It is possible to buy a good quality single pin bow sight for hunting without breaking the bank. We browse through some of the best available and find that if you are on a budget you can still equip yourself for a successful hunting trip.

When looking for an appropriate single pin bow sight there may be a number of different factors that people consider important, but price always comes up as a primary consideration.

On this page, we are using the cost of some of the most popular single pin bow sights for hunting as the main determining factor for basing our recommendations.

That’s not to say the 1 pin bow sights listed below are also not high quality.

On the contrary, they all perform to a very high standard. It just so happens that they are also available at a price that will suit just about everybody’s budget.

Browse through the selection of budget single pin bow sights for hunting that have been compiled below.

We have placed them in a comparison table in order of their MSRP from lowest to highest to give you an opportunity to take a high-level look.

Further down the page is a more detailed examination of each bow sight to provide their features and other important factors that may help you determine which one you will want to buy.

Budget Single Pin Bow Sights for Hunting

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Details of Single Pin Bow Sights for Hunting

The brief comparison list above provides some of the basic specifications about each of the bow sights that may be considered among the best value for money on the market. We will now take a more in-depth look at each sight listing their features as well as what you can expect if you were to purchase one.

GWS Cyclops 1 Bow Sight

Product Specifications

  • Aluminum body
  • Aperture Size: 2.25"
  • Fiber Diameter: .019"
  • Weight: 

The GWS Cyclops 1 bow sight is a particularly low cost option but it offers the hunter a worthwhile sight that might come in most handy as a backup option.

The sight features a machined aluminum sight housing to provide a durable and strong protective casing around the 2.25” sight aperture. This large round scope housing makes peep alignment even easier and there is also an oversize level built in.

The pin is bright and can be picked up in all light levels. The housing can be adjusted to suit either left- or right-handed shooters.

This sight cannot be easily adjusted in the field. If you want to adjust the elevation it will require the screws to be loosened to allow for the adjustment to be made. Once you have it sighted in it will be necessary to estimate your point of aim for other distances.

GWS Pro Hunter AR Bow Sight

Product Specifications

  • 100% Aluminum Body
  • Fiber Diameter: .019" or .029"
  • Aperture Size: 2.0"
  • Red , green or yellow pin 
  • Weight: 7.84oz

The Pro Hunter AR bow sight has been designed to offer the hunter with a reliable single pin bow sight that can be easily adjusted and is durable enough to be taken out into the field.

The sight body is made from aluminum and it contains 40” of fiber optic that is protected in a stainless steel pin tube. The sight aperture has an inside diameter of 1.75” and an outside diameter of 2.0”. The scope ring comes in green as standard and it will also contain a level.

Other notable features include precision CNC parts, laser engraved markings and a lightweight aluminum construction.

The elevation adjustment can be made as part of the sighting in process and will require a tool to complete. The windage adjustment system is tool-less. The glide bushings are Teflon filled so that they can be moved smoothly and precisely.

According to the Game Warning Systems company the sight is available ranging from $79.99 to $91.99 but it is readily available at prices considerably lower than this.

Fuse Helix Single Pin Slider Sight

Product Specifications

  • Fiber Diameter: .019"
  • Bubble level
  • Weight: n.a.

The Fuse Helix Slider bow sight has been around for a number of years now and while it was originally released with a price of around $150.00 they can still be found today at greatly reduced prices.

The single pin may be adjusted from the rear of the sight to dial up quick and accurate yard settings. From this you should be able to quickly achieve a dialled in shot each time.

The sight provides a very easy to use single pin sight for hunting that has been proven to be extremely reliable in the field.

Axion Shift Single Pin Sight

Product Specifications

  • Fiber Diameter: .019"
  • Aperture Size: 1-5/8"
  • RH or LH Adaptable
  • Rheostat Sight Light

This is a good solid adjustable single pin sight that has an easy to access adjustment knob to help you make changes in the field. It has the option of either .009” or .019” pins and the lens diameter is compact at 1-5/8”.

The scope houses two feet of wrapped fiber to ensure the sight picture is as bright as possible. It features end of travel stops to cater for low light situations and has a third axis adjustment.

It is possible to set the sight up with 4 different pin orientation positions and it can be adjusted to offer left- or right-handed shooting.

The sight also comes with an adjustable light and level.

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Sight

Product Specifications

  • Fiber Diameter: .019"
  • Delrin bushings
  • Low-light glo indicator tape
  • Bubble sight with third axis adjustability
  • Rheostat light

Not only is the Pursuit a bow sight of outstanding quality it is also great value for money.

It is a solid 1 pin bow sight with the housing made from aluminum to provide good protection of the fiber optics inside.

The single pin is highly and easily adjustable and enables the exact yardage to be dialed in with a minimum of fuss. It all works very smoothly and, importantly, silently and this is achieved from the Delrin bushings that ensure there is no metal to metal contact.

Visibility is maintained in all different light conditions thanks to the.019” optic fiber on the metal pin. This is helped by the Front Fiber Optic Ring which uses every available bit of light. Also use the Contrast Glo Ring to achieve quick target acquisition.

If the light conditions are too low to provide a clear reading from the pin it can be improved through the use of the provided rheostat light. Also included is low-light glo indicator tape and a bubble sight level with third axis adjustability.

The sight is available as either a right or left handed single pin bow sight model.

TruGlo Archers Choice Range Rover Sight

Product Specifications

  • Fiber Diameter: .010", .019"
  • Fully protected wrapped fiber
  • Zero-In Adjustment Dial
  • Laser marks for windage and elevation
  • Over 40 pre-marked yardage tapes
  • Adjustable for left- and right handed

The Range Rover model has been synonymous with the single pin bow sight for a long time and has earned the respect of many hunters over the years.

The sight features a tool-less yardage lock and an adjustable yardage-stop to customize the maximum yardage setting.

It has a new Zero-In Adjustment Dial that gives you a smooth micro-adjustment that gives you precise elevation tuning.

It also features extra long fully wrapped protected fiber in a clean circular sight housing with an all-metal pin. The sight housing accepts a 1.87" scope lens which is sold separately and it includes a removable rheostat light.

It comes with more than 40 pre-marked yardage tapes to make setting it up easier and has laser marks for windage and elevation adjustments.

Find out more about this sight and others in the range by visiting the TruGlo website.

HHA OL-3000 Opttimizer Lite Sight

Product Specifications

  • Fiber Diameter: .029"
  • Fully protected wrapped fiber
  • Scope Housing: 1-5/8"
  • Tool free windage and elevation
  • Water resistant yardage tapes
  • Leveling bubble
  • Adjustable for left- and right handed
  • Weight: 7.4 oz

The Optimizer Lite range of sights from HHA has proven to be among the most favored movable sights for hunting on the market. They are well constructed, built with features essential for smooth adjustment in the field and easy to install and use.

The model examined here features a fiber diameter of .029” and has a scope housing that measures 1-⅝”. Inside the housing sits a machined aluminum pin carrier that provides protection for the fiber.

It has tool free windage and elevation adjustments that make dialing in the correct yardage a simple process aided by a windage slider with brass pointer.

You can use what is believed to be the industry’s most accurate sight tapes that are also water resistant.

The OL-3000 is solidly built and has been proven to be tough enough to withstand all of the most adverse weather conditions possible.

Find out more about the sight and the rest of the range by visiting the HHA Sports website.

Apex Gear Covert 1 Sight

Product Specifications

  • Fiber Diameter: .019"
  • Sight Housing: 1.8"
  • Micro-adjustable windage and elevation
  • Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level
  • Adjustable micro push-button light included
  • Weight: 8.5 oz
  • Left and right handed shooters

This is an easy to use single pin bow sight that gives the shooter the ability to make one-hand adjustments using a new gear-drive elevation control.

It has Gravity-Line rotational adjustment so that the pin is aligned when the sight is moved around based on gravity. It can be used in all light conditions and has an adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level. In addition it comes with an adjustable micro push-button light.

The sight features a single pin that is made using Versa Pin technology and it is equipped with a .019” green fiber. The glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring increases visibility and helps to align the scope housing to the peep.

The sight also comes with over 120 pre-printed yardage tapes to make it easier to perform precise calibration during set-up.

HHA OL-5019 Optimizer Lite Sight

Product Specifications

  • Fiber Diameter: .019"
  • Sight Housing: 1-5/8"
  • 3 feet of fiber optics
  • ARMOR Pin Technology
  • RDS technology tape system
  • Tool-free windage and elevation adjustment
  • Weight: 8.8 oz
  • Left and right handed shooters

The Optimizer Lite series from HHA remains one of the most reliable and popular single pin brands on the market. In this case the sight features a pin size diameter of .019”.

The sight boasts 3 feet of fiber that will ensure the target can be acquired in all types of light because the sight will always be visible. The pin is protected by ARMOR Pin Technology which is a CNC machined aluminum pin guard that surrounds the fiber optic.

The elevation adjustment is easy to access and allows the adjustments to be made with a very smooth action.

The sight also has the accuracy of the RDS technology sighting tape which enables accurate distance calculations to be made after sighting in at just 2 distances. It is simple and foolproof.

This is a very good quality right and left handed single pin bow sight.

Determining Which Is the Best Single Pin Bow Sight for the Money

It is difficult to determine which one pin bow sight might be considered the best value for money.

Variables such as fiber optic diameter, sight housing size, yardage tape provided and the method of adjustment are all subjective. What matters to one hunter may be inconsequential to another.

When browsing through the many different makes and models of single pin bow sights it becomes obvious that among some of the more reasonably priced options are some high quality products that will perform well in the field.

That’s why the most expensive bow sight examined on this page, the HHA OL-5019 Optimizer Lite could easily be considered the best single pin bow sight for the money out of the entire group. Certainly, it is made by a well-regarded company, it is built with the highest quality components, it is bright, easy to adjust and suits all types of hunters.

However, if all you need is a basic model that will quickly and easily allow you to settle onto the target before you take your shot, the lower priced options may be more suited to your needs.

Certainly the best value bow sight is the one that you feel most comfortable using and results in greater shooting accuracy.

Hunting With A Single Pin Sight

There are a number of reasons why hunters choose to use a single pin sight. The housing is way more clear and uncluttered, the pin can be quickly and easily adjusted as you need it, you will find with repeated use that your accuracy will be greatly improved.

What many hunters have discovered when targeting an animal on the move when using a single-pin sight, knowing where to hold will become second nature.

The fact is, though, you will invariably have the time to dial in your yardage indicator to the exact distance you need to make the shot. The result is a far more chance of making a quick clean kill.

Low Cost Does Not Necessarily Mean Low Quality

To be clear, there are many high quality single pin bow sights available on the market and as their features increase, so do their prices.

The sights at the lower end of the price spectrum, such as the ones examined here will provide shooters with a good, reliable sight that may be considered entry level.

When you have properly sighted in these sights and have become familiar with them, they will prove to be good, consistent performers and will prepare you for the next step in your shooting evolution.

With so many very good options available at reasonable prices it is little wonder that the one pin bow sight has become increasingly popular for hunting.

When you're ready to step up to the cream of the crop you should take a close look at our selection of the Best Single Pin Slider Sights.


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