There are numerous factors that can contribute to consistent shooting performance and accuracy. One of the components that is regularly overlooked is the scope mount that you use to keep the rifle scope steady.

While it is possible to use the mounting system that has been recommended by the scope manufacturer and get good results, there are some great quality scope mounts that will do a much better job.

In fact, the top precision rifle shooters choose aftermarket scope mounts from the better manufacturers such as Burris, LaRue, Seekins and Nightforce.

While the better quality scope mounts are considered best by the top professionals, this doesn’t mean that they are right for the average Joe. As long as your scope rings and mounting system give you the solid control and performance at a good price, this should be enough. But you need to be able to compare models to make that decision.

A well designed and built scope mount consists of a base and rings that have been put together to remain steady and true for shot after shot.

If you’re not using a good quality scope mount that you can rely on absolutely, all of the care and expense that you’ve gone to when buying your gun or scope could be for nothing.

One-Piece Scope Mount Comparison Guide

Listed below is a comparison guide to some of the best 1-piece scope mounts currently available. We have included the basic details of each product that will give you a chance to do a quick comparison of each.

Further down the page you will find more detailed coverage of all the mounts which should help to make an informed decision about which one to buy.

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One Piece Scope Mount Reviews

Now that we have seen a basic comparison of the different scope mounts that have proven to be the most popular in recent times we will take a more detailed view. These brief reviews provide a little more detail about each product and will help in narrowing down which scope mount will suit your needs the best.

Burris AR-P.E.P.R Mount

This mounting system has been specifically designed for the AR. It has a quick detachment system that is easy to mount. It is also strong enough to stand up to significant levels of recoil shock without moving a fraction.

It allows up to 2 inches of forward scope positioning and includes both Picatinny and smooth ring tops. The rings are available in three sizes: 30mm, 1 inch or 34mm and you have the option of with or without Quick Detach mounting.

Leupold Mark 2 Integrated Mounting System

This is an Integrated Mounting System (IMS) that is made of aluminum and has a cantilever design that mounts directly on the firearm’s Picatinny rail. The integral nature of the mount means that scope height and eye relief are handled effectively.

It is possible to raise and move the cope forward without having to add risers or use special short-relief optics. It is all held securely by ½” keeping nuts that are located on the receiver’s top Picatinny rail.

The ring mounts are available in a couple of sizes: 1 inch and 30mm.

Nikon M-223 XR AR Mount

This is a lightweight alloy constructed riflescope mount that fits Picatinny and Weaver style rails, the kind of thing you will find on most flat top ARs. It has a nice ring set up and provides you with the solid basic performance you would expect to get when you buy a good quality scope mount.

The XR in its name stands for Extended Range and this comes about from the built-in 20 MOA incline which makes it suitable for long-range shooting.

It is easy to install and will lock down tightly once it is in place so you won’t have to worry about it shaking loose. For the price it represents great value for money.

Nikon M-223 AR Mount

Similar to the M-223 XR discussed above, this is a lightweight alloy constructed rifle scope that fits Picatinny and Weaver style rails. It is designed specifically for ARs. Where this mount differs from the XR is in the fact that it does not contain the built-in 20 MOA incline.

It is a good solid scope that bolts securely to the rail and will hold a scope with a 1 inch tube. It is easy to install and once it has been properly positioned it will not budge no matter how many rounds are fired.

LaRue Tactical 20 MOA PSR Scope Mount QD

This is a rock solid scope mount that locks onto the rifle and once it is in place it will always return to zero after each shot. It has built in 20 MOA which adds enough elevation to give you a clear view of the elevation knob.

The QD mounting system means that it is possible to remove the mount from the rifle quickly and easily and then, when reinstalling it in the same position it will return to zero each time.

The mount is available in ring sizes of either 30 mm or 34 mm. and the ring spacing is 2.9" which allows the mounting of US Optics T-PAL scopes.

Nightforce X-Treme Duty Ultralite Compact MagMount Scope Mount

The Magmount is unsurprisingly acknowledged as one of the finest scope mount models available. It features titanium/aluminum construction to offer incredibly tough performance while not adding a significant amount of weight.

There are three crossbolts along the base for greater protection against recoil. It is available in two ring sizes: 30mm and 34mm diameter. The height of the MagMount means that there is clearance of 56mm objective riflescopes when mounted on a continuous rail.

The compact Magmount has options of either zero and 20 MOA taper for a choice of elevations.

Weaver Tactical Thumb-Nut SPR Scope Mount

This is a sleekly designed scope mount that has been created for AR-style rifles. The Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) mount is compact and light in weight, made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with a black matte anodized finish.

The mount has been created with thumb-nut bolts to make it easy to adjust. The height has been optimized to cater for most scopes and it has a forward cantilever for AR platform rifles.

You will notice that it has a four-hole ring design and this helps the gripping power. The cross-lock base means that once it is locked in it will not come loose. The mount is available in a choice of two models, designed for 1-inch or 30mm tubes.

Talley Encore Omega Triumph Extended Scope Mount

This one-piece scope mount features a rigid design with no joint between the scope and rifle giving it a high degree of strength and durability. It is made from extruded 7000 series alloy that has been precision CNC machined resulting in a strong but lightweight mount.

The extended mount brings the rings together by a quarter of an inch so that it is suitable for use with scopes that have a shorter tube or rifles with very long actions.

The mount is available in a choice of two models, designed for 1-inch or 30mm tubes. Find out more about the mount by visiting the Talley Manufacturing website.

Vortex Cantilever Scope Mount

This is a cantilever mount that has been designed for use on flat top style AR-15 rifles. It has the option of either a 2 inch or 3 inch offset and this positions the scope further forward than it might otherwise sit to help the shooter attain the best possible head position.

When the mount is properly installed it will remain solid with no gaps or unwanted movement. It is possible to buy the mount that is designed for mounting either 30mm or 1 inch diameter telescopic sights.

Another nice point about the Vortex Cantilever is the price which sits at around half the price of its comparable rivals.

American Defense AD-Recon 30 STD Scope Mount

This integral mount has been constructed from a block of 6061-T6 aluminum and has been precision CNC machined. In other words it has been made from the best possible quality materials.

It is built for the AR-15-style rifles and is completely adjustable to fit both in-spec and out of spec rail systems. Adjustment has been made as easy as possible and can be done by hand without the need for tools.

One of the very nice features is the patented AD Auto Lock Lever that will lock to either the front or the rear and it provides an extremely solid clamping surface so that it is completely locked in place. It also features 30 MOA of added elevation adjustment that is built into the base.

The scope mount has been made to fit a range of scope mount diameters: 1 inch, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 35mm or 40mm.

More details about this scope mount and others in the range can be found on the American Defense MFG website.

Why You Should Aim For A Quality Scope Mount

Some of the results of a poorly performing mounting system is inconsistency, wasted ammunition and kills that are not humane.

There is an enormous range of rifle scope mounts that are designed for different types of guns. The scope rings will have dimensions in terms of their diameter and height and the mount itself will suit the most popular guns.

Naturally, you will need to know the dimensions of your scope before you determine the size that the rings of the mount need to be.

You can find scope mounts built from either steel or aluminum with the heavier steel mounts perfect for their durability and capability to withstand heavy recoil. The aluminum mounts are lighter in weight and suit the hunter who will be carrying their gun over long distances.

When you buy a one-piece scope mount you are getting the base and rings together in a single cohesive unit. You can be sure that the components all fit together and will work better as a complete unit.

The Common Mounting Systems

There are two very popular detachable mount systems available. The Weaver mounts use flat rails with perpendicular slots compatible with weaver rings. The rails are designed to run under the rings for a seamless fit to the crosswise slots located at the base. The result is a mount that will not allow any rifle scope movement through recoil.

The Picatinny rails are also very popular mounting systems. They operate in much the same way as the Weaver mounts with the difference lying in the width of the slots. The width difference means that Weaver rings can be fitted on a Picatinny base but Picatinny will not fit a Weaver system.

The alternative to using a one piece integral scope mount is to buy the individual two piece scope rings. These are also very popular and gives you the option of customizing exactly how they are set up on your rifle. The use of a good quality gunsmithing torque wrench will ensure that any of these scope mounts will be securely fixed in place.

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