When you go out elk hunting you expect that it is going to be a long, tough day. You are going to be carrying your equipment for a long time and that’s going to really weigh you down in the darkening hours.

For this reason, many people have turned to bow-mounted quivers as their preferred option. Quite simply, it is one less piece of equipment that you’re going to have to tote if it is attached to the bow.

Of course, circumstances differ from one person’s elk hunt to the next. Similarly, there are those who absolutely reject the idea of shooting with a quiver attached.

And so we have identified 6 of the most popular quivers chosen for elk hunting. Some are bow mounted quivers, others are back quivers and there are also hip quiver suggestions.

Browse through the list of quivers, compare the features, prices and specifications and choose the one that you believe will provide you with the most success.

Our List of Quivers Recommended for Elk Hunting

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Description of Quivers for Elk Hunting

Now that we have had a chance to take a brief side-by-side look at a range of some of the most popular quivers recommended for use when hunting elk we will take a more detailed look at each model.

Below is a short review of each quiver that explains the main features.

Read through the details of each to get a better understanding of what it is that differentiates each product.

TightSpot 5 Arrow Quiver

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The TightSpot quivers are based on a simple design that is compact and versatile so that it can be adjusted to suit your shooting needs.

The quiver features its patented RightSpot adjustment system that allows you to move the quiver in tight to the bow so that any bow torque is eliminated.

It has a Quick Draw arrow system that enables you to quickly access the arrow for a second shot. It is also designed so that there is no noise, ensuring you can safely take close in shots.

The quiver is light weight, weighing only 9.9 ounces and it measures 19.75” in length. The hood to gripper length measures 18”.

Why Choose This Quiver?

They weigh only around 10 ounces.

They are highly adjustable to balance and stabilize the bow after arrows have been added.

It sits tightly to the bow making it compact and virtually unnoticeable.

Apex Reactor XL Quiver

The Apex Reactor XL is another bow mounted 5 arrow quiver that provides an elk hunter with a solid, lightweight and low-profile quiver that can also be quickly removed when not needed.

This is a high performance quiver that fits close to the bow and is secured using the enhanced Cam-Lock system that provides a strong hold that can also provide a simple method of releasing and removing.

The quiver is adjustable so that it can be properly positioned on the riser to allow you to get the right balance and stability.

It has a rubber hood liner to ensure the broadhead edges are not dulled. This also helps to keep the process silent as you access your next arrow.

Why Choose This Quiver?

It sits close to the riser and locks in tightly.

It can be removed with the flick of a lever.

It is lightweight, only weighing 11 ounces.

It is angle adjustable to help you balance your bow.

It is far less expensive than the TightSpot.

Kwikee Kompund Quiver

This is a six arrow bow mounted quiver that has been very popular with hunters who are looking for a low-priced quiver that will securely hold their arrows.

The hood measures 4.625” from side to side and is designed to hold either fixed or expandable broadheads comfortably.

It also features the Ultra-lock bracket locking system so that it will operate quietly and there will be no instances of accidently knocking it off.

Why Choose This Quiver?

Tarantula MAQ Quiver

The Tarantula quiver is a hip quiver that will fit 5 aluminum or carbon arrows very neatly.

The MAQ stands for Multiple Attachment Quiver and it is designed to be able to be attached to anything that is convenient including your hip, any pack that has tie-down straps, on a tree. It can be worn to suit either a left or right handed shooter.

It comes with a strap that is long enough to lash to your pack so that when you are hiking to or from the hunting area you won’t be encumbered by its presence.

Why Choose This Quiver?

It’s a versatile choice with many loops for attaching to nearby objects.

It is lightweight, weighing only 11 ounces.

It is a cheap option coming in at well under $50.

The 1.5 inch belt means it will sit comfortably on your hip.

Rancho Safari Catquiver 1

For people who prefer to hunt with a back quiver the Rancho Safari Catquivers are the preferred option by many hunters. The Catquiver 1 is the smallest in the company’s range.

This back quiver is actually a combined pack and quiver with enough room to store small items such as snacks, a flashlight and rain gear.

The quiver itself is long enough to hold arrows ranging in length from 25 to 36 inches. The arrows are protected by a completely enclosed felt-lined hood. The broadheads sit in a felt-lined open base with a rubber pad that secures the points.

It is designed to allow easy and quiet removal of the arrows as required.

Why Choose This Quiver?

The quiver also provides much needed storage space with 189 cubic inches of space.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded for greater comfort.

The quiver length is adjustable to suit most arrow lengths.

It comes with a 1” waist strap to provide greater back support.

Deluxe Howard Hill Archery Quiver

This style of back quiver is considered to be the ultimate in design and comfort when it comes to back quivers.

The Hill-style quiver features a wide body and an oval mouth making it capable of holding a lot of arrows and making it easier to withdraw the arrow quickly.

The quiver is made from medium to heavy thickness leather that should be nice and soft. This is important if you want the quiver to be flexible and to collapse so that the arrows are held in place, even when the quiver is inverted.

The quiver also features a single thick strap that will allow it to slide around the body. This will make it easy to access the next arrow when you’re trying to take a quick second shot.

Why Choose This Quiver?

When the leather is seasoned it will shape itself to your back making it particularly comfortable to carry.

It is capable of holding a lot of arrows.

It is made from leather so it will be silent when withdrawing arrows.

These quivers will last a lifetime.

Shooting with a bow quiver attached.

Whether you shoot with your quiver attached or removed from the bow is definitely one of those personal preference things.

The bottom line is, if you take all of your practice shots with your quiver removed from the bow you should not go out into the field and hunt with it attached.

As with every aspect of bow hunting, practice, practice, practice.

The more shots you take with the quiver attached, the steadier and more natural it will feel. You will work out how the quiver should be adjusted so that it is properly balanced. You will understand any compensations you should take and you will also understand whether it is producing more noise at the shot.


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