When you need protection but the weather is warm, a lightweight hunting jacket is the perfect option. We take a look at a selection of good quality outer layer jackets that use some of the most advanced techniques that allows for breathability and comfort while still getting the waterproofing, wind protection, camouflage, insect protection and barrier against sharp objects that you’re looking for.

Different Time Of Year Means A Different Jacket

There are a couple of extra things that you will want to protect against when hunting during the earlier parts of the season.

There is a much better chance that the weather is going to be good. In fact, it could be quite warm in the early season and this means a tendency to sweat more and create an even greater odor. You will still want to cover up while hunting but you don’t need the heavily insulated hunting jacket that you wear in the late season.

That’s where the lightweight hunting jacket will be necessary. A good set of warm weather hunting clothes will give you the necessary protection from the outside elements while helping to keep you fresh and focused for the hunt.

The usual reasons for wearing a good quality hunting jacket still apply in warmer temperatures. Things like:

But when the temperature is warmer there are going to be some additional distractions you’re going to have to deal with and this means there are some extra features you will require in your jacket.

A good early season hunting jacket might also need:

  • Breathability

  • Moisture wicking properties

  • Highly effective odor control

  • Insect repellent capabilities

Lightweight Hunting Jacket List At A Glance

Some of the jackets that have been included below in our list of lightweight hunting jackets not only provide the features that you expect in a hunting jacket such as breathability, silence, moisture wicking properties and comfort but also help to repel insects. You will most commonly see them referred to as early season jackets.

The jackets in the table below have been presented along with the commonly available sizes that they can be bought in, the color or camouflage pattern that they are made in and the manufacturer's recommended sale price. The quoted price should be used as a guide only because it is very likely that you will be able to find each jacket for even less.

Make / Model




Sitka Jetream Lite Jacket


Optifade Open Country



Realtree Xtra



AP Realtree


Scent Blocker Knock Out Hunting Jacket


Realtree Xtra






Realtree Xtra



Optifade Subalpine



Mossy Oak Break-Up Country


Description of Lightweight Hunting Jackets

Further details of the features and properties of the jackets that were listed above have been added below. We have expanded on the information about each of the lightweight hunting jackets to give you a clearer idea of what each jacket has to offer.

Sitka Jetstream Lite

Sitka Jetream Lite Jacket

Product Features

  • Wind Stopper laminate
  • Four way stretch side and shoulder panels
  • Two zippered chest pockets
  • Camo color available:
    Optifade Concealment Open Country

The Jetstream Lite offers the hunter a jacket that is highly weather resistant. It is an outerwear jacket that uses the Windstopper Softshell membrane but it has been designed with a streamlined fit. The streamlined fit has been made possible thanks to the stretch panels.

The idea with the jacket is that it can be worn and remain comfortable in warmer weather. Then, when the weather starts to turn cold it acts as the outer layer that sits over the top of warmer clothes.

The jacket is available in Burnt Orange, Lead or Optifade Open Country.

Visit the Sitka Gear website for more details.

ScentLok Savanna Crosshair Jacket

Product Features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Interlock Fabric
  • Carbon Alloy Technology
  • Antimicrobial Treatment
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Three pockets for storage (2 waist & 1 chest)
  • Safety harness access opening
  • Stretch fit cuffs help lock in scent

This is an early season hunting jacket that will offer a good lightweight option to counter warm weather.

It is made from polyester interlock inner and outer fabric. It has also been treated with Carbon Alloy technology with activated carbon to absorb odor.

The cuffs are stretch-it to keep them tight against the arms. Other features include 3 pockets for greater storage and a safety harness access hole.

The jacket is available in Mossy Oak Break-Up County or Realtree Xtra.

More information about this jacket and other items can be found on the ScentLok website.

Game Hide ElimiTick Cover Up Jacket

Product Features

  • Full Front Zip
  • Two slash style front pockets
  • Elastic Cuffs
  • Soft and silent Hush Hide fabric
  • Insect Shield protectio
  • Close Focus: 14.78 feet
  • Dimensions (HxW): 4.29” x 1.3”
  • Weight: 3.1 oz

This is a jacket that has specifically been made for the warm weather hunts when hunting in tick-infested woods. It is designed to repel biting insects such as ticks and chiggers among others.

The jacket is light and roomy and will keep you comfortable when it is on. It is also silent when you move, made from Hush Hide, a soft, silent fabric that is 100% cotton-free which means it won't shrink or fade. it is a packable garment and will prove to be up to 40% lighter than other comparable size jackets.

It has Insect Shield repellent treatment that has been bonded with the fabric.

The other very nice feature of this jacket is the price. It is possible to get great insect protection in a breathable jacket for less than $60.

More information about the features of this jacket can be found on the Game Hide website.

ScentBlocker Knock Out Jacket

Scent Blocker Knock Out Hunting Jacket

Product Features

  • Trinity Technology
  • MicroWick Technology
  • XLT 4 Direction stretch fabric
  • Full zip design
  • Three pockets
  • BodyLock elastic waist and cuffs
  • Available in 2 camo colors:
    Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
    Realtree Edge

The jacket has been created using Xtreme Lightweight Technology construction with the intention that it be used during early season hunts. The mobility of the hunter is enhanced thanks to the 4 Direction stretch fabric that is used.

All important moisture wicking properties ensure that sweat is quickly taken away from the skin and trapped in the fabric. This will keep odors from escaping.

Plenty of thought has also been given to the way in which the jacket will be used with pockets placed in strategic spots such as the 2 hand pockets and 1 chest pocket.

More information about this and other jackets can be found by visiting the Scent Blocker website.

Under Armour Storm ColdGear Infrared Scent Control Speed Freek Jacket

Product Features

  • UA ColdGear Infrared Technology
  • UA Scent Control Technology
  • UA Storm DWR finish
  • Ultra-quiet softshell fabric
  • Secure zip chest and hand pockets
  • Backpack integration system
  • Tree harness compatible
  • Camo color available:
    Mossy Oak Highlander

The protection of parallel limb compound bows is the aim of this bow case and it is done particularly well. Custom foam inserts ensure secure positioning of the bow. The case is fitted with wheels to make moving it around simple. The case has trigger release latches that can be retrofitted with TSA accepted locking latches if you are planning air travel.

This is the ultimate bow storage case that offers a waterproof and dust proof design. The cushioned grip even makes carrying it a comfortable experience. This is the highest priced case in the list but it is also the case that received the highest rating.

Walls 10X Lockdown Softshell Jacket

Product Features

  • Wind-resistant two-way stretch fabric
  • 100% Polyester
  • Adjustable hem, inner sleeve cuff
  • 2 hand warmer, 2 chest and 1 sleeve pocket
  • 2 camo colors available:
    Mossy Oak Break Up Country
    Realtree Xtra

This is a lightweight jacket that is designed for comfort as well as performance. It is very breathable but it still offers wind resistance thanks to the two-way stretch fabric.

Being a softshell jacket it is also very quiet and gives an athletic fit. The jacket traps warm air and also wicks moisture away to keep you dry and comfortable.

There is also plenty of storage spots around the jacket with two front hand warmer pockets, two chest pockets and a sleeve pocket.

Sitka Gear Thunderhead Jacket

Product Features

  • Brushed polyester knit face
  • Gore-Tex laminate
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Drop-Away hood
  • Camo Color Available:
    Optifade Subalpine

The Thunderhead is designed as rain gear for the big game hunter in mild to cool temperatures when hunting in a vegetated terrain. The jacket features a Gore-Tex laminate coating to provide a good quality water barrier. In addition it has a brushed polyester knit face so that it will be quiet as you move through dense undergrowth.

The water resistance is known as a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish and it will be effective when subjected to light precipitation situations.

Other nice features to be aware of include a zippered chest pocket that will provide easy access to small items and a drop-away hood that will not hinder the peripheral vision and will stow out of the way when not in use.

The jacket is designated by the company as the type of hunting gear that is suitable for those engaging in ground ambush or spot and stalk tactics.

ScentLok Savanna Reign Jacket

Product Features

  • Carbon Alloy technology
  • NeverWet technology
  • Moisture wicking
  • Hooded design with built-in facemask
  • Spandex Cuff
  • Safety Harness Opening
  • Three pockets
  • Camo Colors Available:
    Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
    Mossy Oak Bottomlands
    True Timber Kanati
    Realtree Edge

The Reign is part of the warm weather gear that has been given the ScentLok Carbon Alloy odor absorption treatment. But where this is a little different from other lightweight jackets in the company’s range is the use of the NeverWet hydrophobic coating that helps to repel liquid.

So that you can keep cool and comfortable while wearing the jacket, the fabric has moisture wicking properties that effectively draw sweat away from the body and to the outer surface.

Functional additions such as the inclusion of a safety harness opening as well as three easily accessible pockets also makes this a good jacket for use in a tree stand.

The jacket is available in a range of different camo patterns making it suitable for wearing in a wide variety of overgrowth and undergrowth locations and situations.

Take a look at the other types of hunting jackets that have been examined elsewhere on the site.

More jackets that have been put through their paces cover all types of weather conditions and hunting scenarios such as our examination of mid-weight hunting jackets for the early to mid-season conditions.

A selection of hunting rain jackets have also been considered if you're more concerned about keeping dry. Or you can turn your existing clothes into all-weather options by treating them with a hydrophobic spray.

For later in the season as the temperatures really start to drop you might want to get yourself into something that will keep you completely warm. This is where our examination of the Warmest Insulated Hunting Jackets will come in handy.

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