The popularity of wrist strap bow releases is due to the convenience of having them attached to you during your entire hunt.

Of the various mechanisms in use the double caliper is the most popular and that’s why there is a significant number of different makes and models available to choose from.

What Is A Double Caliper Bow Release?

Firstly, let’s start with the idea of a caliper release. These releases are activated by either a single moving jaw or two moving jaws when a trigger has been deployed. A double caliper release (often also referred to as a dual caliper release) is the latter of these two examples while the other is known as a single caliper release.

In other words, the release head consists of a pair of jaws that can be locked around a D-loop which is attached to the bow string or directly to the bow string itself. This allows the string to be drawn back by the archer while it is safely captured by the release.

When the archer is ready to fire the arrow, the trigger is deployed and this will open the jaws simultaneously to release the string and fire the bow.

Why Is the Double Caliper Release So Popular?

A lot of archers prefer the fact no contact is made to the bow string once both jaws have opened and this is why it is a popular style of wrist release.

The smooth opening of both jaws places less wear on the D-loop as it is deployed. This means the consistency over a long period of use is maintained.

The perfect co-ordination of the jaw deployment also means there is no torque at the shot and that means greater accuracy.

Searching For the Best Possible Double Caliper Bow Release

On this page we examine a selection of double caliper releases that are currently available from all of the major manufacturers and compare their various features. This should arm you with enough information to be able to make a decision about which one would be most suitable for your hunting needs.

It should be noted that the prices that are quoted are the suggested retail price from the respective manufacturers. It is possible to find better prices when specials have been applied or during sale periods.

Make / Model



  • Teflon-coated aluminum head
  • Self-closing jaws
  • Adjustable trigger tension
  • Choice of leather buckle or Velcro strap
  • $44.99

  • Spring Loaded jaws
  • Adjustable trigger travel
  • Compact head
  • Threaded rod for length adjustment
  • Foldback option
  • $49.99

  • Black aluminum jaws
  • Trigger grip bands
  • Flex connector
  • Extreme length adjustment
  • $49.99

  • Small sized caliper release
  • Micro-adjustable length
  • Swivel head to remove torque
  • $59.99

  • Hyperjaw style
  • NCS connector system
  • Compact ergonomic body
  • Leather buckle strap
  • $64.99

  • Pinch to Close calipers
  • Flexible spring connector
  • Fully adjustable trigger
  • Length adjustable to 1-1/4”
  • $69.99

  • Solid swivel connector
  • 5-hole length adjustment
  • Forward-positioned knurled trigger
  • $69.99

  • Globo-swivel connection
  • 360 degree torque-free head
  • Adjustable trigger tension
  • $69.99

  • Small release head
  • Leather buckle foldback strap
  • Over 1” length adjustment
  • $74.99

  • Trigger adjustment
  • Swivel stem connector offering 11 length settings
  • Roller-sear jaw design
  • $84.99

  • Hyper Jaw Technology
  • Stainless steel auto closing jaws
  • Knurled trigger
  • Solid swivel connector with 4-hole length adjustment
  • Cam-Lock fold back connector
  • $89.99

    Description of Double Caliper Finger Trigger Bow Releases

    Now that we have had a chance to take a brief side-by-side look at a range of double caliper bow releases we will take a more detailed look at each model. Below is a short review of each release that explains the main features along with the reported pros and cons.

    Read through the details of each to get a better understanding of what it is that differentiates each product.

    TRU Ball Stinger

    The Stinger is the lead wrist release in the TRU Ball line-up in terms of popularity with hunters.

    It is made with a machined head that features a trigger that operates smoothly and silently. The Teflon-coated aluminum double jaws will open when the trigger is pulled back and will close again when the trigger is released.

    It can be easily adjusted for trigger tension and length.

    The connector is a rigid rod that can be tucked back when not in use and the ergonomic anodized head measures ½”. It is available with either a black or camo head and a choice of a black leather buckle strap or camo Velcro strap.

    Frankly, for a simple and reliable release that will prove to be solid and durable, it is difficult to go any further than the Stinger, particularly at the price.


    • Smooth self-closing jaws operate silently
    • Adjustable trigger tension
    • Represents great value for money


    • Wrist strap is not quite long enough for some people

    Take a look at this comprehensive review of the TRU Ball Stinger presented by Archery Supplies

    Tru-Fire Smoke Buckle Foldback

    The Smoke is a nicely compact double caliper wrist release that features spring loaded jaws for a crisp, clean release every shot and a neat forward trigger head that fits nicely in the finger.

    The rigid connector rod is threaded and can be turned for simple length adjustment as required. The trigger travel also adjusts smoothly up to 5/8” so that the trigger can be set either light or heavy.

    The connector rod can be folded back out of the way when it is not in use to leave the hands unencumbered to perform close tasks. The buckle wrist strap is comfortable so that you will barely notice that it’s on.

    This release will fit both left and right-handed archers.

    Find out more about this product and all of the available releases by visiting the Feradyne Outdoors website.


    • Easily holds 60-70 lbs draw weight
    • The foldback feature works very nicely


    • Can fray the D-loop over continued use

    Take a look at the video review of the Smoke that has been presented for Tru-Fire by Mark Drury

    B3 Rival

    The Rival double caliper release was first introduced for the 2019 season and it has brought a good deal to the table for archers looking for quality components.

    The Rival is a great looking release that features black anodised aluminum jaws and a trigger furnished with grip bands to help with improving shooting precision.

    The connector is nylon flex that makes adjustment very simple and offers a wide range of length adjustment. The flexible nature of the connector also means that it is possible to tuck the release into the sleeve when it is not in use.

    The leather buckle wrist strap is comfortable and provides you with a secure strap that will sit lightly.

    The Rival is available in a choice of 4 head colors: black, red, blue and green.

    Find out about this product and more by visiting the B3 Archery website.


    • Trigger grip bands for greater control
    • Infinite length adjust from the sturdy flex connector
    • Great value for money


    • Company is in its infancy so the release is unproven

    TRU Ball Predator

    The Predator release has been created as a small sized double caliper release that will give you the micro adjustments you require to get it perfectly customized to suit your shooting needs.

    The caliper head and jaws measures ½” which is similar to the company’s Assassin and Bandit releases. You just have to pull the trigger to open the jaws and then let up to close them again and you’re ready to draw.

    The head is attached to a swivel feature that enables the release to be activated while removing any torque that might affect accuracy.

    The connector features a micro-adjustable screw that allows the length to be adjusted to the smallest degree giving you the ability to dial in to whatever draw length and anchor point you need.

    This is a caliper release that will allow you to draw the string or D-loop with complete confidence.


    • Easy to adjust infinite length settings
    • Trigger opens and closes jaws for easy deployment


    • Sizing is small and may not fit larger archers

    Scott Legacy

    The Legacy features the Hyperjaw style of dual caliper jaws that has helped to make the Scott name one that stands prominently in the bow release market.

    The Hyper Jaw design has been created so that pressure on the loop is distributed evenly for great consistency. The design also provides you with jaws that are auto closing allowing you to set up more quickly. 

    It uses the proven Scott roller sear design so you can be sure it will be reliable when you pull the trigger.

    The NCS connector strap provides you with the versatility of infinite length adjustment so you can custom fit it for a more comfortable shooting experience. This type of connector also allows you to tuck it into your sleeve out of the way when it is not in use.

    The wrist strap is a leather buckle strap that will feel comfortable when it’s on.

    Find out more about the product along with all the other releases available at the Scott Archery website.


    • Hyper Jaw design that delivers consistency and reduced torque
    • NCS connector provides infinite length adjustment


    • Can be difficult to attach to the D-loop

    Cobra Maverick

    The Maverick is a tough and durable release that has been built with a feature or two that is not seen in comparable products.

    The first is the Pinch-to-Close design which gives the archer the option of using their fingers to attach the release to the string. It is also possible to use the trigger to perform that task, but it gives you the chance to make the attachment in exactly the position you want.

    The second is the spring lanyard connector which gives you the benefits of a post connector with the versatility that allows it to be flexed to position it in such a way that it provides less torque at release.

    The release is also very adjustable with the trigger adjustment fully available as well as up to 1-1/4” of length adjustment.

    The wrist strap is soft and comfortable and can be easily tightened into place for a secure fit.


    • Reliable release that has proven durability
    • Nice Pinch-to-Close option


    • None cited

    Take a look at the video of a review of the Maverick presented by Cobra Archery:

    Scott Shark

    The Shark is one of the most popular dual caliper wrist releases currently on the market today. It is well priced and is equipped with simple but effective features that serves the needs of a wide range of hunters.

    The Shark is the release that has replaced the wildly popular Saber Tooth and it continues the tradition of simple components that work reliably over a long period of time.

    The release uses a solid swivel connector that can be adjusted using the company’s patented 5-hole length adjustment.

    The forward-positioned knurled trigger means that the draw length can be maximized ensuring no loss of arrow speed. The trigger is very sensitive to engage and, although it is possible to adjust the travel, it has been reported that there is little to no difference after adjustment.

    After the trigger has been deployed it will not automatically load back to its forward position. This must be done manually which is a feature that some people appreciate while others find it irritating.

    The wrist strap is a buckle strap and it provides a solid anchor point for the release.

    The jaws hold steady at full draw, the release is smooth and dependable and the vast majority of shooters who have used it have reported that shot accuracy has improved significantly as a result of using it.

    Find out more about the product along with all the other releases available at the Scott Archery website.


    • Swivel connector ensures shooting comfort
    • Solid construction


    • Extremely light trigger
    • Trigger will not automatically return to its forward position

    Take a look at the video review of the Scott Shark release presented by

    TRU Ball Assassin

    The Assassin release has been packed with features to offer the archer the ability to customize it perfectly so that it suits all purposes.

    The connector is more than simply a way to attach the caliper head to the wrist strap. It has incorporated a drop-away solid-rod globo-swivel connection with draw length adjustment. All of this means that it will release crisply and feel comfortable in the hand at full draw.

    The trigger operates to open the jaws when pulled and it will then close them again when you let up.

    The head swivels through 360 degrees so that it is torque-free upon release. The jaws move independently of one another and it uses an inner/ramp firing mechanism.

    It is possible to adjust the trigger tension to a light or heavy trigger pull and the length adjustment ensures it will suit small and large hands.

    This is a solidly constructed release made from machined-aluminum and steel and it operates smoothly and silently. It has taken the hunting wrist release to the level where all serious shooters will be happy.


    • Smooth silent operation
    • Good trigger travel
    • Trigger breaks clean


    • The compact design will not suit larger hands

    Take a look at the video review of the Assassin release presented by

    Tru-Fire Edge Buckle Foldback

    The Edge range of releases from Tru-Fire have been created with the head that measures smaller than a dime. It is a compact design that will ensure it will provide maximum performance while being barely noticeable when it is not in use.

    It uses a leather foldback Evolution buckle strap which has proven to be comfortable as well as effective for removing the head from the hands for when delicate tasks are being undertaken.

    The trigger moves in a linear fashion for a smooth trigger feel and the jaws open when the trigger is pulled back, closing again when it is let up.

    A feature introduced into this particular release is the lock-down screw setting used to assist with changing the length of the release and then, when happy with the length tightening the screw so that the length is locked in place.

    The Edge Buckle Foldback is available in either youth or adult sizes and you can get in either black or camo in the adult size or in camo for the youth.

    This is quite a popular double caliper release that has been widely used by hunters for a number of years now with positive results.

    Find out more about this product and all of the available releases by visiting the Feradyne Outdoors website.


    • The small head and jaws help to make it easy to use
    • The foldback feature works very well to the point where you forget you’ve got it on
    • The buckle strap is comfortable and ensures that it can be put on or removed silently


    • Extremely small and will not fit all archers

    Take a look at the video review of the Edge Buckle Foldback release presented by Feradyne Outdoors

    B3 Alpha

    The Alpha release is a well-constructed piece of equipment that has been designed to provide the archer a sturdy and reliable double caliper style release.

    The release trigger, which is knurled for better grip and feel, can be adjusted to offer either a light or heavy trigger pull. The connector is a swivel stem that gives you the choice of 11 different length settings.

    The jaws use a roller sear design so they won’t automatically close shut after they have been activated to open. That will have to be performed manually.

    This is a very well made double caliper bow release from a fledgling company with a strong background in archery so they know exactly what the bow hunter is looking for in a product.

    Find out about this product and more by visiting the B3 Archery website.


    • The connection system is solid and very adjustable
    • Trigger adjustment allows you to customize
    • Knurled trigger post is effective


    • None found

    Scott Jaws

    The new Jaw double caliper release has been based off of the successful Shark design incorporating Scott Hyper Jaw technology. This means the jaws are capable of moving independently from one another to create a perfectly clean release.

    The jaws of the release are made from stainless steel and they sit at the end of a solid swivel connector that offers 4 length adjustment points.

    It also has a cam-lock fold back strap connector built into the wrist strap so the release can be moved out of the way when it is not in use.

    The leather wrist strap has been made with the inclusion of neoprene to help keep it comfortable.

    This is the newest double caliper release from Scott Archery and it has been designed to incorporate all of the features that has made the Shark so popular with the newer features to make it even better.

    To find out more about the Jaws you can visit the Scott Archery website.


    • Hyper Jaw technology provides a smoother release
    • Cam-lock fold back strap connector
    • Swivel connector provides 4 length adjustment levels


    • None cited

    Take a look at the video review of the Jaws release presented by Evolved Bowhunting Outdoors

    The fact that a dual caliper release uses jaws that open simultaneously is the reason why they have become so popular with hunters.

    The equal impact of friction on the D-loop means that there is no torque involved and this means there is no interference to the trajectory of the arrow.

    Many archers have found that if they are shooting with the release attached directly to the string, the dual caliper will drop the string straight forward and will prove to be the most accurate method. It will also provide less wear on the bowstring.

    In short, it is designed to provide the shooter with a more accurate shot.

    The Place of the Dual Caliper in the World of Bow Releases

    The fact is, the dual caliper release is just one of the options available to archers who are looking for a mechanical release method.

    When it comes to trigger activated releases where the release is attached to the wrist by means of a strap, the choice is the single caliper release and the dual caliper release.

    Both work admirably well and suit shooters who are used to pulling a trigger similar to when using a rifle.

    Handheld releases provide the same job but in a slightly different way.

    You can choose either thumb release in which the release mechanism is operated by the thumb or there is the back tension release which is triggered by pulling back after reaching full draw.

    There is no right or wrong release to choose. Similarly, there is no such thing as “the best” release to use.

    Everyone becomes accustomed to different release methods. Some people like shooting a heavy trigger, others like it to be extremely light.

    Some people like to know when the arrow is going to be released and want to take responsibility for that. Others believe there is less chance of target panic if they don’t know exactly when the release will be triggered.

    Out of all of the releases mentioned above, the dual caliper release enjoys enormous popularity and has been proven to be instrumental in improving the shooting performance of many bow hunters.


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