Many people find there is a growing need for a quick release scope mount option, particularly when you wish to retain your scope set-up but have to remove the assembly when on the move. Being able to return to zero when the scope is remounted is a big requirement with these mounts.

Fortunately there are some high quality manufacturers around who provide quick release scope mounts for reasonable prices. They come in a range of slightly different configurations and features which means it is necessary to compare one against the other before purchasing.

The list below gives you the opportunity to make that comparison as we line up a few of the most popular QD scope mounts currently available today.

Comparison List of Quick Release Scope Mounts

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Detailed Description of Quick Release Scope Mounts

Now that we have had a brief overview of the most popular quick release scope mounts that are readily available we will go into a little more depth through a brief summary of each product. Where possible we have included features and any noted flaws for each scope mount.

LaRue Tactical OBR QD Scope Mount, LT111

This is a new style of scope mount that has been optimized specifically to be used with the latest precision scope designs. The OBD (Optimized Battle Rifle) QD Scope Mount is available in either 34mm or 30mm scope rings.

The lever release provides you with a quick disconnect that are simple to use and are perfect when you want to remove the optic for storage or transport.

This is a rock solid scope mount that will give the shooter the precision they are looking for. It provides a true return to zero after each removal and remounting.

American Defense AD-Recon-S Mount

This mount attaches with a quick release lever-lock system that clamps solidly to a flattop rail. It is solid enough that it won’t work itself loose under the heaviest of recoils. When the release tab is depressed the lever swings open so that the mount can be easily lifted off.

The mount has been constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum and is precision machined and finished with a hard coat T3 Mil-Spec anodize.

As well as the 30mm scope size, this mount is also available to fit 1 inch and 34 mm scope diameters.

GG&G Accucam Quick Detach Scope Mount

This mounting system uses the company’s patented Accucam Quick Detach Locking Lever System to provide fast attach and removal of dove tail scope mount models. This integral ring base is available in two model that provide heights to accommodate proper cheek welds for AR15/M16 weapon systems as well as for bolt guns.

The scope mount is manufactured from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and has been given a Type III hard coat anodized matte black Mil-Spec finish.

The 30mm scope rings are integral to the base, not attached separately which ensures their strength and durability. The ring caps are held solidly in place by four socket head cap screws.

This is a very well made and sleek looking scope mount that can be quickly installed on a dovetail rail by rotating the Accucam Cam Lever to the locked position.

Bobro Precision 30mm Scope Mount

This is a performance scope mount that are 30mm quick release scope rings that have been built with a range of features that are designed to ensure ease of use and total reliability.

When it has been attached to the receiver you will find that it is rock solid and will remain precisely in place through multiple heavy rounds. It uses a repeat zero scope interface that his will enable the scope to be properly centered when it is being mounted.

Mounting the scope has been made a simple process through the use of the BLAC lever system. It is compatible with any 1913 Picatinny rail system and it will also set up on the Weaver rail.

It is made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and has been given a Type 3 hard coat anodizing finish. It weighs only 7.5 ounces.

These are high quality quick release scope mounts that have been created to meet the needs of those who are deadly serious about their optics and prefers to use the high quality parts.

LaRue Tactical SPR QD Scope Mount, LT104

The LT104 scope mount has been made with the specific purpose of providing the shooter with the best possible mount for high-powered riflescopes in flattop AR15s. The scope mount is cantilevered so that the scope is positioned over the handguard and ensures the shooter obtains the right eye relief.

The mount is precision-machined from bar stock aluminum and is anodized. The locking Speed Levers provide outstanding return to zero. The mount can be quickly removed and replaced without the loss of zero.

The rings on the mount are split vertically and are joined by a robust backbone down the center of the mount to increase repeatability and this also eliminates the need for lapping. The mount comes in a choice of four ring sizes: 35mm, 34mm, 30mm or 1 inch.

Burris AR-PEPR Quick Detach Scope Mount

This mount is available in a number of different combinations that include the option of either with or without the Quick Detach mounting system. In this case we are looking at the model that comes with the quick detach system included.

The size and height of the scope mount provides for optimum eye relief and full field of view. It is also possible to get either smooth or Picatinny ring tops, depending on your needs.

The PEPR model shown here is the 30mm size but it also comes in 1 inch and 34mm models too.

A.R.M.S Inc Throw Lever 30mm Scope Rings

These rings are all steel 30mm diameter scope rings that use a dovetail system to secure to an extruded aluminum platform. They are a solid set of rings that hold zero when detaching and reattaching to your firearm. They are equipped with no mar buffer pads.

They are available as low mounts (height of 0.925” measured from center of optic to the base), medium mounts (height of 1.15” measured from center of optic to the base) or high mounts (height of 1.45” measured from center of optic to the base).

They are made with a matte black finish.

Warne Quick Detach 1-Inch Scope Mounts

A little bit different to the other mounts on this page, these are two piece scope ring s that are particularly solid when used on the all steel Warne Maxima Bases.

These scope rings are the Maxima QD rings that use an indexable lever system which makes it possible to detach and then reattach the scope without losing zero. It also lets you index the location of the lever after the rings are attached.

So that the rings do not move during considerable recoil shock the rings have a square stainless steel recoil control key. The rings are secured around the scope using 4 Torx style socket cap screws.

The rings are available in three diameters: 1 inch, 30mm or 34mm. It is also possible to get them in different height settings from low to ultra high. Check the Warne Scope Mounts website for the full table of QD ring models.

The rings are available in a choice of silver, matte black or gloss black.

UTG Integral 1 Inch QD Ring Mount

The UTG range of quick release scope mounts demonstrates that it is possible to get a solid and reliable scope mount that won’t break the bank. It is nicely designed and manufactured from a steel/aluminum combination.

The mount featured here is suitable for 1” diameter scopes and uses an adjustable quick detach lever lock system. It is kept locked securely in place using a Posi-Lock Crossbar design with a spring tension controlled locking plate.

The base of the mount with the lever lock system is fully adjustable to fit on any Picatinny Rail system. IT is designed to provide offset from the base by just over 50mm to give extra compensation distance to the eye relief.

Leupold QR Remington 700 2 Piece Mounting System

The Leupold scope mounts are two piece foundations made from forged and machined steel that can be purchased separate to the rings.

They are quick release mounts and the mechanism is a lever system that steel base to the ring where it is pulled down and forward to be locked into its zero position. Once it is locked in place you can be confident that you will be shooting with repeatable accuracy.

The mounts are designed for use on a Remington 700 but the list of recommended firearms includes the Mossberg 1500 (long and short action) Mossberg ATR (long and short action), Ruger M77, Mauser 96, CZ 550 among others (check the Leupold site for complete list).

When is it a good idea to buy a detachable scope mount?

Gun owners who own multiple guns, but don’t want to use a different scope for each gun, will find it very convenient to use a detachable mount.

There are two main styles of scope mounts available, the Weaver style and the Picatinny style.

The Weaver style mount is a popular detachable scope mounting system. It uses a flat rail system with perpendicular slots that are used with Weaver style rings. The rails run under the rings and fit into crosswise slots in the base giving a good solid fit that prevents movement.

The Picatinny style scope mount is very similar to the Weaver style with the main difference being the width of the slots. Picatinny base slots are wider and so you have a situation where Weaver rings will work with Picatinny bases but Picatinny rings will not work with because they are too wide for Weaver bases.

Scope mounts are usually made from either steel or aluminum. A steel scope mount will give you a high degree of durability and will more readily absorb and minimize the effects of the recoil. An aluminum mounting system will weigh less and will suit the hunter who is constantly on the move.

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