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The ultimate pair of elk hunting pants will enhance your hunting success (or at least ensure your performance does not worsen) and guarantee that your overall hunting experience is enjoyable. 

An appropriate pair of pants for successful/satisfying elk hunts should guarantee that you are not only undetectable, but also warm and dry.

It is also critical that the pants worn on elk hunts offer sufficient comfort to withstand/endure through unbearably cold, wet, and generally miserable conditions.

The pants selected for this list are comfortable pants to wear for elk hunts because they (most) are lightweight, warm, water resistant, and breathable.

Some pants are particularly great for hunting elk because they consider scent neutralization, abrasion resistance, and most importantly noise suppression.  

We have listed the pants in alphabetic order based on the pant manufacturer as well as provided size options, pant weight and camo/color finishes they’re available in. We have also quoted the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for each to give an indication of what you might expect to pay.

Comparison List of Hunting Pants for Hunting Elk

Make / Model




Colors /




30” – 35”

17 oz

Dry Earth, First Lite Cipher, Fusion, Conifer, Ash Grey




20.8 oz

Dark Grey, Black, Dark Olive



32” – 35”

24 oz




29” – 34”

18.5 oz

Valo, Verde, Vias, Black, Bourbon, Buckskin, Gunmetal, Khaki, Loden, Major Brown, Navy




16 oz

Real Tree Original, Edge, Escape, Break-Up Country



31” – 34.5”

12 oz

Optifade Subalpine, Optifade Open Country, Pyrite



31” – 34.5”

29.6 oz

Optifade Subalpine, Optifade Open Country, Lead, Moss


Description of Elk Hunting Pants

Featured below are more comprehensive reviews of the features of each of the listed elk hunting pants from above.

Each of these brief pant reviews aims to provide you with extra information that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features.

The descriptions should also help you in determining which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of effectiveness, comfort and performance.

First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants

Inspired by rock climbing and mountaineering, First Lite’s Corrugate Guide Pant is both incredibly lightweight and breathable with an ultra-durable construction to tolerate and handle all but the harshest of conditions.  

Though an uncomplicated design concept, these pants are incredibly reliable. Constructed with a durable nylon fabric, the pants have built-in 4-way stretch for unrestricted range-of-motion and are coated with a Durable Water Repellent finish for all-weather capability, making them (in most conditions) excellent for spotting and stalking elk or even remaining stationary.

These pants generally run true to size and are considered to be an athletic fit. This suggests that your best option is to purchase your regular size and then wear the pants over or under additional layers. 

Storage is ample and highly accessible thanks to the feature of 3D double cargo pockets. Each thigh features a zippered compartment and a drop-in pocket which can hold a wide range of essential items. There are also belt and suspender loops (suspenders not included though) included in the design.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the First Lite website.

Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers

Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers are durable, weather-resistant pants. Excellent for trekking through forests, mountains, and the backcountry in general, these pants are great for spot and stalk elk hunts. 

The pants are built from tough, durable, wind and water-resistant G-1000 fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton). Though the pants are not as quiet as garments made from wool or other natural fibers, they do not attract attention of elk when stalking/moving efficiently.   

The rear and knees of the pants are reinforced with double layers for greater durability in these high wear zones. The knees are also pre-shaped and have openings to accommodate knee pads. 

In addition to an elastic strap adjustment, these pants have a regular mid waist and a regular fit to provide a secure, comfortable fit. There are six pockets in total: two hand pockets, a large map pocket with an inside mesh phone pocket on the right leg, a practical smaller pocket on the side of the left leg for a multitool, and two other pockets on the left leg.

Note that sizing is quite difficult as Fjallraven is a Swedish company and therefore uses European clothing sizes.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Fjallraven website.

Kryptek Bora Pant

Kryptek’s Bora series is one of their most advanced collection to date and this is particularly true for the Bora Pants. 

Designed with die-hard hunters in mind, these pants are built help hunters successfully trek through some of the harshest and most demanding environments, all while remaining comfortable. They are the ideal combination of wind, water, and moisture management technology. 

This tough, soft-shell pant is fabricated with a synthetic (polymer) blend and is designed to ensure you remain warm against wind and perspiration, but not too warm that you overheat. The pants are ideal for mild to cold temperatures.

The pants include several features designed to enhance your overall movement. They are athletically cut, anatomically shaped, exceptionally constructed, and uses four-way stretch material which allows for maximum mobility and a full range of motion (unrestricted range of motion). 

The pant shell provides great tear and abrasion resistance, allowing you to trek through particularly sharp underbrush unharmed.

The design features a windproof and water-resistant cover as well as incredibly sophisticated fabric technology c-change which actively reacts to changing temperature and moisture levels in your body. 

During low activity sessions (e.g., glassing or sitting) the polymer structure of the c-change contracts and holds the heat close to your body warmth, while during high activity sessions, the membrane opens, allowing heat and moisture to escape.

The pants generally have a true to size fit, therefore you should order your regular size. These pants have an inner waist suspender attachment and cohesive cord locks. For added comfort, the pants have a brushed tricot waist. The pants also have four very accessible pockets.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Kryptek website.

KUIU Attack Pants

KUIU Attack Pants are nice and simple pants to wear for days of elk hunting. They are incredibly durable and comfortable, yet also provide ample warmth, breathability, and weather resistance to enhance the success and satisfaction of your elk hunts.

Another valuable quality of these pants is that they are ultra-versatile, more specifically, they perform well in a wide range of temperatures and repel water effectively which makes them appropriate pants to wear from early season through to late season. 

Built with 4-way stretch Primeflex polyester, this pant fabric is remarkably soft, stretchy, and of an overall high quality, guaranteeing your comfort will be maximized while wearing the pants. The pants are also coated with Durable Water Repellent for added water resistance.

These pants provide exceptional mobility which can be attributed to the well-designed fit, stretch fabric, articulated knees, and the gusseted crotch. Wearing the pants, you will easily notice that the pants move along with your movements and gives you a full, unlimited range of motion.   

Mesh lined pockets reduces the weight of the pants and provides great breathability. There are also two mesh hip vents which provide useful climate control, and the pant interior is brushed to eliminate chafing and general discomfort.

As for the pockets, there are two open hand pockets, two zippered cargo pockets, and two zippered seat pockets.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the KUIU website.

ScentLok Technologies Full Season Taktix Pants

Arguably the best elk hunting pants relative to price level, ScentLok Full Season Taktix Pants effectively conceals your presence from elk (and other game), thanks to its odor absorption technology and remarkably quiet design and materials. 

They are incredibly comfortable pants to wear for mid-season hunts as they have a great ability to remain dry and retain heat. The design is a perfect combination of feature-rich and action ready.

The pants are fitted with unique Carbon Alloy technology which maximizes odor absorption to keep you hidden and less likely to be smelled in fields and woods. The technology allows hunters to take their time when getting the perfect shot and is especially useful if you are unable (for whatever reason) to use the wind to remain undetected. 

These pants also feature Never Wet technology which is a super hydrophobic coating that substantially repels water, blood, mud, and other liquids. In addition to the Never Wet technology, the pants are crafted with moisture-wicking fabric to ensure you remain dry and comfortable. 

As far as heating goes, the pants are lined with micro-fleece for enhanced warmth. 

Articulated knees and gusseted inner thighs provide the pants with superior mobility and flexibility in the field. For a secure fit, the pants are designed with side waistband elastic and rear waistband grip.

There are eight pockets (including two side seam pockets) to keep your essentials close and at the ready. The legs of the pants also feature 18” leg zippers which allows for easy on/off over boots.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the ScentLok Technologies website.

Sitka Gear Ascent Pants

Sitka’s Ascent Pants are best suited for early season hunts; therefore, it is better to hunt elk in these pants when weather is mild or warm rather than cool. 

The warm weather of early-season hunts demands breathable hunting gear, and these lightweight, ultra-tough softshell pants certainly provide sufficient breathability to ensure you remain cool and level-headed on your hunts.    

The pants are constructed with a stretch Cordura nylon woven blend which is 60% Cordura, 30% nylon, and 10% Spandex. The breathability/moisture wicking ability of the pants is immense, due in large part to the durable 4-way stretch fabric. 

This lightweight blend and articulated fit delivers a wide range of motion and free movement. With great abrasion resistance, the pants hold up well against heavy abrasions from underbrush and gravel. 

Though these pants offer little to no water resistance, the blend helps the pants dry incredibly fast while also keeping the wearer cool in the heat. Polygiene odor control technology is also added to the pants to safely neutralize sweat-causing odor.

The pants also feature internal mesh knee pad pockets for greater protection (if desired), and mesh-backed pockets for additional ventilation. 

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Sitka Gear website.

Sitka Timberline Pants

The Timberline Pants from Sitka is incredibly tough, designed to be uncompromising and withstand the conditions expected while hunting mid-to-late season. 

This is an ultra-durable, comfortable design that provides excellent wind and water protection and keeps hunters very warm by efficiently retaining heat. 

This softshell pant is built with 4-way durable stretch woven polyester. This heavy-duty shell makes these pants great for staying warm in cold weather. The pants have a Durable Water Repellent finish for resisting light precipitation and preventing the face from wetting out.

The knees and seat of the pants are reinforced with a waterproof nylon ripstop fabric for enhanced wind protection, water repellence and breathability. Additionally, the inside of the belt line includes fleece lining for even greater warmth. 

The pants include removable articulated knee pads for improved comfort and durability. The pants have an athletic fit, tapered legs, a gusseted crotch, and low-profile waist to help mobility without bunching or chafing beneath the pack. 

Suspenders are included with the pants, and they are light with rubber lining along the interior to prevent them from slipping off your shoulders.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Sitka Gear website.

What to Look for When Buying Pants for Elk Hunting

When hunting elk, you will want to be protected from a cold, wet, and an overall miserable experience while also having optimized comfort and stealth (for spot and stalk hunters). Below this there are various factors which you should consider before purchasing pants. 

Note that the importance of each factor will largely depend on your hunting style and location of hunts, meaning that the fabric composition of the pants you select should align with expected conditions and most importantly should allow you to remain comfortable.


Durability is critical for any type of hunting, in any conditions or locations because you should get plenty of use out of your garments to be able to consider them worthwhile. 

A durable pant should withstand/repel snags, rips, and abrasions in general. Typically, durable pants will be crafted with a blend of synthetic fabrics and feature reinforced materials in high wear zones and/or anti-rip technology for greater toughness and long-lasting performance. 

The Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers and the Sitka Timberline Pants are good examples of pants with additional protection in the seat and knees for greater toughness and durability. Additionally, many of the pants listed above design their pants with a tough shell to give the pants sufficient toughness to survive outdoors.

Weight, Flexibility, and Compactness 

Your pants may have numerous features, be incredibly tough and durable, and protect you from all types of weather, but if they are uncomfortable to move in or even sit in, then they are essentially worthless to wear on your hunts. 

Pants which are lightweight, flexible, and not too bulky are perfect for comfort and mobility in addition to storing in your pack. It is also important to note that many great pants are designed with 4-way stretch and features such as a gusseted crotch and tapered legs for unrestricted range of motion/enhanced mobility.

Though limiting weight helps with mobility, it may not help with keeping you warm or protected from underbrush. Pants which way more generally have greater insulation and reinforcement in high wear zones, consequently, the lightest pant does not typically equate to the most useful pant when hunting elk. 

Scent control and Noise Suppression 

When you are hunting elk, it is essential that you suppress noise and control your scent, particularly on spot and stalk hunts. 

Natural fibers like wool are incredibly quiet and prevent odors better than synthetic fabrics. However, natural fabrics such as wool takes a long time to dry, holds a lot of water weight materials, and does not last as long as synthetic materials.

Some pants will use a combination of synthetic and natural materials (e.g., the Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers) to achieve a quiet, (fairly) odorless pant, that also has the benefits of synthetic pants. 

Many waterproof fabrics are noisy in the field and are best avoided when remaining hidden is integral to your hunts. However, there are some pants that provide good protection against water while also being quiet. ScentLok Full Season Taktix Pants allows you to remain hidden and protected from water thanks to the utilization of waterproof technology. 

Weather Protection and Breathability

The level of weather protection and breathability that you will need on your hunts will significantly depend on the level of activity you expect to perform and where you are hunting.

If you expect to do a considerable amount of hunting in wind, rain, and even snow, then it would be wise to wear pants with plenty of protection against severe weather to ensure you remain dry. For active hunters, having pants which uses breathable material or technology in the design is very important because moisture wicking pants keeps you dry, minimizes your sweat, and consequently limits your scent. 

Additionally, since elk is generally hunted mid-season, it is important that you remain warm on your hunts. Proper layering will help with this, as will insulation. Note that the more insulated your pant is, the less waterproof it generally is.

A Final Word

The selected hunting pants provide excellent water-resistance, warmth, and breathability, all while being comfortably lightweight, which makes them exceptional pants for hunting elk.

These pants will keep you comfortable and satisfied on your hunt, but more importantly, they should help with the success of your shots.

Conveniently, some of the pants listed above are incredibly versatile and make for great mid-layers on cold winter days.

Therefore, if you wish to remain dry, mobile, and comfortable while hunting elk early season through to late season, any of the listed pants will satisfy your needs and keep you enthusiastic for future hunts.

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