With the introduction of small diameter and micro diameter arrows there has become a need for quivers that are capable of properly holding them.

The bow quivers that were originally designed to carry standard diameter arrows do not properly do the job. In many cases the spaces on the grabber are too wide and the smaller dimension arrows simply fall out.

Fortunately, there are a number of bow quivers being produced that have corrected this problem and can be reliably used to hold even the narrowest of arrow shafts.

List of Quivers for Micro Diameter Arrows

Listed below are some of the commonly recommended quivers that bow hunters have successfully used to carry their micro dimension arrows in the field. We have provided the manufacturer's recommended price as a guide to how much you might expect to pay for each model.

Description of Quivers

Now that we have had a chance to take a brief side-by-side look at a range of quivers that will hold small dimension arrows we will take a more detailed look at each model. Below is a short review of each quiver that explains the main features.

Read through the details of each to get a better understanding of what it is that differentiates each product.

TightSpot 7-Arrow Quiver

There is no doubt among serious bow hunters everywhere that the TightSpot quivers are the best you can use. Sure, you pay extra for them but they are worth it for their quality and performance. We’ve identified 3 models that are suitable for use with micro diameter arrows and the first of them is the 7-Arrow model.

The 7-arrow TightSpot quiver is an extremely lightweight quiver that weighs only 10 oz. It is compact and measures 18” from hood to gripper.

The reason why the quiver is capable of holding micro diameter arrows comes down to the ArrowWedge adjustment system that can be tightened to whatever diameter size you need. A smaller arrow simply means you rotate the wedge by 90 degrees to get the additional gripping power you need.

A nice feature of the quiver is the patented RightSpot adjustment system that allows the quiver to be drawn in tight to the bow so that its presence won’t affect the accuracy of the bow.

Find out more about all of the products made by the company by visiting the TightSpot website

Look at this video review of the TightSpot quivers

TightSpot 5-Arrow Quiver

With all of the features and robust design of the 7-arrow model, the 5-arrow model is a lighter, more compact version.

The important aspect to focus on with this quiver is the means by which the arrows are secured by the gripper. Once they have been placed in the quiver they will not budge until you pull them out to take your shot.

The ArrowWedge allows you to tighten each individual arrow slot so that the right amount of pressure can be applied to the arrow no matter how large or small it may be.

The weight of the quiver is only 9.9 oz and the dimensions match those of the 7-arrow model with a full length of 19 ¾” with a hood to gripper measurement of 18”.

TightSpot Rise Quiver

All of the main features that can be found on the other TightSpot quivers are present on the Rise. The difference lies in the fact that the Rise is geared towards the treestand hunter.

The Rise features a loop on the hood that allows it to be hung in the tree for ease of use. It also measures 4 inches shorter than the standard quivers to make it more compact and maneuverable. This makes the hood to gripper measurement 14-3/4” while it weighs 11 oz.

Another feature of this model is the secondary gripper that is located up towards the hood attached to the carbon rods so that the arrows are secured even better. The tips of the arrows are still covered by the hood but they will not tough the hood ensuring the blades remain completely sharp.

This quiver is available with a capacity to hold 3, 5 or 7 arrows.

Find out more about all of the products available from the company by visiting the TightSpot website.

Take a look at the video review of the TightSpot Rise that has been presented by Bowhunting.com.

Treelimb Premium 5 Arrow Quiver

This 5 arrow quiver (3-arrow model is also available) is suitable for housing micro diameter arrows thanks to the thumb tab arrow gripper which is built with small enough slots to grip the thinner arrow shafts.

The quiver consists of a frame that is a single piece construction made from machined aluminum. Noise suppression is extensive throughout its length and that includes the mounting which is muffled by a rubber silencer.

The arrow gripper will tightly hold the arrow shaft and the hood contains a broadhead capture system that will accept either mechanical or fixed broadheads.

It can be quickly and easily detached from the bow thanks to the quick detach tension lock mounting system and when it is in place it sits high on the bow and tight in to provide a compact fit.

The quiver is available in a wide range of camo patterns and also comes with mounting posts.

Find out more about all of the products available from the company by visiting the Treelimb Products website.

Take a look at the video review of the quiver that has been put together by Hunter’s Friend.

Trophy Ridge Lite Lock 2 Piece Quiver

The Lite Lock quiver is a 2 piece quiver that is very lightweight with the capability of holding up to 5 arrows.

It is also versatile thanks to the fact that the distance between the hood and gripper can be adjusted to whatever length you require.

The gripper offers a tight hold on the arrow shafts and bow hunters have reported that they have had no issue with the arrows moving around.

As a little added bonus, the hood of the Lite Lock also features a built-in LED flashlight that illuminates the arrows if you find yourself in a low light situation.

Find out more about all of the products available from the company by visiting the Trophy Ridge website.

Take a look at this brief video review of the Lite Lock 2 that has been presented by Trophy Ridge.

Apex Gear Reactor Quiver

The presence of the double gripper design ensures that no matter how slim the arrow shafts may be they will remain firmly secured in the Apex Gear Reactor quiver. The Apex Gear literature specifically cites the Easton G, X and H series micro-shaft hunting arrows as a good fit for the quiver.

This is a quiver that has been created with the aim of providing a durable and secure quiver that will fit to the bow with a low profile.

The hood exterior uses the TRU TOUCH soft-feel coating while the interior has a rubber hood liner to ensure the broadheads are not dulled when removing them.

The grippers feature the thumb tab design to allow easy removal without making unnecessary noise. This also means the arrows can be removed single-handed.

Another nice feature of the quiver is its ability to adjust it by tilting it so that you are able to fine-tune the balance on the bow.

There is a lot to like about this quiver. It is no nonsense and has been designed with sensible features that are ideal for the serious hunter.

Find out more about all of the products available from the company by visiting the Apex Gear website.

Take a look at the video review of the Apex Gear Reactor quiver that has been provided by Apex Gear.

New Dawn Vortxx 6 STX Quiver

The Vortex 6 STX quiver from New Dawn is very unique in its look and its function. This is a round quiver that holds 6 arrows and it rotates on an inner drum to dispense the arrows.

The quiver is said to self-adjust so that it can accommodate large or small dimension carbon arrows. The rotation process effective locks the arrows into place so they won’t fall out until the drum turns to present each arrow to you for use.

It is made with an aluminum frame and uses an aluminum quick disconnect mount so that it is very easy to apply to and remove from the bow.

Measures used to ensure that the quiver is silent come from the neoprene cover to deaden knocks or bumps.

This is a well-designed quiver that attaches solidly to the bow. The fully enclosed gripper locks your arrow in no matter whether it’s a large or small dimensioned one.

Find out more about the company and all of the products available by visiting the New Dawn Outdoors website.

Take a look at this video review of the New Dawn Vortxx quiver.

TruGlo Loc Down Quiver

The Loc Down quiver features two grippers to ensure the arrows are securely held and this assists when it comes to handling smaller dimension arrows in particular.

This is a very lightweight quiver at less than 7 ounces.

The quiver has the TRU-TOUCH soft-feel technical coating so it won’t be noisy should you accidentally bump it when removing an arrow. The hood itself is fitted with a rubber insert for both noise reduction and protection against dulling the broadhead blades.

It can be attached to the bow using the Twist-Lock mounting system and the mounting bracket can be adjusted up and down so that it can be fitted to all bows.

This is a very good low-priced, lightweight bow quiver that will serve its purpose quite well.

Find out more about the company and the many products available by going to the TruGlo website.

Take a look at the product review of the Loc Down presented by Hunter’s Friend.

Features Hunters Look For In A Quiver

On this page we are focussing on the problem that many hunters have had when they have started using carbon micro-diameter arrows where their arrows tend to fall out of a standard quiver. These are typically arrows with a diameter of around 4-5mm.

But there are other aspects of a quiver that many hunters look for and, in some cases, are crucial.


As with many pieces of hunting equipment, weight is a very important factor.

If you’re on the move all day and you have to carry all of your equipment with you as you go, every ounce is going to be vital. The more weight you carry the more tired you become and as you get tired your accuracy is going to be affected.

The bow quiver is going to be attached to your bow adding to its weight. You certainly don’t want to start off with an overly heavy bow.

Not only that, any weight you add to one side of your bow is going to affect its balance.

Noise Suppression

It is essential that the quiver comes equipped with its own noise suppression features. It must have an exterior that will muffle sound if it takes a knock, the mount must be tight so it won’t rattle and the interior of the hood should be insulated against bumps.

The better quivers will also use noise suppression at any joints or movable parts.

Broadhead Protection

The hood of the quiver must be capable of holding fixed blade or mechanical heads comfortably. It must be possible to position the arrows so the heads don’t bump together and, once they are put in place, will stay immobile until you remove them.

The interior of the hood should also be designed so that it is a soft surface and won’t dull or damage the broadhead blades at all.


Some people prefer to carry their arrows in their quiver attached to their bow while they move around but then, when they come to take their shot prefer to remove it. This means it should be a quick and easy process to remove the quiver.

Many quivers are designed with a quick detach mounting system to make this process simple and a detachable quiver is definitely something that should be on your list of desirable features.

If there are concerns over whether your quiver will fit onto your compound bow you should feel comfortable in knowing that any bow with a standard sight will accept a one piece bow quiver. It doesn’t matter what make or model quiver you buy or what compound bow you use.

Mounting A TightSpot Quiver To Your Bow

The TightSpot quivers are the most expensive quivers available but they are also acknowledged as the best and you can be confident they will provide you with great value for money over the long term.

The following video provides you with a simple instructional piece that explains how you go about mounting your TightSpot quiver.

All of the quivers that have been discussed on this page have been proven to accept arrows with diameters of as small as 4mm. Not only do they hold the arrows tightly, they won’t rattle around or make undue noise as long as they have been properly mounted.

For many people, the choice of quiver may come down to budget, others may base their decision on the look and feel or their own hunting style.

Whatever you use as the basis for buying your bow quiver for hunting make sure you take it out onto the practice range first before heading out into the field.


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