There are many ways of defining the “best” of something and, on this page, we have considered a number of different factors before analyzing a collection of scopes that may be considered to be the best to use up to 100 yards.

Naturally, price is going to be a consideration because not everyone can afford to buy the high end scopes that contain all of the added bells and whistles. Fortunately, with the many technological advancements that have taken place in recent years prices have come down while quality continues to rise.

The type of shooting you are going to do will play a part in deciding which scope you choose. Bright and sharp optics are crucial at any distance and could mean the difference between making or missing your shot. The riflescopes that have been examined on this page all feature good, clear optics.

You should also consider the game you are hunting. Short distances and small game will require a lower magnification ratio than longer range scopes, but the target should be unimpeded by the crosshairs and target acquisition should be fast.

The selection of riflescopes that are offered here as suitable for 100 yards or less cover at least 1 of the various conditions that might be considered important when looking for the best possible.

Browse through the comparison list directly below and then read the longer review of each scope to gain as much information about each one as possible.

Comparison List of Scopes for 100 Yards or Less

Make / Model




Field of View

Ft @ 100 yds


Leupold Rifleman

3 - 9x


32.9 - 13.1


1 - 6x


23.1 - 3.9


3 - 9x


40 - 14


3 - 9x


37.7 - 14


4 - 12x


33.6 - 8.4


2.5 - 10x


32.5 - 8.9


1 - 4


100 - 32


3 - 9


32.6 - 9.9


Description of Riflescopes For Use Over 100 Yards or Less

We have provided a brief listing of riflescopes that are best suited for use over distances of up to 100 yards. We have already ascertained that magnification is not the primary requirement for these scopes and images brightness and clarity is also crucially important.

Listed below is a more detailed look at each scope with a short review that identifies the specifications as well as their various features. You will also have the opportunity to visit the manufacturer's websites in case you would like to find out more about the company and the range of products that each one makes.

Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

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Product Specifications

  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 40
  • Field of View @ 100 yards: 32.9 – 13.1
  • Optimum Eye Relief (in): 3.7 - 4.2
  • Click Adjustment Value: 1/2 MOA
  • Length (in): 12.3
  • Weight (ounces): 12.6

This is a scope from the Leupold range that fits the mid-range magnification level and it is housed in a nicely compact scope that will suit a wide range of shooting conditions.

The scope is lightweight and has been tested to withstand recoil that is the equivalent of 3x that of a .308 round. The maintube measures 1 inch in diameter made from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum and has a sleek look that is also very durable.

The optics are bright and sharp and sue the Twilight Light Management System to provide an extra 10 minutes of shooting light while also eliminating up to 80% of glare from stray light. This all adds up to extreme lens clarity and a sight picture that fills the eyepiece completely.

The Wide Duplex Reticle provides a larger center opening and quick target acquisition that suits hunting applications. This is a rear focal plane reticle which will minimally cover the target when dialled up to high power.

The scope uses a nitrogen filling process to ensure it remains both fog proof and waterproof in all weather conditions.

In terms of suitability for the short range shot of under 100 yards, this is one of the best possible choices you can make.

Barska 1-6x24 IR AR6 Rifle Scope

Product Specifications

  • Magnification: 1 – 6x
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 24
  • Field of View @ 100 yards: 23.1 – 3.9
  • Optimum Eye Relief (in): 3.7
  • Click Adjustment Value: 1/2 MOA
  • Length (in): 11.5
  • Weight (ounces): 17.6

This is a short to mid-range rifle scope that will provide you with a clear picture and a quick target acquisition.

This is constructed with a 30mm scope tube that sits on a 30mm cantilevered scope mount that will attach solidly to your rifle.

The lenses are fully multi-coated for great light transmission and promise a sharp image with no unwanted glare. At either end of the scope are flip-up scope caps.

The IR portion of the scope’s name comes from the illuminated reticle which offers both red and green dots in the Mil-Dot Reticle. This ensures that it will be able to quickly and accurately acquire the target in all types of lighting conditions.

The scope comes with a CR2032 lithium battery.

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9x40 Riflescope

Product Specifications

  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 40
  • Field of View @ 100 yards: 40 – 14
  • Optimum Eye Relief (in): 4
  • Click Adjustment Value: 1/4 MOA
  • Length (in): 12
  • Weight (ounces): 13

If you are looking for a well-built good quality scope that will not break the bank and perform admirably over the 100 yard range the Bushnell Banner is a great option.

The optics are bright and clear, it is a simple task to zero and will hold true through many rounds. The Dusk & Dawn Brightness multi-coated lenses ensure low-light situations will not be a problem.

It features a fast-focus eyepiece and the windage and elevation adjustment uses 1/4 MOA setting. The scope has also been treated so that it is 100% waterproof and fog proof in all weather types.

UTG BugBuster 3-9x32 AO Rifle Scope

Product Specifications

  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 32
  • Field of View @ 100 yards: 37.7 – 14
  • Optimum Eye Relief (in): 4.2
  • Click Adjustment Value: 1/4 MOA
  • Length (in): 8.1
  • Weight (ounces): 13.9

The Bugbuster is a light and compact scope that is well suited for shorter distance shooting. It is built with a 1” diameter tube made from quality aluminum for a solid durable case.

The scope may be zeroed in the field with a quick turn of the turret knob at the top to make fingertip adjustment a very simple process.

The optics are nice and bright and this is helped by the emerald-coated lens which provides the clear view. The 32mm objective lens provides ample light transmission and the scope is also equipped with a Mil-Dot reticle which is combined with a choice of red or green illumination which may be decided upon depending on the weather conditions.

The scope is nitrogen sealed to ensure that it remains both waterproof and fog proof. The illumination is powered by CR1620 3V lithium batteries which are provided.

For the budget-conscious shooter who is only going to be plinking over shorter distances this is a very worthwhile scope.

Nikon ProStaff P5 3-12x42SF Matte BDC Riflescope

Product Specifications

  • Magnification: 3 – 12x
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 42
  • Field of View @ 100 yards: 33.6 – 8.4
  • Optimum Eye Relief (in): 3.7 - 4.0
  • Click Adjustment Value: 1/4 MOA
  • Length (in): 13.1
  • Weight (ounces): 17.1

The Prostaff P5 is a versatile scope that will be well suited for the closer in shot as well as further out to 100 yards and beyond.

The scope consists of a 1” tube diameter that is made from hardwearing aircraft-grade aluminum, as is the zoom ring, focusing eyepiece and turret caps.

The scope offers a 4x zoom ratio with a wide field of view that is perfect for close-up shots and moving targets.

The optics feature multiple layers of anti-reflective coating to maximize light transmission and to ensure complete brightness and contrast.

The scope is O-ring sealed so that it will remain waterproof and it has been nitrogen purged so that it will remain fog proof in warm or colder temperatures.

The spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets provide you with precise, positive-click ¼-MOA adjustments that allow you to set zero quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

This is a very reliable scope from a company that has a long history of producing quality rifle scopes. The BDC reticle will help you in quickly acquiring and holding a target.

CVLife 2.5-10x 40e Hunting Rifle Scope

Product Specifications

  • Magnification: 2.5 – 10x
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 40
  • Field of View @ 100 yards: 34.8 – 11.5
  • Optimum Eye Relief (in): 3.0 - 4.0
  • Click Adjustment Value: 1/4 MOA
  • Length (in): 8.5
  • Weight (ounces): 20.5

The CVLife hunting scope is the budget scope that will best suit the beginner. It is built with features that will help the newcomer become accustomed to using optics to shoot accurately over the shorter distances.

The scope is equipped with a laser to assist with targeting. The laser has a range that is limited to 100 yards but it is at its best for distances inside this. The laser will be very useful in confirming that you are locked onto a target.

The windage and elevation adjustments are easy to access and can be both felt and heard as each click adjusts by ¼ MOA.

The optics are clear and provide suitable brightness in most daylight conditions. The Mil-Dot reticle illuminates in either red or green so that it will be clear at various times of the day.

Although this is an extremely low-priced scope it has been very popular with customers with the majority giving it their thumbs up. When used by a beginner as a means of learning how to properly use a scope the CVLife will prove to be extremely useful.

For more information about this scope you can visit the CVLife website.

Burris MTAC 1-4 x 24 Illuminated Scope

Product Specifications

  • Magnification: 1 – 4x
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 24
  • Field of View @ 100 yards: 100 – 32
  • Optimum Eye Relief (in): 3.5 - 4.0
  • Click Adjustment Value: 1/2 MOA
  • Length (in): 11.3
  • Weight (ounces): 14.5

The Burris MTAC scope is an illuminated scope that offers 10 brightness settings. It is a scope that has developed a name for itself as a quality short range hunting scope that is ideal for stalking.

The scope is a 30mm body tube that has been built from a solid 1-piece outer tube that is capable of withstanding shock and vibration from the heaviest calibers. It is precision-gauged with a hand-fitted assembly with a double internal spring tension that will hold its zero through the heaviest shock.

The high-grade optical glass ensures plenty of brightness and the Hi-Lume multicoating means it will perform well in low light and will eliminate glare on brighter days.

Elevation and windage dials are set so that 1 click is equal t0 0.5 MOA and this can be set to zero when the scope has been sighted in.

The standard reticle is the Ballistic CQ which was originally designed for competitive shooters. Its circular center gives you fast engagement for close quarters shooting. On top of that, the reticle is illuminated so that the target can be easily acquired in all low light situations.

This is one of the better short-range scopes available and is one that many hunters are turning to with great results.

For more information about this scope or any of the products in the company’s range you can visit the Burris Optics website.

Weaver Kaspa 3-9x40 Ballistic-X Scope

Product Specifications

  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 40
  • Field of View @ 100 yards: 32.6 – 9.9
  • Optimum Eye Relief (in): 3.81 - 4.37
  • Click Adjustment Value: 1/4 MOA
  • Length (in): 12.4
  • Weight (ounces): 11.5

The KASPA scope is a hunting scope that may also double as a tactical scope boasting ballistic precision at a very competitive price. This particular model provides a fairly standard 3x magnification range and a good sized objective lens that is capable of gathering substantial levels of light.

It is made from a solid one piece tube construction that ensures its great durability. The optics feature fully multi-coated lenses so that the clarity is enhanced and light transmission is maximized.

The tube has been nitrogen filled so that it remains waterproof and fog proof no matter how adverse the exterior conditions might be.

As well as the Ballistic X reticle it is also possible to opt for optics with the Dual X reticle. Windage and elevation can be adjusted in ¼” MOA increments to give you the greatest control over accuracy.

This is a very solid low to mid-priced scope that will perform well over the shorter sub-100 yard distances.

For more information about this scope or any of the products in the company’s range you can visit the Weaver Optics website.

As can be seen from the options offered above, there are quite a few different factors at play when trying to determine what might be the best scope for distances of 100 yards or less.

The most commonly accepted magnification range is the more traditional 3-9x or 4-12x. However, there are some people who prefer to do their short-distance shooting with a scope that is more powerful.

Similarly, an objective lens of 40mm might be considered the most obvious choice for the large field of view and light gathering capabilities it has. But there has been a tendency to use the smaller options of 20 to 24mm with a feeling that it gives you a tighter line to the target.

Accuracy Is Key

Ultimately what you are looking for is a scope that is accurate at distances up to 100 yards, could optionally use the scope for shots that are over a longer range and that can be used with any of the more popular rifles and shotguns.

The actual answer as to which might be the best scope for shooting 100 yards or less is going to come down to your specific circumstances, what the local conditions are like and your budget.

Choose the one that you think ticks most of your boxes and then put in the practice necessary to become comfortable with it.


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