If you have spent a lot of money on your new recurve bow it makes sense that you will want to protect it and this means you should also buy a recurve bow case. Unless you're only ever going to use it on your own property, and on a particularly regular basis at that, then you're going to need a case for when you take it somewhere. This includes in your own vehicle as well as public transport.

Storage in your home or apartment will also go a lot better if you can put it away out of sight in its own bow case. There is no doubt that the best way to store a recurve bow is by placing it in a bow case where it will be properly protected.

As well as working out why a bow case is needed for a recurve bow we also take a brief look at the different styles of bows because this, too, will determine what type of bow case you can use.  

We have also mixed together both hard and soft bow cases to ensure that all tastes and preferences are catered to.

Immediately below is a comparison list of the bow cases that have been included in our study. This will give you an opportunity to check them out against their peers and you will be able to identify the case type, the dimensions and the manufacturer's recommended selling price for each one.

Further down the page is a more extensive summary of the features of each case. This should be helpful in getting an even clearer idea of which one will be most suitable for your needs.

Comparison List of Recurve Bow Cases

Make / Model




41" L x 15" W x 6" D



36" L x 10.45" W x 4" D



26.5" L x 10" W x 2" D



37" L x 11" W x 6" D



27" L x 11" W x 8" D

Black, Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink,


17" L x 9" W x 6" D



25" L x 11.2" W x 2.8" D



38" L x 10" W

Black & Gray


27" L x 11" W x 8"W

Black, Red, Blue, Pink


62" L



Descriptions of Recurve Bow Cases

Now that we have had a chance to get an idea of the dimensions and colors that are available with all of these recurve bow case options, not to mention whether they suit a strung bow or a takedown, it is now time to browse through some reviews of each product.

Read through the reviews that have been put together below to understand the features that make each case distinctive. From this you should be able to get a clear understanding about which one offers the best value for money and provides you with the functionality that you are after.

SKB iSeries 4214 Recurve Bow Case

Best Takedown Recurve Bow Case

The 3i-4214-RC bow case is an Injected Molded Recurve Bow Case that has been given a new interior that has made it perfectly designed to take a recurve bow. The interior of the case has been built with a custom foam insert that is sized to accommodate most of the popular takedown recurve bow risers and two sets of limbs.

This is a watertight case that has been created primarily as an air travel case which makes it an important piece of equipment for archers who have to take their bows with them when travelling by airplane.

The case is made from high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin and it features a gasketed, waterproof and dustproof that will allow it to be submersed in water. In fact it has an IP67 rating. The case is also resistant to impact damage.

Notable features of the case include in-line skate wheels, trigger release latches that can be retrofitted with TSA accepted key-locking latches. The padlock holes have been built with stainless steel padlock protector clips. There are cushion grip handles on three sides of the case so you can choose the way you wish to carry it.

The internal dimensions of the case are an interior length of 41 inches, width of 15 inches and depth of 6 inches. The weight of the case is 23 pounds. The cut-out space is large enough for risers measuring 25” long, and the limb spaces will accommodate broken down bows that measure 66 inches in length.

Plano Bow Max Takedown Recurve Bow Case

The Bow Max Take Down bow case is another hard case that has been rated particularly highly by customers. The case is far simpler in its internal design and layout than the SKB case above, but it is still a particularly effective case for protecting, storing and transporting almost all types and sizes of take down recurve bows.

The case measures 36 inches long x 10.45 inches wide and 4 inches in depth. Its length makes it ample in size for 66” length bows. The high-density interlocking foam that lines both the lid and the base of the case allows both the riser and the limbs to lie comfortably.

It uses the company’s patented PillarLock system that ensures that the bow will be properly protected thanks to the strong construction it provides. It is easy to transport, too, because of the comfortable molded-in handle.

Where this case really comes into its own, though, is at its price point. For an incredibly reliable bow case that will ensure your bow will not be damaged, the MSRP of only $39.99 makes this one of the best value for money hard recurve bow cases on the market.

This is a bow case that will last for a very long time and continue to keep your bow well protected and in good condition. The case is not waterproof rated but it should keep the contents dry if it were to be carried through heavy rain conditions. It should not be submerged in water.

For more information about this case and the many others made by the company you will find out everything you need to know by visiting the Plano Molding website.

SAS Takedown Recurve Bow Case

The Southland Archery Supply take down recurve bow case is the highest rated soft bow case for recurve bows. It is a particularly popular model because it is particularly roomy so it will accommodate the vast majority of recurve bows being made today.

The case is fully padded and the inner layer of material is soft so that it will allow the bow to nestle in comfortably without the risk of allowing it to be scratched or otherwise damaged.

The internal chamber of the case features both limb and riser pockets to ensure that everything stays in its place so that the pieces don’t clash together. There is also an arrow tube holder located at the back.

So that you can also transport or safely store all of your shooting accessories the case also comes with a zippered pouch in the front.

Customers have had no trouble fitting their 68 inch long recurve bows into this case. The dimensions are as follows: 26.5 inches long x 10 inches wide x 2 inches deep. It’s the smallest of the cases examined to this point but it has found to provide solid service as a protective case for a good recurve bow.

Find out more about all of the products made by the company as well as this recurve bow by visiting the Southland Archery Supply website.

Vista Traveller Takedown Case

Recurve Bow Case For Air Travel

This is another hard bow case that has been specifically designed to hold the Samick Sage 62” recurve bow. The foam insert within the case has been cut so that the broken down bow riser and limbs will slot straight in without having to make any adjustments.

As well as being able to take the recurve bow, this case also has room in the lid to hold up to 18 arrows measuring up to 34 inches in length. Other small accessories can also be packed into internal gear storage compartments.

Customers have reported that slightly longer recurve bows will also fit into this case, however it will require some carving of the foam layer with a sharp knife to make the spaces large enough.

The case is weather resistant and it can be closed securely using the lockable snap closures. It can be fitted with the necessary lock hardware to make the bow suitable for airplane travel. For its price, this is easily one of the best value for money bow cases available.

Find out more about the company and the other products that are available as well as more information about this case by visiting the Vista Archery website.

Legend Artemis Archery Backpack

Best Recurve Bow Backpack

The Artemis is a recurve bow case that has been designed and created as the perfect case for the beginner. It is a recurve bow case backpack that will provide you with a very convenient method of carrying all of your archery gear including your takedown recurve bow.

The case itself is extremely compact and is capable of accommodating risers that measure up to 27 inches in length.

This should mean that you will be able to store recurve bows that are up to 66 inches in length in the case. It comes with a removable limb and riser case that will ensure everything is kept separate so there is no chance of components bumping together inside.

The backpack features a back panel with an “Air Flow System” that will allow your back to stay dry and comfortable while you are carrying your load. It also comes with a padded waist belt to add to the comfort and ease of carry.

Also included in the pack is a telescopic arrow tube that will enable you to store away your arrows that will also be easy to access when you need them.

This is considered to be one of the best bow case backpacks currently available on the market today.

Find out more about the company and the other products that are available by visiting the Legend Archery website.

EBBQ 3006 Recurve / Longbow Padded Case

This is a minimalist bow case that has been designed to take a recurve bow. It has been advertised as being able to take a bow that measures up to a length of 68 inches but the fit would be extremely tight and the zip would be inclined to rub on the ends of the limbs.

The interior of the case is lightly padded with a soft inner liner to ensure the bow is protected whilst in transit. As well as being able to take the bow there is also room to store up to 12 arrows. The case is designed with a couple of side pockets that will also allow you to place an assortment of accessories.

The big attraction with this very compact bow case is the price. It is a soft case that can be closed by a single zipper but it is also a very straightforward design and the price is extremely low making it a particularly affordable option.

Western Recreation Padded Takedown Recurve Case

This is a padded soft bow case that has been designed to fit recurve bows that measure up to 62 inches in length. The Samick Polaris, for example, will fit in this case if you use the lengths that are up to 62 inches long.

The case is fitted with foam inserts that will ensure the limbs and riser are held firmly in place and will be protected from shifting while moving from place to place.

As well as the cut-outs, the case itself has plenty of padding to ensure the bow is well protected inside. The case also has pockets on both the inside and the outside to enable smaller accessories to also be stored.

The case is not large enough to store arrows. The length of the case is only 26.5 inches and this is not large enough to accommodate 30 inch arrows. An alternative arrow case would have to be used if you were planning on moving arrows along with your bow.

As far as price goes, this is an outstanding buy and will provide you with a great option for storing your bow at home and for transporting short distances to the range or local shoots.

.30-06 Shadow Takedown Recurve Case

The Shadow Takedown recurve bow case has been designed as an ideal option for protecting and holding the recurve bow. It has a lightweight design and it is and is built to be comfortable to hold and carry.

The case is a padded soft bow case that is made from a high density nylon both water resistant and tough enough to withstand light knocks and bumps that you can expect when moving about. The handle is an enforced grip that feels good in the hand.

The case includes sleeves that are designed to protect the limbs and riser to ensure they won’t knock into each other. The case also includes a 5” x 6” accessory pouch which will provide you with a place to keep any extra items.

This is one of the longer bow cases designed for the recurve bow and is able to take bows that measure 66 inches in length. It is a low-cost option that has not been furnished with additional features such as an internal pocket but it still provides tremendous value for money. It is the perfect bow case to store your bow when it is not in use.

Find out more about the company and other products that are available by visiting the 30-06 Outdoors website.

Legend Streamline 2 Archery Backpack

This is the second bow case / backpack from Legend that has been rated high enough to make our list. This is a backpack design that is meant to be slung over the back to make carrying your bow and other equipment easier.

It is built of ripstop nylon which is a sturdy material that is capable of withstanding a lot of abuse and continue to provide you with a reliable exterior. By the way, this is a soft sided bow case that uses padded shoulder straps as well as providing the option of a single nylon handle to carry it.

The case is large enough to fit recurve bows with 27 inch risers. The limbs are stored within a nylon case which is also removable. It can also accommodate arrows that measure up to 33 inches in length in the supplied arrow tube.

The bow is protected inside the pack, firstly by the 420 denier thick nylon and then by shock absorbing foam that is provided throughout.

Find out more about this product and all of the other products made by the company by visiting the Legend Archery website.

Vista Strung Recurve Bow Case

This is a soft-sided bow case that has been designed to accommodate one-piece recurve bows that measure up to 62 inches in length. The bow may be placed in the case either strung or unstrung. It is recommended that if the bow is to be stored for a longer time period that it be taken out and unstrung first.

The case features and hard-wearing water resistant nylon outer layer and a fleece lining inside. It has an outside arrow pocket that is large enough to store a good selection of recurve bow accessories that are likely to be needed when you take the bow out. There is also a half-zip closure that provides easy access to the inside.

The bow case flap is also designed so that the bow quiver can remain attached to the bow while it is in the case.

Find out more about the company and the other products that are available by visiting the Vista Archery website.

As can be seen from the selection of cases presented above there is a wide variety of choices available. From the strength and safety of the SKB hard bow case to the more basic but just as effective soft bow cases, your needs will dictate the one you choose. Of course, it doesn't matter whether you will be frequently taking your bow from one location or another, or you simply understand that it is important to protect an investment it quickly becomes apparent that you need something to store your recurve bow in.

Let's go into a bit more detail about some of the...

Reasons For Buying A Recurve Bow Case

Really, the reasons for buying any type of bow case whether it's for a recurve, a compound or a longbow are very similar. Although everyone's needs are different there will come a time when you will need to move your bow from one place to another and the simplest and safest way to do so is by placing it in a bow case.

Protect Your Investment

For a lot of people, the cost of a recurve bow is going to be a significant outlay and one that you don't want to have to make on a particularly regular basis. The aim, then, is to protect the bow from the factors that are likely going to damage it or affect its performance.

Breaking the bow down by unstringing it and placing it into a padded bow case is the best way to ensure your bow will remain protected when it is not in use. You won't want to leave your bow lying around your apartment or house where any curious guest or child might see it, pick it up and accidentally damage it.

If it is in a bow case it is out of sight and out of the minds of people who might otherwise want to pick it up and touch it. A good recurve bow case will be well padded and will ensure that the bow will not be affected by any unexpected knocks, dings or other incidental contact.

Transporting Your Bow

Unless you are in the very fortunate position of owning substantial land that allows you to set up a range as well as a significant 3D course you are going to need a bow case for transporting your bow to other locations.

No one is simply going to throw their bow over their shoulder and make their way to the next tournament. You're going to carefully place your bow into your well padded bow case that will also be capable of holding your accessories, strings and arrows.

Apart from making sense that you will walk in with your bow case packing all of your equipment, you will also look way more professional - you clearly mean business if  you are well organized with everything in its spot and your bow is quick to hand as you set it up.

Safety Factors

There is another reason why you should be using a bow case to store your recurve bow and all of its accompanying accessories and that is for the safety of others.

People who rarely come into contact with bows and arrows are inclined to be curious and want to pick them up and touch them. For starters, if you have broadheads on the end of your arrows, they are going to be dangerously sharp and are going to be cutting any flesh that touches them. If you bow is strung and ready to go, the chances are that someone is going to pick it up and "give her a go". We know the devastation that can come from dry firing a bow but the average Joe doesn't.

Your archery equipment deserves a home that is out of sight from prying and curious eyes. Putting them in a bow case is going to be a safer option in the long run.

Takedown and One-Piece Recurve Bows

Let's take a brief look at the types of recurve bows that are available on the market. They can largely be grouped into two types: takedown and one-piece recurve bows.

Takedown Recurve Bows

A takedown recurve bow is a bow that can be broken down into its component parts of riser and limbs and the string is removed. This should be done with all of these types of bows when they are not in use. If a recurve bow is stored strung, the potential energy that is stored in the limbs will place them under stress on the limbs and could affect their structural integrity.

The pictures of the SKB iSeries 4214 Recurve Bow Case and the Plano Bow Max Case both illustrate a dismantled takedown recurve bow.

One of the main reasons why people choose to use a takedown recurve bow is because transporting them is so much easier. When the limbs are removed from the riser it is possible to fit the bow into a short bow case, certainly much shorter than the bow case required for a one-piece recurve.

Even a 66” takedown recurve bow will fit into a bow case that measures only 27 inches in length (take the SAS Takedown Recurve Bow Case as a perfect example of this).

Takedown bows are the more popular style of recurve and that’s why we have provided considerably more bow case options that are designed for the takedown style.

One-Piece Recurve Bows

These bows are generally considered to be the traditional design of the recurve bow. They are usually made of wood and they represent some of the most elegant and highly prized bows available on the market today.

Options such as the Samick Sage, Fred Bear and Damon Howatt recurves are well crafted and are impressive instruments in their own right. It only makes sense that you would want to protect it the best way you possibly can.

The bow cases that you should look at for these types of recurve bows might be referred to as strung recurve bow cases. Although they’ve got the word “strung” in their name, you should still remove the bow string if you plan on storing the bow for a period of time.

Hard Bow Cases v Soft Bow Cases

One of the choices you will have to make is whether you need a hard bow case or a soft bow case. Some people will have a need to buy one of each because they have a  legitimate reason for using both types. Let's take a closer look to determine the reasons for buying each type.

Soft bow cases are terrific option for the archer who expects to be staying relatively local.The cases available are usually padded and provide separate storage compartments for the various components and accessories. They are also a far cheaper option and if you can get a good quality soft bow case it will provide you with both the storage and protection that your bow needs.

The hard bow case is the option you need if you are going to be doing some longer distance travel. This is particularly the option to use if you are going to be traveling by plane. Because hard bow cases can be properly locked with TSA approved locks they are then said to be airline-approved and can be checked through.

But even if you're not going to be flying, a hard bow case provides you bow with a solid storage vessel. The foam used within keeps everything held tightly and securely and the tough exterior means that inadvertent bumps and knocks will not damage the bow.

On top of all of the benefits you might get from a hard recurve bow case, you should also expect to pay more or this option. Most people consider it money well spent.

More Bow Case Options

There are many options available to protect your bows and other archery equipment. We have provided you with a good starting guide for the recurve bows but we have also done some research on other types of bow cases too.

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The type and size of recurve bow you shoot is going to play a part in the type of bow case you use, but the bottom line is that it makes a lot of sense to invest in a bow case. You want protection for your bow, you want to keep it out of sight from curious people and you want to ensure that it travels safely and securely.

It is a convenient way of keeping all of your archery equipment together in the one place and it will also help you look more professional (if that’s an important to you).

Cheap or expensive, all of the recurve bow cases examined above will help you to lengthen the life expectancy of your bow and will also enhance your shooting experience.


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