these broadheads are built to be completely solid flows through to the zero-tapered ferrule which uses a stainless steel Torx locking screw.

The Solid Legend broadheads are available in 100-, 125- or 175-grain weights with the available cutting diameters increasing as the weight increases.

The only possible downside to these broadheads is the price which is substantially more than most of its competitors. But then, the quality of these heads is particularly high so it is a matter of weighing up price against performance.

Find out more about the company and all of the quality products that it produces by visiting the Solid Broadhead Company website.

Customer Testimonials

If you are committed to bowhunting excellence this line is worth the investment. Yes, because of the steel, the price is much higher, but you are buying a reliable piece of equipment.
These fly nicely and like anything when placed well are deadly as can be. I found them to be a bit tricky to sharpen due to the bleeder blades. For someone more skilled in sharpening it's probably not a big deal, but for whatever reason I've not gotten all that good at it yet. These are my 1st choice for a fixed blade in a Deep Six config.
I was very excited about these broad heads. Everything seemed fine when I received them. They were packaged nicely and when I took them out they were sharp enough to shave with. When I installed the broad heads on the arrows to spin check them they all wobbled worse than any other broad head I own. Thinking it may be the arrow, I put another head on the arrow and it spun true. I messed around for a while with different combinations of arrows trying to make it spin true and they still wobble. The wobble isn't much but for the money they shouldn't wobble at all. I contacted customer service 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing back. Extremely disappointed.
I tested a lot of different fixed heads prior to my elk hunt this year. The Solid 100 grain with 1/2" bleeders are the only ones that flew just like my field points out to 80 yds. I haven't shot an animal with them yet, but they definitely pass the accuracy test!
I purchased the 125 grain with 3/4 bleeders just to try. These heads are extremely accurate. The drill holes thru my field point holes in the target. I cant believe how well they fly for such a large broadhead.

NAP Thunderhead 100 Grain Broadhead

The Thunderhead broadheads are known as among the best fixed blade heads available for their sharpness and high quality. They consist of 3 of the sharpest blades on the market with a chisel tip for penetration.

The blades are Diamize sharpened and this refers to the fact that they are the sharpest in the industry for devastating cutting power. The flight of the arrow has also been considered through the micro grooved ferrule which has been significantly designed to streamline the flight path.

An important point to make when buying the Thunderheads is that they come in packs of 5 whereas most other brands are available in packs of 3.

Take a look at the many different models that are available by visiting the New Archery Products website.

Customer Testimonials

I've tried few other broadheads, but when I did I went back to Thunderheads. I've killed 8 elk with them. I like being able to use dull blades to work out shaft/broadhead combinations that work for best accuracy.
If you want to use these on carbon arrows, or small diameter aluminum shaft arrows, you MUST also purchase the UBARs (universal broadband adapter rings) which cost $8-$9 additionally, they are not included. This should be mentioned in the Amazon description considering it is on the back of the packaging and most purchases are going to be used for carbon arrows.
Good deal. Have dropped 2 deer this year with these broadheads. Will definitely use in the future. Only downfall is they are a bit tricky to get the blades to all stand up in the correct position while slipping the lock ring over. Other than that, once they are screwed into an arrow, they are golden
That is it!!! I will never stray again! I have tried every known broadhead out there and buddy I'm here to tell you it don't get better than this. OLD SCHOOL and tougher than nails. Damn near indestructible... They fly like field tips and blast through game like butter. WHY did I ever stray? Because of those damn flashy infomercials that's why, hook line and sucker! Better this, better that, NO WAY.

I have been using NAP Thunderheads as long as I can remember. I have taken whitetail deer, elk, black bear, coyotes, and other game with these. They have never failed me. They produce pass-through shots on virtually every shot. I will never go to another broad head unless NAP stops making these.

Muzzy Trocar Broadheads

One of the most trusted and popular names in the broadhead world is Muzzy and the Trocar broadheads are the most accurate. They are designed so that the blades spin in a helix pattern which keeps the arrow stable through its flight. This design also helps the stability of the arrow and this means that when it hits its target it does so with maximum force.

The blades of the Trocar are .035” thick and the tip is chisel shaped for tremendous penetration capability. All of it is placed around a solid steel ferrule to give the entire set up added toughness, which is perfect for use on big game such as elk.

Take a look at all of the products from the company by visiting the Muzzy Broadheads website.

Customer Testimonials

Love this style of broadhead. Used to have some old rockets which were fantastic and after they became hard to find, I looked at the trocar which has a very similar compact design. The flight is very true to field tips and I even find that the arrow travels a little flatter. The cutting diameter is deceivingly large for the size of the broadhead. With a 60 pound pull, this broadhead packs enough punch to pass though the body of a deer and out the opposite side shoulder blade without a hitch. Now that's a nasty piece of hardware.
First off, I tune my bow each year. I shoot through paper to make sure my arrow flight is good. Now with these heads I switched over from mechanicals due to issues with mechanical blades breaking. I have to say I have been very impressed with how well these heads fly out of the box. I build a set of 6 hunting arrows with these heads and they fly very true. Pass through heart shot on a fallow at 24 yards. Blade in like new condition afterwards. Missed doe at 40 yards, in Rocksprings TX, found my arrow in a very rocky and exposed ravine. Blade was still in really good shape. Could have been worse, but I feel it held up well with some luck. Great practice sessions, pictures are 30, 50, and 60 yards respectively. Was getting pretty tired at 60. The other two were fresh, good shots on first try, so these weren't lucky shots. I am convinced that if you tune your bow and arrows, these broad heads will hit exactly where you want them to.
If you are looking for a accurate, tuff and deadly head do your self a favor and try these you will not be disappointed. I was lucky enough this year to fill all three tag's I had. I took a cow elk at 32 yards she only made it about 30 yards, next a black bear at 14 yards he only made it 25 yards, and finally a Mulley buck at 30 yards he went about 70 yards because he was hit in the back of the lungs but left a awesome blood trail and all shots made a complete pass thru. And I love the hard rubber washer they have it allows you to turn the head about ¼ to ½ a past snug to line the blades up with your fletching.

Magnus Stinger 2 Blade Broadheads

The Magnus Stinger broadheads are particularly good for big game hunting. They fly with field-tip accuracy and they are incredibly strong and durable. In fact, the company states that if you break one they will replace it under their Lifetime Guarantee, can’t get much better than that.

The blades are amazingly sharp and the main blades can be easily sharpened as required or you can replace them with the replacement blades readily available at low cost. The Stingers that are recommended here are 125-grain versions, although the 100-grain models are also readily available.

Magnus broadheads are among the most popular with big game hunters and more information about the entire range can be found by visiting the Magnus Broadheads website.

Customer Testimonials

These heads really fly great. 60 yard quarter away, hit this buck in the back of the rib cage and the arrow blew through the offside shoulder and burried into the ground. Shooting a 436 grain Gold Tip Kenitc out of a 70 pound bow helped too. This combination is deadly accurate out of my Mathews No Cam. The bow is tuned to where these 100 grain buzz cuts fly with field points. A real confidence builder.
Great broadhead. Flys true for me. Solid, best thing Is that on the backside of all blades is a razor sharp cutting edge Which may also help when that arrow/broadhead is working around in a cavity.
This offering from Magnus is one of the best purchases I have made. Flight is incredible and they group right with my field points. The deer I took last year with this head did not go very far and left a blood trail that could be seen for several yards ahead. Awesome head and made in the USA. I would recommend them to anyone, compound or crossbow shooters will love them as they fly very good out of both.
I had trouble getting a fixed blade broadhead to fly straight. After picking up a pack magnus broadheads i found a keeper. These fly just like the field points and hold up to some real punishment. Since the first pack i bought, i have picked up a few more to fill my quiver. I have put these broadheads through shoulder blades, spines and unfortunately, trees. Another great perk is if something were to happen to it, i just send it in and they replace it.
Magnus Stingers were the broadheads recommended to me by a Cabelas associate when I bought my 1st bow in the Dundee store 11 years ago. I have taken a number of deer with both the two-blade and four-blade versions. They're sharp, fly straight, provide good blood trail (depending on shot placement of course) and do the job well overall. Bone penetration is not 100% -- I have hit a few shoulders dead-on and about one-third of the time, when I hit the thick part of the shoulder bone, the tip will just curl up in a roll and not penetrate. I have tried a number of other popular brand broadheads and have not been happy -- I just keep coming back to these.

Magnus Snuffer SS Broadheads

Click for Pricing Details and Reviews on

The Magnus Snuffer SS broadhead has been designed so that it flies perfectly and maintains the greatest possible accuracy. The company is so dedicated to ensuring that it is achieves a high degree of accuracy it put the head through a complete redesign.

The Snuffer SS is a 3-blade design made from razor sharp laser welded stainless steel blades and a cut on contact tip. It is available in a choice of 3 weights, 85-grain, 100-grain and 125-grain. The 85 and 100-grain models have a cutting diameter of 1-1/16 inches while the 125-grain model gives you a 1-1/8 cutting diameter.

The strength of the head is increased because it is a one-piece design and the low blade angles mean that it will perform extremely well. This makes it an ideal broadhead for use on big game such as elk.

As mentioned above, the entire range of products from the company can be found by visiting the Magnus Broadheads website.

Customer Testimonials

I have killed 2 deer with Snuffer SS and they work well. Originally I shot 3 bladed muzzys but I became disappointed with the sharpness of the replacement blades. If I'm paying for replacement blades I want them sharp and hunt ready out of the package. Snuffers come super sharp out of the package and when they dull are super easy to get razor sharp. I also have had zero issue getting them to fly with field points.

My only issue is that they are pretty much a 1 and done broadhead. Both broadheads lost their tip and the furrule bent after hitting something in the ground after passing thru. They have a lifetime guarantee so I can send them back for replacement but shipping charges cost about the same as replacement blades.
The SS Snuffer heads fly well and definitely cut a nice hole, just like any 3 blade head you'd see. They are easy to sharpen with a flat stone as well. I purchased a diamond stone and you can get them very sharp in no time. The stingers, with the bleeders, open up a more football shaped hole, but they fly like darts too.

The no BS warranty from Magnus is top notch. I sent them an email showing an original snuffer head which had bent after being shot into a frozen log. That was after I had taken 3 animals with the same head. My intention was showing them how well the head performed with all things considered. But they sent me a replacement head along with some swag for free, based on the picture alone.
I have been using them in the 125 gr. for about 8 yrs. I have shot elk with them and just shot my first deer this year. I have been very pleased with them. I've had pass through s on all the elk. They were all shot with 60 lbs. and 425 gr arrows. The blood trails were good and most of them were better as the trail progressed. The heads have arrived i not sharp enough for me to hunt with so I have always touched them up before using them. I use a diamond flat stone first then finish up with a leather stropand they finish up sharp.

DirtNap Gear DRT Single Bevel Broadhead

We’re going to take a look at the DirtNap single bevel broadheads now because they seem to have become the forgotten segment of the fixed blade broadhead market. They provide the most significant devastation to large and small game. Elk hide, tendons and bone will be no match for the damaging action of the DirtNap head.

The blades are Teflon-coated stainless steel and provide you with a cutting surface of 1.84 inches. They consist of the main blade along with a smaller bleeder blade. They are designed to fly with a high degree of accuracy and will continue to spin once they encounter flesh and tendon.

Although the blade of this make is not quite as thick as some of the other single bevel broadheads available, they measure .051” thick which is sturdy enough to take down an elk in short order.

More details about all of the broadheads that are made by the company can be found by visiting the DirtNap website.

We have also covered these types of broadheads in more detail on the Single Bevel Broadheads page.

Customer Testimonials

This is a well built broadhead. The only issue I had with them is they are not razor sharp. I expect my heads to shave when i step in the woods. They are lacking in the customer service dept also. For an American product I was a little disappointed in the quality control
I did a lot of research on many different broadheads before deciding to try the DirtNap Gear DRT's (double bevel). These broadheads really do their job well. The arrow had straight pass through, and the deer had no idea what happened. The deer also only went at most 40 yards before dropping, which made tracking and recovering very easy. I highly recommend the DRT's as they are very reliable, and very efficient. At the end of the day we all want a clean kill that causes as little trauma to the animal as possible. DirtNap Gear makes a great product, and I will continue to use their products for the foreseeable future!
Really like these broadheads...I have to shoot them some since I just got them..but so far so good..I also chose to go with the single bevel grind after much research...the single bevel broadhead spins (corkscrews) upon hitting a target whereas the double bevel grind stabs through without any rotation..I read a lot of articles explaining the benefits of single bevel to double bevel...anyways Dirtnap Gear is doing great things with these broadheads..its cool how you can adjust the weight to make the 125 grains or 100 grains.

Slick Trick Magnum Broadhead

The Slick Trick Magnum broadhead is an extremely effective hard hitting fixed blade head that is effective for cutting and smashing bone. It is similar to the standard Slick Trick broadhead with 4 razor sharp blades but offers a larger 1-1/8” cutting diameter.

The blades of the head are super sharp Lutz Mercedes stainless steel blades and they are locked into the ferrule using the patented Alcatraz bladelock system. This means that the head has been equipped with an incredibly durable and strong combination that will ensure it will survive the larger and tougher elk body mass.

This broadhead is available in a choice of either 100- or 125-grain weights and they are sold in packs of 4 as either a standard or Deep Six ferrule.

More information about all of the products made by the company is available at the Slick Trick website.

Customer Testimonials

I've been shooting the Slick Trick 125gr Magnum broadheads exclusively for the past 6 years. The reason why is because I trust them and I know that I do not have to worry about my broadhead doing its job. They are accurate, scary sharp, silent, and devastating on the deer and hogs that I hunt in Texas. I shoot them out of my compund bow, crossbow, and longbow with no issues or problems.

One of the things that I like about them is they are simple. What I mean by this is there are very few parts to the head. It's a solid steel body with two blades that interlock inside the body to create a 4 blade, solid, stable head and the blades cannot come loose.

They always spin true, they always fly straight, and I do not have any tuning issues.
I've been testing these out with my new Bear Encounter. Using the 100g BHs and they fly pretty darn close to the field points I've been using. I do hear a bit of "whistling" more like a very quiet "swish" sound but at the speed this thing is flying I doubt the deer will escape in time.
I recently purchased these broadheads for use on my Horton Crossbow. The mechanical broadheads I tried to use last year flew true enough, but could be influenced by stronger cross winds. I had one open in flight and missed my target completely. I had no confidence that this wouldn't happen when I was shooting at a deer. These broadheads fly just like my field points and are extremely sharp, and the blades are thick and very rigid. I shot through a nice buck four days ago and although the exit hole was not as big as the hole an expandable would leave, it was plenty big enough to leave an adequate blood trail. My confidence in these broadheads over expandables hitting their mark is off the charts. It took mere minutes to re-tune my Crossbow to sight in with these broadheads and they are repeatable shot after shot. Being low profile as they are, they don't wind plane or steer the arrow like the longer expandable broadheads did. I'm convinced I have found the right broadhead for my Crossbow, and plan to stick with them.

What to Look For in A Broadhead For Elk Hunting

The type of broadhead that is most suitable for elk will share many of the characteristics that you should be looking for in any type - consistency in flight, penetrative qualities and durability.

  • We're talking about accuracy here. Consistency in flight is really another way of saying the arrow must be able to fly accurately. If the broadhead is well designed and manufactured to a high standard it will spin properly in flight and the arrow will fly properly. Design flaws will result in slight balance issues and this will affect accuracy.

  • This point is all about penetration.  For a broadhead to be considered suitable for hunting elk it must be able to punch through the tough hide and then cut a wide hole to create large blood trails. This means it will have to be constructed of razor sharp blades and a tip that will not only create that initial entry hole but can also crash straight through bone.

  • They've got to be durable. You want your arrow heads to withstand the high impact of crashing into a solid elk. They need to do their job properly and this means maintaining their shape and, consequently, their penetration and cutting ability. The broadheads that are examined on this page are all renowned for their great durability and are not known to snap or bend when they strike the elk.

The broadheads you choose can play a big role in the success or failure of your hunting trip. Your decision may rest with a preference for two blades over three or a single piece over replaceable blades. Once you work out the combination of strength and cutting ability that is matched with the bow that you use you will be set up for a greater chance of success.

Use An Elk Hunting Bow

As a bow hunter there are a number of ways to approach setting up your gear so that you have the best chances for success when elk hunting with a bow. The first step is obviously going to be your bow. Using the best elk hunting bow possible is really just a matter of buying one of the many of the latest release compound bows on the market. It would probably be best to use a bow with a peak draw weight of 70 pounds, but even using one with a 50 pound peak weight would work.

The following is a good selection of compound bows, released in 2017 and merely used as examples, that would provide you with the power and performance suitable for elk hunting.

Bow Make / Model




Bear BR33




PSE Evolve

60, 70



Bowtech BT-X 31

50, 60, 70



Hoyt Pro Defiant Turbo

55-65, 60-70



G5 Prime Centergy

60, 65, 70, 80



Choose The Best Arrow For Hunting Elk

Another factor that should be taken into consideration along with what broadhead you use is the arrow you choose. It’s true that there are many arrows available that hunters have found to be successful when used to hunt elk, but it is also possible to put together an arrow set up that is consistently highly effective. It may be possible to make a simple switch in the type of arrow you currently use for elk hunting to get even better results.

When looking for the best possible arrow for elk hunting you should be trying to find one that delivers a lot of energy and penetration. An elk is a large animal with greater bone mass than a whitetail and it will require every ounce of energy to pass through to effect a quick and humane kill.

What is the best arrow weight for elk hunting?

The aim when hunting elk is to use an arrow that is on the heavy side. It is generally agreed that your entire arrow setup should be at least 450 grains up to around 500 grains. This is going to slow the speed of your arrow down, but it is going to ensure that the kinetic energy will be higher giving it greater stopping power.

The majority of hunters will end up choosing a 125 grain broadhead over a 100 grain to provide that extra bit of weight. This will also increase the FOC for greater penetration.

What does FOC mean?

This brings us to the question of Front of Center (FOC). The FOC is the point where the arrow is perfectly balanced. A bare shaft will have the balancing point at the midway point of the shaft. As you add the broadhead and inserts to the front and the fletching and nock to the back, the balanced center point moves.

The FOC figure describes the percentage of the arrow weight that lies in the front half of the arrow. It is important because it will control the arrow’s trajectory curve, with a high FOC providing a more stable flight but the trajectory will be shed more quickly and it will have a tendency to nose dive at the end of its flight.

The suggested FOC for hunting situations is around the 10% mark while this increases to around the 15% mark for elk hunting.

Why are smaller arrow diameters better for elk hunting?

The smaller the arrow’s diameter, the greater its penetration capability. It will fly faster through the air with less surface area to affect it and, once it hits the flesh of the elk, there is less surface area to cause it to slow down. It will be more successful in following the broadhead giving it greater penetration because of its higher momentum.

Summary of Important Features of an Arrow for Elk Hunting

  • More weight is good. Use a heavy arrow for greater penetration and momentum.

  • Use a Front of Center (FOC) setup of between 10-15%.

  • Smaller diameter arrows will fly more accurately and penetrate more deeply

What About Mechanical Broadheads For Elk?

It is true that the quality and reliability of mechanical broadheads has been improving in recent years. They are capable of stopping most large animals including elk. Perhaps it comes down to occasional bad experiences when using them but the feedback often comes back that the majority of mechanical heads do not hit hard enough or create large enough blood trails to quickly and efficiently kill an elk.

Ultimately, it comes down to shot placement and if you have the accuracy to hit the elk in the right place, it won't matter whether you use a fixed blade or a mechanical. Make no mistake, a mechanical can and does work very effectively on the larger sized animals such as elk.


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